How To Use OBS Studio With Zoom? A Complete Guide!

How To Use OBS Studio With Zoom

Are you wondering how to use OBS studio with zoom? Well, you have reached the right place. In this article, let us see how to use OBS studio with zoom.

Users can connect online for video conference meetings, webinars, and live chat using Zoom, a platform for video conferencing that can be accessed through a desktop or mobile app.

You can use OBS studio with Zoom, by using OBS virtual camera with zoom, use OBS for recording zoom meetings, setting up audio, and more.

Continue reading further to understand in detail how to use OBS studio with zoom and what is the procedure involved in it. 

How To Use OBS Studio With Zoom?

To use OBS studio with zoom as a virtual camera, Open OBS Studio > Click the Add symbol > Add sources > Launch a Zoom meeting > Go to settings > Select video > Select OBS virtual camera > OBS will now be mirrored with zoom

A streaming program called OBS Studio helps users in planning and arrange their content to create enlightening and captivating visual scenes. You can alter the video of your Zoom call by using clips and widgets from your OBS Studio setup while using OBS Studio with Zoom. This allows you to switch on various sources and presentations, which will be seen in your Zoom call video. Due to its chroma key features, which let you utilize green screen software to create fake backgrounds, people use OBS studio with Zoom.

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OBS includes several production capabilities including picture-in-picture, chroma-key, and more, so you might choose to use it as a webcam source. This is helpful if you need to give a business presentation or if you just want to make your coworkers laugh by using an odd green screen background.

Step 1: Open OBS Studio first.

Step 2: Then, click the Add symbol in the Sources box and add each source individually. You can add sources here to share with your Zoom friends, family, and other users.

Step 3: Launch a Zoom meeting after configuring your OBS to your liking. Set the virtual camera to function as your webcam stream. 

How To Use OBS Studio With Zoom - virtual camera

Step 4: To achieve this, select “Video” from the Settings menu in Zoom. Choose the “OBS Virtual Camera” option from the Camera drop-down menu.

How To Use OBS Studio With Zoom - OBS virtual camera

Step 5: Return to OBS and select Launch Virtual Camera from the bottom right menu.

Step 6: The OBS virtual camera in Zoom should now be configured and prepared to show whatever you wish to your fellow Zoom callers.

The OBS window will now be mirrored with zoom and then can then be used to switch between sources and display various content to your friends or coworkers. Hence you can use OBS studio with zoom by using its virtual camera with zoom.

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How To Use OBS Virtual Camera To Record Screen?

Open OBS and Zoom > Choose “Display Capture” under sources > Choose the name for the capture > Select the monitor that will show the video > Monitor’s live feed will be visible in the preview > Click Ok > Add audio from microphone and participants > Choose Audio Input Capture > Change capture source’s name > Press Ok > Choose audio output capture > Press begin recording > Return zoom to windowed mode > Choose stop

Step 1: Open OBS and Zoom.

Step 2: Choose “Display Capture” by clicking the Plus button under Sources in OBS. 

How To Use OBS Studio With Zoom - Display Capture

Step 3: Although this method can often fail, you can utilize the Window Capture option and use Zoom.exe as your source.

How To Use OBS Studio With Zoom - window Capture

Step 4: Choose any name for the capture, then click OK. To keep it easy, you can use Zoom with the name of the monitor you are now using.

Step 5: From the selection list, select the monitor that will show the video. The monitor’s live feed will be visible in the preview.

Step 6: Capture Cursor should not be checked.

Step 7: After you are happy with the selection, click OK. The most recent monitor feed is now visible on your OBS. In most cases, cascade previews appear if OBS is also running on that monitor.

Step 8: The audio from your microphone and the participants must now be added.

Step 9: Choose “Audio Input Capture” by selecting the Add button under Sources in OBS once more.

How To Use OBS Studio With Zoom - audio  input Capture

Step 10: Change the capture source’s name. Press OK to keep it distinct from the other source and prevent confusion.

How To Use OBS Studio With Zoom - rename

Step 11: From the dropdown list, choose your input method, then click OK. The audio input for the microphone will now be shown in the Audio Mixer screen below the video preview.

Step 12: By clicking + and choosing Audio Output Capture, you can add another source. From the list, select the output device. 

Step 13: Once you click OK, the second line will appear in the Audio Mixer section.

Step 14: Press start recording.

How To Use OBS Studio With Zoom - start recording

Step 15: Return Zoom to windowed mode after you have finished recording, then choose Stop recording.

How To Use OBS Studio With Zoom - stop recording

Step 16: If the OBS is on the same monitor, the cascade preview will appear during the brief time that Zoom is not in full-screen mode. 

Hence with these steps, you can use OBS Studio With Zoom to record a zoom meeting. 

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How To Set Up Audio From OBS Studio?

Compared to video, setting up OBS Audio with Zoom is slightly more difficult. You will need two seconds to set up if all you are using is a microphone. But, you will need to configure some extra software if you wish to use various audio sources from OBS, such as background music or desktop audio.

How To Setup For A Single Microphone?

Go to the Audio tab in your Zoom settings > Click drop-down menu  > Choose the desired microphone > primary audio input is now set to be your microphone

The setup is simple if you wish to use your microphone as an audio device for Zoom.

Step 1: Go to the Audio tab in your Zoom settings.

Step 2: A drop-down menu and a subtitle for the microphone are located in the next menu. 

Step 3: Choose the desired microphone by clicking the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Your primary audio input is now set to be your microphone.

How To Use OBS Studio With Zoom - microphone

How To Setup For Complex Audio?

Installing and configuring a virtual audio cable is necessary if you want other Zoom users to be able to hear more than just a microphone source in OBS. OBS Studio won’t show up in the list of potential microphones since Zoom is unable to recognize it as an audio source. By using this hardware, a “virtual” microphone will function and be shown in those settings. Assemble your virtual audio wire by performing the following steps:

1. Download the VB-Audio Voicemeter audio cable drivers.

2. Go to your audio settings in OBS Studio’s main settings menu and select CABLE Input as your monitoring device (VB-Audio Virtual Cable).

3. Open the mixer settings and change the monitoring settings for each audio source to monitor and output.

4. Your microphone should be set to VB-Audio Virtual Cable in Zoom. All of the chosen OBS audio will now be played back to you in Zoom.

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Wrapping Up

We have come to the end of the post and we hope this article has given you a clear explanation of how to use OBS Studio with zoom. For more such informative and interesting articles, check out our website at Deasilex.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How Do I Share My Screen With OBS?

Ans. Once you have the window on the appropriate desktop, right-click, select the Fullscreen option, then select the appropriate monitor. When you are back within Microsoft Teams, you can share a screen by choosing the OBS projector window as the target window. All there is to it is that.

Q2. How Do I Use My Mic With OBS?

Ans. Use OBS’s Desktop Audio setting. Go to Audio Mixer > Desktop Audio > Select the Settings button (little gear cog symbol) > Properties, then proceed as described above. As the Device, choose your audio interface. You should then be able to hear whatever audio you play on your computer over the stream.

Q3. Can OBS Record Screen And Webcam?

Ans. OBS Studio is a watermark- and a time-free open-source screen recorder for live broadcasting and video recording. With the help of this software, you can record audio and video from a camera as well as the entire display or a specific window.

Q4. Why Is OBS Virtual Camera Blurry Zoom?

Ans. Because Teams, Zoom, and other apps emphasize the quality of screen sharing above the camera when there is poor connectivity, this results in a hazy image when using the OBS virtual camera.

Q5. Why Is My Zoom Audio Not Working In OBS?

Ans. Check to see if you have installed a microphone input using your second virtual audio connection if you are unable to hear the Zoom audio in OBS. Next, verify that your second virtual audio wire is Zoom’s speaker output.

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