How To Remove Remembered Account On Instagram For iPhone Users? Keep Your Accounts Secure!!

How To Remove Remembered Account On Instagram

Oops, your girlfriend has your Instagram account login!! Either you are dying or crying tonight!! LOL!! But you logged out of your account last night, how did she get the access then? To save you from a tricky situation like that we got you covered with the best methods on “How to remove remembered account on Instagram?”

Social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook (Now Meta), and Messenger come with an amazing feature to store your login data so that next time when you want to log in you can do it quickly without even having to type your login data all over again!! But this feature is not favorable in every situation, especially when you are using someone else’s phone to use your social media account. 

So, how to remove remembered Account On Instagram so that you don’t get caught?? By removing the account data, you don’t have to worry about your account getting used by anyone else. For this, you first need to open your Instagram app using Android or iPhone. Then go to the settings option. Or, the best way is not to save the information when the app asks for your permission to save the login details. 

In case you forgot to do that, no worries, we have ways to bring you out from that too!! Remember that Instagram provides you with end-to-end encrypted security so relax about your account privacy. It’s secure. To find out the next steps required to remove an Instagram remembered account, stick to the post till last and learn the steps of how it’s done!! Ready?

How To Remove Remembered Account On Instagram?

Are you facing insignificant glitches on your Instagram account? Well, chances are that you might have been accessed by someone else as well!! What to do? How to remove my account from that device?

Okay, so all you need to do is bring out your phone and log in to your Instagram account. The further process is elaborated separately for Android and iPhone users below. Have a look!!

How to Remove Remembered Account On Instagram For iPhone Users?

How to Remove Remembered Instagram Accounts On iPhon

For Android users, the removing option is available easily while for iPhone users you might need to do some extra homework to remove an account.

Follow these steps to revolve Instagram remembered account:

1. Open the Instagram app on your iPhone. Log in your account details.

2. Go to your profile. At the top right corner you’ll find three lines (hamburger menu), click on it.

3. Now select the “settings” option.

4. A drop-down menu will appear, from there select the “security” option.

5. Scroll down to “saved login information”. Click on it.

6. Toggle off the “saved login information”.

7. Give your confirmation by clicking on the “remove” option.

8. Now go back to the “settings” menu.

9. Scroll down to the “logout” option. Log out of your current account.

10. A notification asking “remember or forget me” will appear on the screen. Click on “Not Now” and move further.

11. For one last time, tap Log Out!!

And, it’s done!!

How To Remove Saved Login Info Of Multiple Instagram Accounts?

How To Remove Saved Login Info Of Multiple Instagram Accounts?

Are you among those 70% of people who like to keep separate Instagram accounts for professional and personal use? Well, in that case, you need to learn how to remove multiple logins from the autosave option offered by Instagram. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

1. Open your Instagram account. Go to my profile tab.

2. At the top right corner you’ll find three horizontal lines, click on them.

3. Click on the “settings” option.

4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on “Log out from all accounts”.

5. This way all the accounts that you have logged in to at present will get ready to be removed.

6. At the bottom, click on the “edit” option. 

7. Now, click on the “x” mark in front of the accounts that you wish to remove.

8. Now select “remove” and give your confirmation. Your accounts will be removed.

Bonus Tips: Other Ways On How To Remove Remembered Account On Instagram!!

We all love something extra on the plate, be it extra cheese on our pizza, an extra hour of sleep or an extra way, or a bonus tip to come out of situations like these. 

If you want to make sure that your account is safe and you don’t want to leave any footprints behind, then it’s time for you to use every possible method to save the loss!! 

1. Using Facebook

Using Facebook

It’s seen that many users log in to their Instagram account using their Facebook account, right? Well, if you are one among them, then here are ways that’ll work for you if you wish to remove the remembered Instagram account details!!

1. Open your Facebook account.

2. Go to the “settings” option.

3. Scroll down to “log out” and click “Yes”.

4. Signing out from Facebook will automatically sign you out from Instagram and other sites that you have logged in to using Facebook.

To confirm the action, open your Instagram account. You’ll find that your account credentials have been removed from there and you’ll have to enter the details again if you wish to log in to your account.

In this way. All your saved data will be removed from the app. 

2. By Clearing App Data

By Clearing App Data

Another way on how to remove remembered account on Instagram and save your account info from getting shared is by clearing the app data. Although, this step should be taken only when no other steps seem to be working for you, as it can delete your Instagram data forever. 

Your profile photos will not be deleted. But if you have saved a copy of these photos in your gallery, then you need to move them to another folder as they might get deleted as soon as you clear the Instagram app data.

To clear data, you need to follow these steps:

1. Open your mobile Settings. Scroll down to the “Apps & notifications” option. 

2. Now click on the “All App Info” tab.

3. From the next page, click on the “Instagram” option.

4. Click on the “Storage” option. Then click “Clear Data”.

5. This will delete all your app data stored in the device and the account will be removed from all devices.

To Wrap Up:

Isn’t it great to see how Instagram provides you with such amazing features? I feel the security measures will be a lot better if Instagram comes up with some biometric authentication so that only the real user can have access to his/her account.

Anyway, now that you learned how to remove remembered accounts on Instagram, it’s time to save your ass and remove your accounts from all devices. Hurry!! Before your girlfriend finds out your deepest darkest secrets!! LOL!!!

If you found this article helpful, do share it further with your friends! For more techie updates and hacks stay tuned!!
Until then Happy Networking!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is A Remembered Account On Instagram?

When someone dies, to remember that person his/her account is memorialized. This feature is provided by the Instagram help section. No one can make any changes to the memorialized account.

Q. How Do I Remove An Instagram Account From The App?

1. Go to ‘Settings.
2. Click ‘Security’
3. Click ‘Saved login information
4. Turn OFF ‘Saved login information‘ 
5. Click on ‘Remove’ on the additional popup.
6. Go to ‘Settings’, scroll down to the bottom and select ‘Log Out‘.

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