How To Use RealityScan? Turn Amazing Pictures Into 3D Models!

How To Use RealityScan?

Now you all can upload 3D credits from RealityScan to a platform where you can get all your 3D, VR and AR content published, shared and sold. This might make you think about how to use RealityScan, right? If yes, then follow the given guide till the end and explore everything that you must be aware of RealityScan.

Recently, Epic Games launched the RealityScan application for all iOS gadgets. The iOS users can download from the iOS App Store and access the RealityScan app without even paying a penny. This application is a 3D scanning technology which converts pictures into highly-steadfast models. If you also want to convert your amazing clicks into 3D models then you must know how to use RealityScan. 

Select An Object > Open App > New Project > Take Photos From All Angles > Cover The Object In Lens > Cover Red, Green And Yellow Areas > > Upload Photos > Crop Tool > Object Turns Entirely Green > Preview Mode > Switch Color > Export To SketchFab. So this was a short guide on how to use RealityScan. Get the details below!

Stick to the article till the end to know how to use RealityScan and what RealityScan really does to your images to turn them into 3D models because we are going to burst the suspense today! 

How To Use RealityScan? 

In the beginning of this year, Epic Games gave a statement about the launch and idea of the RealityScan application. This is a 3D scanning and modeling software for all the iOS users. The brand is also thinking of launching and making the app accessible for the Android users till the end of the year. It accessed ARKit mechanization, which lets the app track and recognise objects under a surrounding. Later it clicks the picture of the dedicated object and turns it into a steadfast 3D model. This service is only accessible for all the iOS users.

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RealityScan makes use of the photogrammetric technology on every iOS device that is uploaded to SketchFab which is a 3D asset stage where these 3D models are being shared, sold and used in VR and AR experiences. Accessing the model for such motives is not chargeable by the brand. The models created on RealityScan have authentic shadows, definitions and contours. These models also show mushroom and moss growth providing the user a much better and realistic representation of the object.

If you also want to make an account on SketchFab and sell 3D models or want to experience those 3D models from close then we recommend you to learn how to use RealityScan.

Here we have given the guidelines for the same. Read and follow each step carefully: 

Select An Object > Open App > New Project > Take Photos From All Angles > Cover The Object In Lens > Cover Red, Green And Yellow Areas > > Upload Photos > Crop Tool > Object Turns Entirely Green > Preview Mode > Switch Color > Export To SketchFab

Step 01: Select or choose any object from your surroundings that you want to turn into a 3D model with RealityScan.

Step 02: Now turn on your device and open the RealityScan application on your device.

Step 03: Then you can click on the New Project button and point the camera towards the selected object. 

Step 04: Once you put your focus on the object start clicking pictures of the model from every angle. Make sure you are covering every curve, cut and corner of the object. 

Step 05: Once pictures are clicked you will find the object is divided into three colors Red, Yellow and Green. Green is an indication that this picture is taken well, yellow grains need to be re-clicked. Make sure your model turns entirely green. 

Step 06: Now you will observe a cloud of pictures appear at the top of the model. Along with that you need to crop the images and remove the unnecessary objects using the Crop Tool.

Step 07: Next turn on the Preview button and look out for the quality of the object instead of quantity and number models. 

Step 08: At last, you can switch the color of the model to take a final view of your model and upload it on SketchFab later on.

This was how to use RealityScan like a pro! After scanning the object, the app offers you a real-time review and lead on how to place and capture the model by default. This application also displays a layout print which shows the review of the model in AR. The application then makes use of cloud processing to turn the model into a highly steadfast 3D model. 

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Instant photogrammetric yos used by RealityScan to create such 3D models of the object chosen. The app focuses on content creators and hobbyist programmers. This app’s goal is to ease the process of creating curated 3D models.

Wrapping Up

RealityScan was designed and developed by Capturing Reality, a photogrammetry solution developer which is linked to the Epic Games family with the aim of making 3D scanning facilities available for all creators. Anyone who has an iOS can access RealityScan to create 3D models from practical life elements and use them to make the realism of their picturization even better. In addition, successfully converted 3D assets can be uploaded easily from RealityScan to SketchFab.

Moreover, everyone who access RealityScan will be directed to the SketchFab pro account by default once they upload their first 3D model to SketchFab. Earlier, Epic said that an Android version is also about to launch by the end of this year, but it seems like the brand won’t be able to make it till the end of the year!

However, if you have an iOS and have interest in learning how to use RealityScan then this article explains the same to you. Deasilex hopes that you have perfectly understood the assignment and if not, then ping us in the comment section for doubts and queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will RealityScan Be Free?

The RealityScan app allows you to turn all your pictures into highly-steadfast 3D models. If you have an iOS device and are unable to download the app try restarting your device.

Q. How Does RealityScan Work?

Making use of RealityScan, scan data is then registered by default, tucked into a coordinate system, wiped up and examined. What you see at last is a point cloud or mesh all set for CAF and BIM authoring softwares.

Q. What Is The Purpose Of Scanning In Reality?

RealityScan helps users to create 3D objects by clicking pictures of the object from your phone. From there, RealityScan gives you scanning experience with real-time review and AR lead that allows you to check the quality of the data without waiting for long.

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