How To Play In Decentraland? Your Guide For The Metaverse

How To Play In Decentraland

Decentraland is the virtual world where you can buy land and even sell it at higher prices. You can build your own houses or even give them on rent. Not just this, you can play games in Decentraland as well! After the pandemic, Decentraland has gained popularity. Many of you might be aware of the game and if not, then here is the guide that will tell you how to play in Decentraland. 

There are many ways of making money in Decentraland. You must be aware of MANA, right? If you are not then don’t worry! We are here for help. MANA is the native currency or the token that you need for doing any transaction in Decentraland. These tokens can be bought from many exchanges and you can even earn them as rewards by playing games in Decentraland! 

Playing games, purchasing items, or creating business, all can be done in Decentraland. Along with playing games you can earn as well. You can try quests here, attend live events or visit museums. It can really make you addicted! You will love it more than the real world!  

If you are excited and nervous at the same time about how to play in Decentraland then, you should not worry as we are here for you! You will have to believe that it is easy to play in Decentraland. Don’t worry! We will tell you how and I am sure you will also say that it is easy after reading the article. We will be helping you by giving details about how you can do things or how to play in Decentraland. 

Steps For Playing In Decentraland

For playing games in Decentraland, you need to create your Avatar. One can create their avatars here, which would be visible to others also. You can buy clothes or eyewear and many more things for your avatar in Decentraland. Decentraland is surely going to provide you with thrill and excitement and the games in Decentraland would be full of adventures!

This step-wise explanation will help you in knowing how to play in Decentraland and it will be an easy process for you to enter the new world of Decentraland. 

Step 1: Create A Crypto Wallet

The best part about Decentraland is that you just need nothing to install for this! Yes, but what you need is an e-wallet. For a crypto wallet, you can make use of MetaMask or any other wallet. 

Step 2: Installation Of MetaMask

How To Play In Decentraland

The second step that you need to follow is that after downloading MetaMask, you should install it by picking any browser of your choice. Ultimately, as a browser extension, MetaMask would be installed.

Step 3: Make A Choice

  1. Now in the third step, you can visit the official Decentraland website.
  2. Click on “Play using your wallet”
  3. Next click on ‘MetaMask’.

Not just this! You can also play as a guest if you want to. For this, you need to visit the official website of Decentraland and click on “Play as a guest”. So, you can choose whether you want to play as a guest or not.

Step 4: Create Your Avatar

How To Play In Decentraland

As you have already decided whether to play as a guest or not, in this step what you need to do is just choose your gender and create an avatar for yourself. 

Step 5: Character Name 

This is the last step wherein after giving a virtual avatar to yourself, you are required to provide a name for yourself, choose the ‘Next’ button, and continue.

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Explore The Decentraland Metaverse!!!

Now it’s time to travel the world of Decentraland full of surprises and fun!

Decentraland has very nice graphics and you can hear sounds. You can chat over there and make friends and even meet people. This is how you can explore this virtual world and play in Decentraland. You can also press ‘C’ as it will help you and show you how to navigate around. You can move your avatar by pressing W, A, S, D keys. It will move the avatar forward, left, back, or right. Arrow keys like V, U, or others could also be used for serving different purposes or activities in Decentraland. 

You can also click on explore in case you want to go anywhere in the Decentraland. If you want to invite someone as a friend then you can go to the person using the arrow keys, look at their profile, and decide whether to add them as a friend or not. You can even press ‘E’ and talk and a robot will help you in getting answers to the questions. Isn’t it exciting! I am sure it would be super fun to play in Decentraland! 


Wasn’t it easy to play in Decentraland? I am sure if you visit Decentraland through the steps we suggested, it would be a wonderful experience for you. You can make investments in this virtual world, explore it or even play games and have fun over here. Just to remind you that we are not an investment site, so you should do your research and study before making investments or getting involved in these activities as they are risky. You can share the article with the ones who are interested in knowing how to play in Decentraland as it would be helpful for them.

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