How To Make Money Tumblr | A Complete Guide!

how to make money tumblr

Are you active on Tumblr? Do you know how to make money Tumblr? We have organized and explained all the ways in which you can make the best of the social networking platform and make money in it.

Tumblr has been gaining popularity among social networking users and social influencers since 2007. It has been slowly and steadily picking up pace. As of May 2022, Tumblr has a total of 291.1 million website visits from all over the world. It reports to have over 518.7 million user accounts, as of February 2021. It publishes 12.8 million blog posts every day.

David Karp, the CEO of Tumblr has envisioned the importance of micro-blogging and has efficiently structured Tumblr. It provides a space for the users to pen down their posts in a short and crisp manner, instead of giving over explanations and writing unnecessarily long articles. Tumblr users can post articles including pictures, videos, link to external sources and advertise on their page.

The best part of Tumblr is the ‘Dashboard’ which displays posts to the users as per your likes and interests. It consolidates posts from the accounts that you follow and shows messages from your followers. You will be excited to know that if you have some basic knowledge about HTML, you can code your Tumblr posts and add personalized themes to your posts that are not in-built.

If you wish to make money Tumblr, having a huge following is the key. Monetisation of your posts is possible with many clicks and active participation. We present to you a Complete Guide on how to make money Tumblr.

How to Make Money Tumblr?

Many social networking sites support the users to help grow their business. If you want to make money Tumblr, you should decide on what to sell, who to sell it to and how to make the sale.

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What to Sell?

Tumblr is a social platform that is available to you to sell anything. You could sell artwork, fashion products, including jewelry and accessories, electronic goods and many more. Keep in mind that the product that you sell need not necessarily be tangible. You could sell your expertise and knowledge on any specific field.

·       If you are from the medical field, you could make posts on healthy living.

·       If you are a chef, you can post cooking recipes.

·       If you like to make up, you can post makeup tutorials.

·       If you make money Tumblr, you can share your expertise with your followers.

These are just a few examples of what you can sell on Tumblr. You can sell almost anything if you have the right audience and a large following. Make sure that you decide on what to sell and stick to it. If your post is scattered with irrelevant items, you will not be able to determine your target audience.

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Who to Sell?

When you decide on what to sell, your next and the most important work is to decide on who to sell your product to. Your target audience decides the success of your product and helps you to make money Tumblr.

If you wish to sell artwork, select the posts that are related to artists and artworks. Advertise your artwork in such posts so that it is easy for your followers to access. This will make it easy for them to click the advertisement and help you to make a sale.

You do not want your product to end up in places where it is not possible to make a sale. So, study your followers well and decide on the best post to advertise your product that will help your sales.

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How to Sell?

You can use Tumblr to further the reach of your products. If your business model depends on selling products through online platforms like Amazon or eBay, you can use to make money Tumblr by linking your product to these external online selling platforms.

You can make posts that include your customer stories, reviews and experience while using your product. And link it to your shop, business, blog, YouTube Channel or your online shopping platform to help potential buyers to access your product.

Another way to monetize your Tumblr post is by adding advertisements via Google Adsense, Yahoo Bing Contextual Ads, Infolinks, etc. Every time someone clicks on such ads, you will be able to make some money.

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How to Make Money Tumblr?

We have compiled all the ways you can make money Tumblr, to make things easy for you.

1. Advertise

You can advertise on your post to make money Tumblr. Usually, large brands are looking for ways to promote their products. You could advertise on their behalf in your post. Every time a user clicks on such an advertisement, you will make money. Larger the number of your followers, larger will be money you will be able to make.

2. Sponsored Posts

Tumblr’s sponsored posts are highly targeted advertisements that are displayed according to the user and who they follow. Tumblr has the spotlight set on these sponsored ads. You will be able to view the sponsored posts and ads everywhere including the dashboard. If the sponsored post is for an app, and if you click on it, you will be redirected to the Google Play Store, from where you can download the app.

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3. Sponsored Day

One of the biggest forms of advertising on Tumblr is the Sponsored Day. Here the brands own the entire day on Tumblr, by buying throughout the platform and making exclusive promotions. The brand will be on the spotlight of the homepage and the dashboard and get an exclusive tab in the explore page. This is the best option if you are looking to stabilize your brand equity.

4. Promoted Posts

To make money Tumblr, you can use promoted posts. You will have to pay $1 for your post to be highlighted in the dashboard of your followers. This especially helps large organizations to keep a track of what is happening and study the impact of their product through the promoted posts.

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5. Affiliate Marketing

You can make money Tumblr by adding affiliate links to your posts. Every time one of your followers clicks such ads, you will make money Tumblr. You can enhance follower engagement by adding related links to your posts. For example, if you are selling electronic goods, you can add links to Amazon or eBay that sell your goods. Every time a user clicks these links you will make money Tumblr. Affiliate marketing is a very popular means of marketing in Tumblr, and a sought out means by large and famous brands.

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These are some of the many ways available by which you can make money Tumblr. Online means to make money is a vast ocean filled with opportunities.  As long as you have a unique and useful product to sell, you will always be able to make good money with it.

Wrap Up

The main purpose of Tumblr is to provide the users with a large platform to voice their thoughts through microblogging and social networking. There are ways to make money Tumblr and monetize through the social platform. This is especially beneficial to large business organizations and brands, who wish to showcase their product to a large audience. But, if you are a start-up or a small organization, you cannot depend solely on Tumblr to make money.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1 What is Tumblr Used for?

Tumblr is a social media platform used for microblogging. Users can publish “tumblelog” or small blog posts that provide simple, precise and crisp information. Tumblr is different from all other social platforms by its ability to let the users design and personalize their own posts and pages.

Q2 How Does Tumblr Pay?

Targeted advertisements. Just like other social media platforms with huge user base, Tumblr makes money through targeted advertisements. Since Tumblr place advertisements in the user dashboard, the company likes to call it sponsored post.

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