How To Recover Deleted Text Messages? 4 Easy Steps To Try!

How To Recover Deleted Text Messages

Did you just delete a text message accidentally? Or did you just delete an entire conversation? Oops, Now what will you do? Do you know how to recover deleted text messages? If these questions are similar to you then you need not panic. If you regularly back up your phone then you can easily recover any message that you delete accidentally.

But if you have not backed up your phone then could be that you need to bring on recovery software. Or you need to take help from the service provider to get your deleted messages back. However unlike Gmail where the deleted emails get stored in the recycle bin. In android devices recovering deleted messages could be difficult to restore.

Similarly to know how to recover deleted text messages in iPhone then there are a few ways by which you can recover your deleted text messages. At times when we do want to delete the text messages that are not useful. However, we can select multiple messages and delete them at once. But in this process, there are some important messages that also get deleted.

So if you face these situations either on Android or iPhone devices and delete accidentally some important messages. And you cannot find a simple way to retrieve your messages. Then here we have discussed some of the ways by which you can recover your accidentally deleted text messages. Read more to know about them.

How To Recover Deleted Text Messages On Android Devices?

Now that you have accidentally deleted the text messages you do want to recover them. But we suggest the faster you try to recover your messages the better chance you have to get them back. Here are some steps to follow:

1. Turn On Airplane Mode On Your Android Phone.

 Turn On Airplane Mode On Your Android Phone.

Deleting the text messages on your Android phone will not remove the messages from your phone instantly. Your phone will make the data inactive. This will be inactive till any new data is made. Hence turning on your airplane mode will avoid overwriting the deleted text messages. So when you switch on your airplane mode this will avoid creating any new data thus overwriting the text that you just deleted.

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2. Go To Google Drive On Your Desktop.

Check the last time of your SMS backup. To verify when your text was last backed up you need to open Google drive. Then you need to go to the menu. Now select the settings option. Then tap on the Google Backup option. However, you will see your device name on the list if your device is backed up. Choose the name of your device. You will see SMS Text Messages with timestamps (it will show the last backup happened). You need the backup to be there from the time before you deleted the text messages.

3. You Can Even Factory Reset Your Smartphone.

However, you cannot easily restore your text messages from Google Drive. Hence factory reset needs to be performed. From here you can restore the data that was last backed up on your Google Drive account. However, the navigation will be different. First, go to your phone’s settings, look for the reset option and then choose the factory reset option.

4. Use Recovery Software To Recover Deleted Text Messages On Android Devices

4. Use Recovery Software To Recover Deleted Text Messages On Android Devices

If you don’t want to reset your phone then give it a try to recover software on your computer. However, it is important that you check out this step only if you really need to recover a deleted text. This is because the recovery software can be expensive and you cannot be sure that it will actually work. Moreover, this recovery software can also be risky if you are not much familiar with the tech behind using this process.

There might be options that need root access to your mobile device meaning that this software can access anything on your phone. So it is a good and safe idea that you do some research about the software to be sure about it to know whether it is from a reputable company or not before you take any step.

Now that you have decided to move forward with this option. Don’t install the software on the storage disk where you have lost text as this will result in overriding that data.

  1. Switch on airplane mode
  2. On your desktop download the recovery software 
  3. Enable USB debugging: doing this you are allowing both your desktop and device to talk with each other. Here are some steps to do it: go to settings option, then click on the option About Phone.
  4. Look for software information. Next click on build number continuously till you see that developer mode turns on.
  5. Then go to settings option again and click on Developer options.
  6. Then click to enable USB debugging.
  7. Now run the recovery software.

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How To Recover Deleted Text Messages On iPhone Without A Computer

How To Recover Deleted Text Messages On iPhone Without A Computer

Here are some ways by which you can recover your deleted text messages on your Apple iPhone.

  1. First stop sending messages. When you see that your message is deleted the space that has the text is identified as unallocated. The message data will still be there till you get a new message which will overwrite the space. To avoid overriding the deleted text then it’s best to stop texting.
  2. Ensure to regularly backup via iCloud. If you have backup then you can get your deleted messages. You can also check that your iCloud is enabled on your iPhone. Go to settings. Next click on your name. Next click on iCloud and then on iCloud backup. In this way, you will see that iCloudis enabled. Moreover you will also see when the last backup was done.
  3. If you see that all looks fine then you can restore messages on your iPhone. To do this go to settings then click on the general option. Now scroll down to reset. Next click on erase all content and settings. Then you need to press erase now. Once your reset is done select restore from iCloud backup when you get a pop up.

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Recovering Deleted Texts On Iphone With Finder On Your Mac

You can have a backup of your deleted messages on your Mac. With the help of Finder, you can retrieve your backups. However, this is applicable only for Mac that runs on macOS Catalina. You can use iTunes if Catalina is not available to you. Moreover, the backup needs to be done before the text message got accidentally deleted. Here are some steps to do:

  • Connect your phone to your computer. You can either use a USB or USB-C cable. If you see a message that tells you to enter your passcode then you can follow the steps given below:
  • Open finder
  • Choose a backup to restore. Look at each of the back-ups and pick the one from where your texts were deleted.
  • Now choose to restore. Now till your device syncs with your computer.

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Wrapping Up:

So here are some of the ways that have helped you to know how to recover deleted text messages. These are easy to follow. So the next time you see your friend struggling to restore their deleted messages then you can help them out as you know now.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. How Will You Find Deleted History On Android Devices?

If you want to find deleted history on your android devices then here are some steps that you need to follow:

  • Open Google Account
  • Find the list of all your browsing history
  • Next Scroll through your bookmarks
  • Access the bookmarks and used apps that you have browsed.
  • Lastly save your browsing history again.

Q. Can You Retrieve Deleted Pictures From Text Messages?

You can recover accidentally deleted messages and pictures from your iPhone. Once it is downloaded and scanned all your iTunes backup files then you can easily navigate through the gallery. The deleted photos and messages that you want to restore you can do it by clicking on them. Then you need to press the option Recover to the computer.

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