Top 10 Crossword Tracker Apps for Android and iOS 2022!

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Is crossword your latest crush? You were probably first exposed to this classic and beloved game via newspapers, which featured a brand-new puzzle each day. Crossword puzzles never grow boring, but searching for clues and failing to discover them can become tiresome and cause some people to give up on the challenge. Please don’t quit! Here are some of the best Crossword Tracker Apps just for you. 

When the world is running behind Squid Game and Fall Guys, playing crossword is a little bit old school but definitely has its own swag. However, if you are totally stumped and thinking about joining other friends in other Android games, here is something for you.

Of course, asking Google Assistant can solve most of your queries (but not all!). Here is a handful of Crossword Tracker Apps in your rescue available in both the Google Play Store and the iOS app store. Choose the app you think can match your smartness! 

Top 10 Crossword Tracker Apps

Below is the list of some of the best crossword tracker apps that will not only help you get your answer right, but will also offer you with some interesting tricks using which you can solve these crosswords.

1. Alphacross Crossword

crossword tracker app_Alphacross

Specification: Android

Price: Free

Download the app Here: Alphacross Crossword

Features: With 3000 reviews and 50K+ downloads, the Alphacross Crossword has a rating of 4.6. This crossword tracker app is a user-friendly, cutting-edge Android Crossword app. Each crossword puzzle has a visual preview.

Information on the number of squares completed, whether they were cheated on, or whether they were correctly answered. Large collection of organized features, including archival, deletion, and group selection. You will have alerts for automatic background downloads. Puzzles can be imported into Alphacross. Users have given it a rating of 4.7 stars and have given it 1.1K ratings.

2. Crossword Solver by Havos

crossword tracker app_crossword solver

Specification: Android and iPad

Price: Free / $2.49

Download the app Here: CS by Havos

Features: Although the term Crossword Solver sounds generic, it appears to be effective. The app boasts nearly all of the words in the dictionary and just around 200,000 proper nouns. That ought to enable greater discovery than normal. There are also numerous filters to narrow down the list of options, five puzzle-solving methods, and even some words in other languages. Although the UI is dated, it is not too difficult to use. If you test the free version of this app first, keep in mind that it tends to perform much better than the pro version.

3. CS by LithiumApps

crossword tracker app_Cs

Specification: Android

Price: Free

Download the app Here: CS by Lithium Apps

Features: One of the most recent crossword solvers on the list is Crossword Solver by LithiumApps. With over 400,000 words, without online support, and an anagram solver in addition to crossword solver capabilities, this crossword tracker app boasts a respectable assortment of features. If you require them, you can also discover word meanings and audio pronunciations. Even if it doesn’t seem particularly remarkable, the UI is fairly straightforward. It also accepts letters that are blank or unidentified. The majority of its features can be used without an Internet connection, but definition searches require it.

4. Crossword Clue Solver 

crossword tracker app_Crossword clue

Specification: Android

Price: Free

Download the app Here: Cross Clue Solver

Features: A crossword can be solved with Crossword Clue Solver in two different ways. A search using the clue is the first step. To receive some ideas, just enter the clue. The majority of these crossword-solving apps operate in a manner similar to the others. The crossword tracker app then suggests words based on the letters you have and the periods you provide for the letters you don’t. There is no offline option because it uses an online database. The app is free for all and financed by advertisements otherwise.

5. Crossword Solver King 

crossword tracker app_crossword solver king

Specification: Android

Price: Free / $3.99

Download the app Here: Crossword Solver King

Features: Another one of the finest crossword solvers is Crossword Solver King. It has more than 280,000 words that are available offline. This crossword tracker app also supports missing letters, decodes anagrams, and includes numerous filters to aid in focusing your searches. For even more offline capabilities, it also combines with this English Offline Dictionary. It really came from the very same developer as the aforementioned Anagram Solver and performed adequately in our tests. The pro version eliminates advertisements and reduces the number of permissions required to “zero.”

6. The Crossword & Anagram Solver

crossword tracker app_cs and anagram

Specification: iPhone and iPad

Price: Free / $1.99-$2.99

Download the app Here: The Crossword and Anagram Solver

Features: Although it doesn’t have a very unique name, The Crossword & Anagram Solver is useful software. This crossword tracker app functions quite similarly to the above anagram solver. You enter your letters and the empty spaces, and you receive a list of possible word matches. Unscrambling anagrams, using iOS Dark Mode, as well as viewing word definitions are all features supported by the app. The in-app purchase for the anagram content is $1.99, or for a single $2.99 payment, you can obtain it and remove the ads. It’s a helpful tool, but unlike the Anagram Solver (another amazing app), it probably won’t uncover all the solutions you require.

7. Anagram Solver

crossword tracker app_anagram solver

Specification: Android and iPhone

Price: Free / $2.99

Download the app Here: Anagram Solver

Features: Games like Scrabble, Words With Friends, and anagrams are the main uses of Anagram Solver. Crossword solvers are however one of the characteristics, in addition to some others. This crossword tracker app supports multi-word searches, blank letters, around 280,000 offline words, and a number of filters for enhancing search results. The crossword solver essentially just adds extra blank letter support to the anagram solver. This means that you probably won’t be able to use it by itself. Nevertheless, it excels at what this is and is reasonably priced.   

8. Across Lite Crosswords

crossword tracker app across lite

Specification: Android

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Download the app Here: Across Lite Crosswords 

Features: Fans of crosswords can download the iPad app Across Lite Crosswords. It has several actual crossword puzzles and is a very sophisticated solver. You can further refine your search using a number of filters, blank letter support, as well as other features. The software also includes several additional cool features including support for both lefts- and right-handed users. You can use it as a crossword solver, but the creator warns that it might not function for crosswords that aren’t formatted in Across Lite.

9. Clue Solver

crossword tracker app_clue solver

Specification: Android

Price: Free

Download the app Here: Clue Solver

Features: One of the few crossword solvers for the iPhone and iPad that genuinely uses clues is Crossword Clue Solver. To see different words, you can type in portions of the clue, and it will still perform the text search with the remaining letters as it always has. Although the UI is simple and effective, there aren’t many more functions in the app as a result. However, it is free to download and use, and it does the job.

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10. Wordsolver by Mooflower Ltd.

crossword tracker app_cs solver

Specification: iPad and Web

Price: Free

Download the app Here: Wordsolver

Features: Wordsolver is perfect for the majority of anagram-based word games since it can quickly solve both online crossword games as well as the common anagram puzzle games seen on the back of newspapers. You can enter as many as 15 letters, and the finest crossword solver will unravel all the words. Also, supports blank tiles (also known as wildcards), just enter a question mark (?); Click on a word to view its definition if your mobile device has an integrated dictionary. The app also offers additional filters for putting words around letters that already exist on a game board.


Specification: Web

Price: Free

Check out the website:

Features: As we were startled to discover when conducting research for this piece, offers a lot more than dictionaries. On the official website, there is a whole area dedicated to word games, which includes a Scrabble and Words With Friends cheat section as well as a few crossword solvers. You enter the solution and inform the engine of the recognized letters. From there, it makes an attempt to estimate and includes a confidence rating for the site’s response. It takes a little while to get used to and is a little finicky. It is a little time-consuming but worth the result. 

Wrapping Up:

Playing crosswords is a relaxing and effective technique to maintain mental health. Additionally, you gain new vocabulary while enjoying yourself. Although I have enlisted most of the free crossword tracker apps, there are some paid ones too. You won’t have to worry about getting a refund if you try one of the aforementioned crossword tracker apps and decide you don’t like it (cause all are legit). 

Please share your feedback in the comment section. If you know of any more Android crossword tracking apps that aren’t featured here, please feel free to add them.

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