How to Make Fireworks in Minecraft | Ultimate Guide!

How to Make Fireworks in Minecraft | Ultimate Guide

Fireworks in Minecraft are excellent for putting on shows. Although they are extremely easy to make, with enough in-depth Redstone knowledge and imagination, you may create some amazing fireworks. Put paper under the firework star and gunpowder next to each other in the first two boxes of the second row to manufacture fireworks. Simply add it to your inventory after that. 

Additionally, you can alter how your fireworks explode. A fire charge will result in a sizable, spherical explosion; a gold nugget will produce one that is star-shaped; any form of the head will produce one that is shaped like a creeper face, and a feather will produce one that is burst-shaped. However, your firework star can only use one of these shape modifiers.

You should have fireworks around the middle of the game because they can speed up your travels. Learn how to make fireworks in Minecraft and how to utilize them by reading this complete guide.

What You Need to Make Fireworks in Minecraft?


Let’s start with the fundamentals. So far you may have built a customized bed or concrete, but making fireworks in Minecraft is a completely different process. You will need to create a firework star and a firework rocket in order to produce fireworks in Minecraft without any side effects. Ingredients that are all you need to make a firework star: 1 gunpowder, 1 dye

Ingredients you’ll need to make a fireworks rocket are: Up to 3 gunpowder and 1 paper. 

In Minecraft, you may create a fireworks rocket using just one unit of gunpowder. The fireworks’ flight time, however, will only be very brief; they will only reach a height of eight to twenty blocks. Increase the amount of gunpowder you’re going to use to make the fireworks fly higher. The height of the fireworks will vary between 18 and 34 blocks with two units of gunpowder and 32 to 52 blocks with three units.

How to Get Dye in Minecraft?

The most common methods for obtaining certain dye colors are by smelting or crafting flowers and other plants. You can create a distinct color by combining dyes that you currently have in your supply.

There are a total of 16 different dye colors available in Minecraft. You can see what you need to create amazing fireworks in Minecraft. Check out in the table below:

Dye ColorIngredientsMethod
WhiteLily of the Valley or Bone MealCrafting
Light GrayGray Dye + White Dye OR Azure Bluet, Oxeye, Daisy, or White TulipCrafting
GrayBlack Dye + White DyeCrafting
BlackInk Sac or Wither RoseCrafting
RedPoppy, Red Tulip, Rose Bush, or BeetrootCrafting
OrangeRed Dye + Yellow Dye OR Orange TulipCrafting
YellowDandelion or SunflowerCrafting
LimeSea Pickle + Fuel OR Green Dye + White DyeSmelting/Crafting
GreenCactus + FuelSmelting
Light BlueBlue Dye + White Dye OR Blue OrchidCrafting
CyanBlue Dye + Green DyeCrafting
BlueLapis Lazuli or CornflowerCrafting
PurpleBlue Dye + Red DyeCrafting
MagentaPurple Dye + Pink Dye OR Red Dye + Blue Dye + White Dye OR Pink Dye + Blue Dye + Red Dye OR Allium or LilacCrafting
PinkRed Dye + White Dye OR Pink Tulip or PeonyCrafting
BrownCocoa BeansCrafting

1. Making Paper in Minecraft

In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, there are two methods to get paper; either stealing it from chests or making it yourself out of sugar canes. You’ll obtain the most paper if you choose the looting strategy, which entails discovering a supply or map chest in a shipwreck. 

Additionally, you can find a paper by robbing cartographers’ chests in villages and library chests in strongholds. Simply launch the 3 by 3 crafting grid and lay three sugar canes along the middle row to make paper.

After that, add the paper to your inventory by dragging it from the output box. Three pieces of paper are produced by this recipe.

2. Finding Gunpowder in Minecraft

You can gain gunpowder in one of three ways: via looting chests, dispatching particular enemies, or trading. The chests in dungeons, desert temples, shipwrecks, and forest manors yield the most gunpowder (up to eight units). Additionally, if you choose this option, you have the highest likelihood of finding gunpowder (between 20.8 percent and 59 percent).

However, you can simply kill enemies to obtain gunpowder if you don’t feel like going on a search for any of these constructions. In Minecraft Overworld, creepers are quite prevalent and when they die, they can leave behind up to two units of gunpowder. The same quantity of gunpowder is dropped upon death by ghasts, however, you can only discover them in the Nether.

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How to Make Fireworks in Minecraft?

Create a firework star to produce fireworks in Minecraft It is what will determine how your fireworks will look. After that, you can put the fireworks star and the other elements together to create a firework rocket. In this section, we’ll start by showing you how to produce basic fireworks (also known as little ball fireworks).

1. Making a Firework Star

How to Make Fireworks in Minecraft_ starts

A simple firework star is incredibly easy to make. Open your crafting table to begin by launching the 3 by 3 crafting grid. Place one gunpowder and your chosen dye color in the crafting grid after that. Drag the fireworks star to your inventory when it appears in the output box.

2. Making a Firework Rocket

It’s time to construct a firework rocket now that you have your fireworks star ready. Open the 3 by 3 crafting grid once more to achieve that.  In the grid, arrange the fireworks star, one unit of gunpowder, and one piece of paper.

If you want your fireworks to go further, keep in mind that you can add up to three units of gunpowder to the construction grid. You can now put your fireworks rockets in your inventory after they appear in the output box.

3. Adding Effects to Minecraft Fireworks 

If you merely intend to use the fireworks as ammunition or if you don’t want anything dazzling, small ball fireworks are ideal. However, if you want to give your pyrotechnics a little extra flair, you can do so by giving your firework stars special effects. Fireworks in Minecraft can have two different types of effects: form effects and added effects that determine how the fireworks fade after exploding. The option to create a color fade is also available. You can include as many additional effects as you’d like in the firework star recipe. However, each firework star is limited to one application of the form effect.

4. Making Large Ball Fireworks

How to Make Fireworks in Minecraft_ large ball Fireworks
  • Make sure you have a single unit of gunpowder, a single fire charge, paper, and the dye of your choice.
  • Activate the 3 by 3 crafting grid.
  • Put the dye, fire charge, and gunpowder in the crafting grid.
  • Add your inventory by dragging the big ball firework star.
  • Reopen the 3 by 3 crafting grid.
  • Place the giant ball firework star, some paper, and three units of gunpowder in the crafting grid.
  • Drag the generated fireworks rockets into the storage slots on your character.

5. Making Burst Star Fireworks

How to Make Fireworks in Minecraft_ Burst Star-shaped Fireworks
  • Obtain a feather, paper, one unit of gunpowder, and your favorite color of dye as the first step of making Burst Star fireworks in Minecraft.
  • Activate the 3 by 3 crafting grid.
  • Put the dye, feather, and gunpowder in the crafting grid.
  • Add your inventory by dragging the burst fireworks star.
  • Reopen the crafting desk.
  • In the crafting grid, put the burst fireworks star, some paper, and three units of gunpowder.
  • Drag the fireworks rockets into the inventory from the output box.

6. Making Star-shaped Fireworks

How to Make Fireworks in Minecraft_Star-shaped Fireworks
  • Obtain a gold nugget, some paper, gunpowder, and the dye of your choice.
  • Activate the 3 by 3 crafting grid.
  • Put the gold nugget, dye, and gunpowder in the grid.
  • Drag the firework star in the shape of a star into your inventory.
  • Launch the crafting grid once more.
  • Add three units of gunpowder, a piece of paper, and the star-shaped firework star to the grid.
  • Place the produced rocket fireworks into the storage slots.

7. Making Creeper-shaped Fireworks

How to Make Fireworks in Minecraft_Creeper-shaped Fireworks
  • A head, your choice of dye, gunpowder, and paper should be gathered. Any kind of head is permissible, including creeper, player, skeleton, withered skeleton, zombie, and dragon.
  • Activate the crafting desk.
  • Put the head, dye, and gunpowder in the grid.
  • Drag the creeper-shaped fireworks star into your inventory from the output box.
  • Reopen the crafting workspace.
  • Add up to three units of gunpowder, a piece of paper, and the creeper-shaped fireworks star to the crafting grade.
  • Drag the rockets for the fireworks to your inventory.

8. Making Minecraft Fireworks with Twinkle Effect

How to Make Fireworks in Minecraft_Twinkle effect
  • In addition to gunpowder and your selected dye color, look for glowstone dust. Glowstone blocks found in the Nether can be used to make glowstone dust.
  • Open the interface for the crafting table.
  • Put the dye, glowstone dust, and gunpowder in the crafting grid.
  • Add your inventory by dragging the resulting firework star.
  • Open the interface for the crafting table once more.
  • In the crafting grid, put the twinkle-effect fireworks star, some paper, and up to three units of gunpowder.
  • Put the rocket fireworks in your inventory.

9. Making Minecraft Fireworks with Trail Effect

How to Make Fireworks in Minecraft_Trail Effect
  • Obtain a diamond, gunpowder, paper, and the color of dye that you prefer.
  • Activate the crafting grid.
  • In the crafting grid, put the diamond, dye, and gunpowder.
  • Drag the trailing fireworks star into your inventory.
  • Restart the 3 by 3 crafting grid.
  • Put a piece of paper, a trailing fireworks star, and three units of gunpowder in the grid.
  • Enter your storage interface with the fireworks rockets you just produced.

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How to Set Off Minecraft Fireworks?

Now that you’ve created your fireworks’ stars and rockets, the only thing left to do is set them off! In this video game, there are three different ways to set off fireworks. The first and simplest technique is to tap the block where you want the rocket to shoot from after choosing the firework rocket in the hotbar. The rocket will then launch right away.

Fireworks in Minecraft may also be fired out of a crossbow, which is the second way to do it. You can also employ a Multishot enchantment with this technique to launch three fireworks rockets at once. To set off your fireworks, you can also use a redstone device (such as a dispenser). Redstone devices can be assembled in groups, each of which can launch rocket fireworks simultaneously. 

Wrapping up

Creating fireworks in Minecraft is an easy job if you have the right ingredients and of course right recipe. This article walks you through all the possible fireworks rocket preparation. Now, it’s time for you to create your own spectacular fireworks display in Minecraft in this way. 

Next, find the guideline for making potions in Minecraft and how to find saddles in Minecraft. Wish to know about Minecraft Error 422 or Minecraft NFTs? Check out our latest posts and stay updated! 


Q1. How Do You Make A Strong Firework In Minecraft?

By adding more gunpowder, you may increase the effects and duration of the fireworks. Gunpowder can only be used three times at once.

Q2. How Do You Make Explosive Rockets In Minecraft?

Gunpowder and paper combined to make a fireworks rocket. Combine a firework star with paper, and gunpowder to make a firework. Your firework will shoot up and explodes the color of the dye you added when you set it down on the ground. On the other hand, gunpowder and a color dye of your choice can be combined to make a fireworks star.

Q3. What Is A Dragon Fireball In Minecraft?

The ender dragon uses special fireballs known as “dragon fireballs” when strafing. Unlike ghast fireballs, they cannot be deflected, and they do no impact damage.

Q4. How Do You Make A Minecraft Gun?

Gather a dispenser, three redstone, four redstone candles, a lever, and arrows to create a cannon quickly and easily in Minecraft. A redstone dust with two blocks behind it should be placed on the ground behind your dispenser.

Q5. How Do You Make A Laser Drill In Minecraft?

In order to set up, position the Drill above this shaft and power it up with up to 4 Laser Drill Precharger. When ready or when a solid block is encountered, a revolving power beam to the Precharger and down to the bedrock will appear. The drill will begin producing ore if the configuration is correct, which takes a couple of minutes (with one Precharger).

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