Grounding MacBook: How To? All That You Need To Know!

Grounding MacBook: How To

Are you someone who has experienced slight discomfort or tingling feel in your fingers while using a MacBook? Well, then this article is a must-read for you, let us see about grounding MacBook and how to fix it.

The look, feel, and experience of a MacBook are captivating to its customers especially when it comes to its build quality and the UNIX-based macOS operating system. This makes MacBooks superior and preferred mostly by students.

Fix the grounding MacBook issue, by using a three-pronged extension cord, avoiding plastic wrap on the plug, checking the adapter, avoiding the use of a third-party charger, trying a different outlet, or contacting Apple support.

Continue reading further to understand in detail what grounding MacBook is, why it occurs, and how to fix it.

How To Fix A Grounding MacBook?

Fix the grounding MacBook issue, by using a three-pronged extension cord, avoiding plastic wrap on the plug, checking the adapter, avoiding the use of a third-party charger, trying a different outlet, or contacting Apple support.

Many MacBook users have reported a certain voltage problem. When you touch the MacBook, it seems as though current or voltage is passing through your hand or fingers like experiencing an electric shock. This is usually termed the grounding MacBook issue and these “micro-vibrations” are brought on by the MacBook’s insufficient electrical grounding. The lack of an additional electrical grounding connection in the power adapters gives the impression that the MacBook vibrates when touched while charging in your fingers. 

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How To Fix Grounding MacBook By Using Three-Pronged Extension Cord?

When you approach a Mac laptop with an AC power cord that uses a two-pronged adapter with two swinging blades, high AC electric fields are produced. You must ground the power cord in order to prevent this. You could utilize the cord that was included in the laptop package with the three-pronged plug at the other end. Since, Apple no longer supplies the extension cord that doubles as a ground wire, which is why this is happening, buy an Apple extension cable at Apple Store, then attach it to your power adapter to get rid of the issue. This can be used for MacBook Pro, MacBook, and MacBook Air.

How To Use The Extension Cable?

Grounding MacBook: How To - how to use three pronged extension
  • The white in-line transformer box has this adapter put into one corner so you may connect the transformer box directly to a surge protector or wall AC outlet.
  • Take the white transformer box’s two-pronged adaptor off the wall and discard it. Your Mac laptop is now grounded when you slide the grounded AC power cord’s end onto the corner of the white transformer box where the adapter was previously attached.

How To Fix Grounding Macbook By Avoiding Plastic Wrapper?

The manufacturer wraps new equipment in plastic when we buy it. The plastic prevents the grounding of 10 mm of stainless steel. Dust will build up on your device as it gets older and stop it from grounding. So,

  • Find your power adapter and cut the power cord connecting it.
  • The connector must have a 2-pin connector for the neutral and live connections. A 10 mm stainless steel connector should be included with this connector.
  • If there are any plastic coverings on the plug, take them off. After wiping it down with a dry cloth, replace it.

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How To Fix Grounding Macbook By Checking The Adapter?

A MacBook charger consists of three parts. There is a cable that runs to the computer, a cable that plugs into the wall, and a cable that connects to the converter, a bulky component in the middle. You have a “duck head” adapter if you are plugging into the wall with a three-pronged plug. Disconnect the converter from the duck head. When you do, the converter’s exposed connectors are visible.

A circular metal nub and two metallic slots are present. During shipping, the round piece of metal is frequently wrapped in a thin sheet of plastic. The material shields against oxidation and scratches. If you remove the plastic portion, your grounding problem should be resolved.

Grounding MacBook: How To - adapter

How To Fix Grounding Macbook By Avoiding The Use Of Third-party Charger?

Additionally, if you use a third-party charger, the MacBook may vibrate and electrocute you. With a legitimate charger, you will never get into difficulty. Never attempt to use a random charger to charge your MacBook because it lacks the necessary power to do so. Aside from that, always use an extension cord when charging your MacBook. Always place your MacBook on top of a table. This will lessen the chance of electrocution by keeping your body away from the MacBook.

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How To Fix Grounding Macbook By Trying A Different Outlet?

However, try an outlet as far away from the one you just used. Although each outlet has its own ground connector, they all follow the same ground wires. You should utilize an outlet that is on a different breaker switch if a ground could cause problems at one of a few distinct locations. If grounding works well on one outlet but not on another, you must fix the broken outlet.

How To Fix Grounding Macbook By Contacting Apple Support?

If your Macbook does not work on other outlets too, then it is high time that you need to contact the Apple team for further assistance.

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Wrapping Up

Next time, when you experience a tingling sensation in your fingers while using your MacBook, it is advisable to fix the grounding MacBook problem by trying out the methods listed above. We hope this article has explained to you about the grounding MacBook issue and how can you solve it. For more informational and interesting articles, check out our website at Deasilex.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Where Should I Ground My Laptop?

Ans. To accomplish this, get a grounding cord for the laptop and attach it to a metal interface, like a USB hub or port, on the device. The laptop does not need to be grounded if the power cable already has a 3-pin plug.

Q2.Can Static Electricity Damage A Macbook?

Ans. It only takes between 5 and 10 volts of static electricity to injure the internal parts of your computer, to give you an idea of how little static electricity is required to do so. It must be above 1,500 volts for you to even notice the presence of static electricity.

Q3.How Do I Ground My Laptop Before I Touch It?

  • Wear anti-static wrist straps
  • Use an anti-static mat
  • Choose a Secure Work Surface
  • Go barefoot
  • Use a humidifier
  • Turn off the power

Q4. What Is The Best Macbook To Buy?

Apple MacBook Air With M2 Processor

Apple MacBook Pro 16-Inch

Apple MacBook Air With M1 Processor

Apple MacBook Pro 13-Inch

Q5. Why Mac Chargers Are Not Grounded?

Ans. The external case of the Mac is not grounded but is capacitively linked to the ground via its power adapter, which accounts for the electrical sensation you feel. Your Mac’s power adapter is safe as long as it is an authentic Apple product and is in good condition.

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