How To Install Tumblr Theme Code | 7 Best Free Themes

How To Install Tumblr Theme Code

It’s simple to install Tumblr theme code that you purchased directly from Tumblr. Simply select the blog you want to apply the theme to by clicking the Install button. However, you might be confused about how to set up your new theme if you bought it somewhere else.

Seven primary post types—text, photographs, links, quotations, chat, audio, and video—were the foundation around which Tumblr was initially created. Beginning in 2018, we switched the majority of new posts to the Neue Post Format, which lacks a legacy post type. These posts are shown in your blog theme as text posts for backward compatibility, however, you can acquire the NPF representation of any post for your theme.

If you are wondering how to install Tumblr theme code, for your note, it is super easy if you have a basic knowledge of HTML code. However, you can always search for knowledge and understand how to install Tumblr theme code without any issue. In this article we we will explore how to install Tumblr theme code easily.

How to Install a Tumblr Theme

Don’t worry; to install Tumblr theme code that you’ve bought on your existing site is simple (especially if it’s one of premium Tumblr themes). Here are four short steps to help you accomplish it:

1. Edit Theme

When you log into your Tumblr account, the Edit Theme link should be visible in the window’s upper right corner. Click on the Edit Theme link and you are good to start with the procedure. 

2. Copy Theme’s HTML Code

You must first copy the theme’s HTML code from the source.

  1. Extract your theme if it is compressed.
  2. Look for a file with the extension “.html,” such as “example.html.”
  3. Navigate to “Open with” by selecting “Right-click” on the “.html” file.
  4. Tap “Notepad.” The Notepad Editor will open, as seen in the following step, with the code for your theme.
How To Install Tumblr Theme Code | 7 Best Free Themes_1
  1. To fully copy the code, press “Ctrl + A.”
  2. Click “Copy” by selecting the code using the right-click menu.

3. Edit HTML

The Edit HTML link is located at the top of the Customizer panel. To display the code panel, click this.

4. Replace the HTML Code

Replace the HTML code (Tumblr theme code) following the steps stated below: 

  1. The code of your current Tumblr theme can be viewed by clicking the “Edit HTML” link.
  2. By hitting “Ctrl + A,” all the code in Edit HTML will be selected.
  3. To entirely remove the code, press the “Delete” button.
  4. You can see that the existing Tumblr theme’s HTML code has been totally eliminated in this instance.
  5. Now, paste the HTML code you previously copied for your new Tumblr theme here.
  6. After pasting the HTML code for your new Tumblr theme, click “Update Preview” to see how it will appear. Right side up is where the preview appears.
  7. To save the settings for your theme, click the “Save” button.
  8. To view how your blog will appear with the new theme, open it on Tumblr.

5. Custom the New Theme

Once your Tumblr theme code has been installed, simply click the left arrow to see all of your new options for configuring your new theme. Now that you know how to install Tumblr theme code, it’s time to enjoy the new look of your Tumblr account. 

6. Install Tumblr Theme Code Gone Wrong!

Don’t fret. If you have a poor understanding of codes, “install Tumblr theme could go wrong.” However, it’s super easy to recover from the mistake. How? If you accidentally change your theme and wish to go back to it, you can always rely on Tumblr’s theme recovery page!

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Install Tumblr Theme Code – 7 Best Free Themes for Tumblr

Here are the 7 hand-picked best yet free themes for Tumblr.

1. Wicked

How To Install Tumblr Theme Code | 7 Best Free Themes_2

You have a beautiful image of your simple Tumblr account, right? Try the free Wicked Theme to emphasize and brilliantly present all of your photographs. The theme enables you to publish images in grids with one or more columns, and you can decide whether to add captions or not.

It is a highly effective and optimized theme to install on your personal website due to its infinite scroll feature and full compatibility with the majority of internet browsers. The most effective use is with black and white styled accounts, and the most recent revisions add a clever lightbox effect. If you are a fan of a classic theme, you should Install Tumblr theme code Wicked. 

Download: Theme Wicked

2. Indy

How To Install Tumblr Theme Code | 7 Best Free Themes_3

It’s a straightforward Tumblr theme, but its lovely user interface makes it stand out. If you are a novice, this theme is perfect for you to attempt because it is simple yet lovely. It is ideal for any creative content and is simple to use and customize.

The fact that it is mobile-friendly is a fantastic reason to Install Tumblr theme code Indy and give it a try! Use this exclusive Tumblr theme to post images, videos, text, and much more to create a chic and sophisticated website that perfectly matches your personal style!

3. Yuki

How To Install Tumblr Theme Code | 7 Best Free Themes_4

The best option for your remarkable and beautiful photography websites is this aesthetic theme. Its layout features the most well-organized and slick grid line patterns to apply to your account, and it was created specifically for sharing images.

The home page is as uncluttered as it can be, with only the images and no captions or other extraneous content. Each image can be opened independently to view its details, including any captions. One can barely go wrong with this option, which is highly recommended for creating a signature, personal portfolio for your photography work. Overall, if you are a fan of an organized blog, Install Tumblr theme code Yuki and you are ready to go!

Download: Theme Yuki

4. Harbour

How To Install Tumblr Theme Code | 7 Best Free Themes_5

This Tumblr theme is perfect for your organized blogs! Harbour will work for you if you want to create a personal branding website and frequently post articles and Tumblr quotations. Choose from a number of alternatives to change the headings’ typefaces and blog headlines.

Your blog will run in all browsers and on all view screens because it is customizable for most view screens. An excellent choice for beginners because, while they may certainly fiddle with the settings, Harbour takes care of the majority of the adjustments automatically, making use of it quite simple and enjoyable. Let’s install Tumblr theme code now!

Download: Theme Harbour

5. Sugar

How To Install Tumblr Theme Code | 7 Best Free Themes_6

One of the hottest and most stylish Tumblr themes available is this artistic one! Install Tumblr theme code and explore a clean, colorful appearance and a combination of simple styles that makes it resemble a runway magazine.

It’s ideal for freelancers and creative artists to create the most spectacular portfolios to expertly display your talents. You may alter the grid format to suit your preferences, and it offers an astounding variety of color palettes.

Download: Theme Sugar

6. Flora

How To Install Tumblr Theme Code | 7 Best Free Themes_7

This Tumblr theme is stylish and very current. This is ideal for giving your account the most prestigious and professional touch. Install Tumblr theme code and explore more than 90 different customizing choices available if you want to customize, so this theme will never fall short of your style.

It operates smoothly and is highly responsive, displaying your content in a grid with three columns. It has a pop-up enabling viewers to subscribe by email, and you can simply share the postings on social media sites like Instagram, Pinterest, and many others.

Download: Theme Flora

7. Square

How To Install Tumblr Theme Code | 7 Best Free Themes_8

The ideal plan, a minimalist Tumblr theme that neatly arranges your posts into boxy grids! It completely highlights your work and is perfect for uploading pictures, artwork, and other posts. Clearing the clutter of pointless texts, subtitles, and other distractions will appeal to the artist within you.

Install Tumblr theme code and you won’t need to tweak it too much because it is stylish and modern. This theme was originally created by Japanese designers, so if you enjoy east Asian design, try it out!

Download: Theme Square 

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Wrapping Up

Hope, this article enlightens you on how to install Theme Code. Faced any difficulties while installing HTML code on Tumblr? Let me know in the comment box and I will help you with the solution! 


Q1. Do Tumblr Themes Work On Mobile?

When someone views your Tumblr page through the mobile app, Dashboard, or search results page, they will see one of the user-customized appearances that Tumblr has made available to all users. So, install Tumblr theme code and the same will reflect on your mobile version. 

Q2. How Do You Edit HTML On Tumblr Mobile?

Only the Rich text editor is supported by the mobile apps. Click the settings tool in the top-right corner of the posting form to create and edit posts in HTML or Markdown instead. The menu that appears allows you to move between Markdown, Rich Text, and HTML editing.

Q3. How Do Tumblr Themes Work?

Therefore, a Tumblr theme is a pre-made graphics package designed exclusively for Tumblr blogs, changing their appearance to suit the user’s tastes. These themes are used to simultaneously alter the appearance of many or all components of a website (i.e., the Tumblr microblog).

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