Truth Social Vs Tumblr | How Are Both Different?

In the race of being the most unique and popular platform, every social media platform is competing with each other to their full potential. In today’s blog post, we’ll compare and bring out the best among Truth Social vs Tumblr. 

Although Truth Social is similar to Twitter, there are many features in this app that make it different from other big tech platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, etc. The TMTG, founder of this platform guarantees its user an open and free platform.

After its launch, it’s getting massive support from Donald Trump’s fanbase and their secret pitch decks, who are continuously turning in investors. This platform is being the most appreciated stage by the audience from the very beginning.

But, which platform has all features and doesn’t lack anything? Everything in this world has flaws, in this piece of content, we’ll find out which platform has flaws and which one has a forte. Let this blog post walk you through Truth Social vs Tumblr.

What Is Truth Social?

Truth Social Vs Tumblr

Truth Social is a brand new social media platform by former president of the US, Donald Trump. It’s his own digital company. Hence, this free social media application is also known to the public as Trump Social Media. Trump created his own platform after getting banned by Twitter and Facebook. This platform is targetting people to provide an open and free place for expressing political ideologies without thinking about getting discriminated.

What you will adore in this Truth Social application is it restricts ads from third parties so the user navigation experience will be sure to be neat and hurdle-free. However not required, but subscriptions will be available.

Here is a detailed explanation of the different aspects of the Truth Social app that you need not miss currently.

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Truth Social Features

Truth Social Vs Tumblr

Same as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, or any other Social Media platform, Truth Social permits you to build your own profile/avatar. Factors related to your personal activities in the application such as follows, followings, likes, and comments will be tracked and shown on the profile that you created. If Facebook has a “News Feed” and Twitter has a “Home” then Trump’s Media provides a “Truth Feed”. 

In this section, you will see a huge number of videos, pictures, and viewpoints from users you follow. You can find different individuals you wish to follow by searching their usernames. As you enter the username into the search bar and based on that you will different profiles in your suggestion like followers, mutual connections, and locations. You will also receive notifications when your followers update their profiles.

Here, You can enjoy reading about its amazing feature in detail and how to use this newly launched Truth Social app.

Another thing is that, unlike Twitter, this platform gives you a chance to you for editing your uploaded content. And of course, posts can be deleted too. 


  • Profile Suggestions.
  • Personal activities statistics.
  • Receive notifications for profile updates of followers.
  • Option to edit.

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Market Value

In accordance with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the business exchange valued TMTG at an enterprise value of US $875 million.

Since, you know enough about the newly launched Truth Social, It’s time to know more about Tumblr to have a clear idea for Truth Social Vs Tumblr.

What Is Tumblr?

It’s a blogging and social media platform that permits its users to upload a “tumblelog”, or minor blog posts. Tumblr is unique because of the flexible nature of the website and the capability of users to customize heavily their accounts. On the other platforms, they have their own fixed profile layouts, designs, and patterns.

Tumblr’s overall flexibility is an amazing feature for e-commerce store holders who wish to build a specific look, concentrate on the details of designs, or strongly emphasize their company. The social media perspectives of Tumblr mean that content is adored and spread, and a business page is easily followed by interested Tumblr utilisers.

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Tumblr Features

Truth Social Vs Tumblr

The main advantages of Tumblr are that it makes blogging easy, makes updating posts available on any system, provides a blogging stage for free and allows users to grow their social media presence.

Blogs appear in a live feed of posts to whom they are followed by, it is called Dashboard, which is the primary feature of Tumblr. Other utilisers can re-upload a blog, like or comment on these content posts and share them as their own content too. This content can be either images, videos, chat discussions, texts, links audio files, or quotes.

Users who use Twitter and Facebook can also be synced with their Tumblr account so that a Facebook status or tweet shows up by default whenever a new Tumblr post is made. Users don’t need to go to each platform and upload the same content all over again.


  • You can tag your friends and increase views.
  • You can upload vast variety of media.
  • Connecting communities.
  • It provides flexibility in building up your account.

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  • Trigger tags – people get tagged into sensitive content by fake accounts.

Market Value

Blogging stage Tumblr was sold for less than $3 million – a bare fraction of $1.1 billion spent to buy the official site around five years ago.

Truth Social Vs Tumblr: Final Verdict

Truth Social Vs Tumblr

Truth Social is nowadays a heating topic from which everyone is expecting the best. Few are looking for its stocks in the market and few are behind downloading it. Donald Trump’s newly launched social media product, Truth Social was launched on late Sunday in Apple’s apps Store. The former president of the US is actively returning to the world of social media through this stage. 

As compared to other platforms, this one is promising not to judge any user and give them the opportunity to speak on political ideologies and spread their voices. This platform is a threat to the Big Techs and Silicon Valley companies, and one of them is Tumblr.

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Tumblr is an American nano-blogging and social media site by David Karp. This platform allows its users to upload multimedia and other short-form content.

That’s all from our end on Truth Social Vs Tumblr. Now, it’s your turn to fill the comment box with your views on Truth Social Vs Tumblr. Also, do share this blog with your interested friends.


Q1. How Is Truth Social Better Than Other Platforms?

Ans. Unlike other platforms, motive of Truth Social is to provide evryone a voice through which they can say whatever they want to a huge audience with being afraid of discrimation.

Q2. Who Was The Founder Of Tumblr?

Ans. David Karp, is an American web developer, and an entrepreneur.

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