How To Tame A Dog In Minecraft | 2022

How To Tame A Dog In Minecraft

Do you love having animals in a video game? Wolves can be found in the wild in Minecraft. They are tamable and can be made into obedient pet dogs. They not only serve as a friend, but they also defend you by taking out hostile crowds. Do you know how to tame a dog in Minecraft?

Taming a dog in Minecraft or taming a Wolf in Minecraft is not difficult, but tricky! What do you need to tame a dog? How to find a dog? Do you know how to spawn a dog? To increase the number of sociable dogs, you can breed more dogs in Minecraft. In Minecraft, you can breed dogs just like breeding Turtle or breeding villagers. Minecraft is itself a very influential video game. What makes it more interesting is the addition of pets! Yes, you can have a parrot, tame a rabbit, a dog, or even a dolphin as your pet! 

Just like in the real world, you need to take care of dogs in Minecraft, feed them and love them. The best part is that a dog can be teleported! Yes! This guide will enlighten you with the information you need to know about Minecraft dog/wolf and how to tame a dog in Minecraft.

How To Tame A Dog In Minecraft

How to tame a dog in Minecraft? In a nutshell, you may train a wolf by giving it bones to eat. A wolf that has been domesticated will not eat any more bones. The quantity of bones needed is arbitrary; there is a 1/3 probability that each bone will tame the wolf. Once tamed, the wolf wears a red collar and sits while not swimming. The player can tame an unlimited number of wolves, with the exception of the Legacy Console Edition, where they are limited to 8 and 16 respectively. Now, go through how to tame a dog in Minecraft step by step in detail: 

Here Is How To Tame A Dog In Minecraft In 5 Steps: 

Tame a dog/wolf in Minecraft in 5 steps: Turn On Peaceful Difficulty> Gather Bones> Find Wolf or Dog> Equip the Bones> Hit the Tame Button. 

Step 1: Turn On Peaceful Difficulty: If you are currently playing on Peaceful difficulty, you can raise it until you have finished training your wolf. In Peaceful mode, wolves will appear, but no skeletons will spawn because you need their bones. Till tamed, the dog will teleport to you and accompany you wherever you go once the difficulty is changed again.

Step 2: Gather Bones to Tame Wolf: In Survival mode, bones can be found by killing skeletons or by opening chests in temples in the desert and the forest. For each wolf, you intend to tame, collect at least 5 bones, ideally 10.

Kill zombies as well as skeletons when skeleton hunting, and collect rotting meat. This is convenient for feeding your dog, but Rabbit Stew is better for them. Even though it may seem persuasive when they are pleading, using rotten flesh to tame a wolf would only result in the breeding of an uncontrolled wolf. Just put one in your inventory if you’re in creative mode.

Step 3: Find Wolf or Dog in Minecraft: Wolves/dogs are typically found around spruce trees in the forest and taiga biomes. Unless you hit them, they are not hostile. You may obtain world seeds online that generate worlds with a lot of taiga biomes if you don’t mind creating a brand-new one. Forests also function, however as of 1.13 (the Ocean update), there are just a few seeds available. You can generate a dog anywhere in creative mode. You could summon one if you are an Operator, using the code: 

/summon minecraft:wolf.

Step 4: Equip the Bones: Wolves typically approach you when you hold a bone. If you click on the wolf, all the wolves in the area may charge at you.

Step 5: Hit the Tame Button: There will be a button to tame. By pressing this button, you will consume a bone and have the opportunity to tame the wolf. It failed if there were ashes floating above the wolf [this is the most crucial step to how to tame a dog in Minecraft, so DON’T fail!]. You’ve tamed the wolf if it has hearts and a collar. Usually, 3–6 attempts are required. In case you’re unlucky, it can take more. Additionally, you could hold down on the wolf instead of tapping the tame button, but this is riskier since if you fail, the wolves will swarm you. Make sure to select the Tame button rather than the wolf. It’s simple to unintentionally click the wolf and make it aggressive.

Voila! Now, you have mastered how to tame a dog in Minecraft!

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How To Tame A Dog In Minecraft – Health And Feeding A Dog

According to its health, a wolf’s tail will rise and fall. The angle between a wolf’s tail and hind legs can be used to gauge a wolf’s exact health. The wolf’s health status is indicated by the angle. When wolves are domesticated, they will whine (below 10). The tails of wild wolves are usually substantially shorter than those of domesticated wolves because they have a maximum health of 8. 

Any type of meat other than fish can be fed to tamed wolves to cure them; the amount of health restored is equal to the number of hunger points that would be recovered if the player consumed the food.

Puppies can be raised to full health by feeding them any of the meats mentioned above or by using splash potions of healing. Puppies are born with only 8 health, but they can reach maximum health of 20 10 once they reach adulthood. Wolves can freely consume decaying flesh or raw poultry due to the fact that they do not contract food sickness. When a domesticated wolf/dog is fed while already at full health, the “love mode” animation typically begins.

How To Breed A Dog In Minecraft

Learning how to tame a dog In Minecraft is one thing, you can also learn how to breed a dog in Minecraft just like breeding Turtles! Any sort of meat, including rotten flesh and raw chicken, can be mated with tamed wolves when they are in good health without giving them the Hunger effect. Any kind of meat can be used to gradually increase the growth of young wolves. Every use subtracts 10% from the time left to maturity.

The owner of the original two wolves inherits ownership of the puppy when two wolves that can identify another owner are bred together. The owner of the puppy is the owner of the youngest wolf if two domesticated wolves with different owners are bred. 

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Wrapping Up

Now that you have learned how to tame a dog in Minecraft, let’s start finding some wild wolves in Minecraft. Taming animals in Minecraft is fun, however, if you face any error in Minecraft, don’t fret, let us know in the comment box. Have you tried making a bed or potions in Minecraft? Let’s check our latest blogs on Deasilex for more updates on Minecraft! 


Q1. How Do You Tame A Wolf In Minecraft?

Wolves. give them bones to tame them. A wolf will be considered tamed once a red collar is placed around its neck. If you hold the dye in your hand while right-clicking, you can dye this collar a different color.

Q2. How Many Bones Does It Take To Tame A Dog In Minecraft?

In Survival mode, bones can be found by killing skeletons or by opening chests in temples in the desert and the forest. For each wolf, you intend to tame, collect at least 5 bones, ideally 10.

Q3. Can You Tame Wolves With Meat In Minecraft?

At full health, tamed wolves can breed with any kind of meat, including raw chicken and putrid flesh, without experiencing the hunger condition effect.

Q4. Can You Tame A Fox In Minecraft?

You must give a fox either sweet berries or glow berries in order to tame it. The two foxes will enter love mode when you feed them, and a young fox will spawn shortly after. You can either wait for the baby fox to mature or give it berries to hasten its growth now that it is there.

Q5. Can You Lose Your Dog In Minecraft?

One of the most difficult experiences in the game is undoubtedly losing pets. Knowing that you cannot get them back makes it ache much more. However, a new item known as the “Wishful” can help to cure this to some extent. It’s a heart-shaped stone with the ability to bring one deceased pet back to life.

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