How to Use Split Screen in Minecraft | Beginners Guide!

How to Use Split Screen in Minecraft

Minecraft is a multiplayer game. And, it’s time to split screen in Minecraft! Did you know that split screen play is also an option for this game? If you play on a console, you can ask a friend to play the survival game with you (featured in the Bedrock edition).

A screen with at least 720p or higher is necessary for using a split screen. This can be done on television displays with either an HDMI or RGB component connection. With each new player, the render distance gets less, at least in the Console Edition.

Online split screen on Xbox can only be played with Gold and Guest accounts, while Local split screen can be played with Local, Silver, and Gold accounts. Guest accounts cannot join ongoing sessions; they can only sign in at the beginning of a session. They are limited to Xbox Live accounts only. Curious? Go through this article and learn more about how to set a split screen in Minecraft.

Requirements to Play Split Screen in Minecraft

As was already mentioned, you must use a console to play the game. To play local multiplayer, however, you must first meet the requirements listed below.

  1. Make sure the TV and console you plug it in have a minimum 720p resolution. For instance, the PSVita only supports qHD and does not support split screen (a quarter resolution of HD). Additionally, the WiiU can only play games at 480p, therefore the desired setting is not possible.
  2. Since you’ll require the highest resolution the console can offer, you’ll also need to use an HDMI cable or something similar to connect to the TV.
  3. You shouldn’t also use the Minecraft Beta version. Deactivate it in-game and re-launch it if you are in beta mode.
  4. Additionally, you will require a current subscription to the console’s online service, such as Nintendo Switch Online, Xbox Live Gold, or PlayStation Plus.

Activate the Split Screen in Minecraft

How to Use Split Screen in Minecraft_activate split screen

Once the aforementioned conditions have been met, go to the procedures listed below to enable split screen in Minecraft.

  1. Start the game and choose between creating a new world and loading a previously saved world.
  2. Turn off multiplayer by going to the options page.
  3. Start the world once the game’s preferences and difficulty are configured as you’d like them to be.
  4. Start the game, then turn on player two’s controller and press Start. For the second player to join, press “Start” once more.
  5. Choose it if you have an account for them. Otherwise, your friend can be a guest player. On the PS3, for instance, if you press cancel when the game asks you to choose the user, the other player will be logged in as a guest.
  6. You can play in split screen mode with up to four players overall by following these instructions.

Play Online Split Screen in Minecraft

Additionally, split screen Minecraft is available online. It only functions with peer-to-peer online multiplayer, though. The same procedure as above can be used, but you should keep multiplayer mode enabled.

If your friends accept the invitation you extend to them as the host, they can join you around the globe. Keep in mind that a split screen is only available if everyone is using the console to play.

Play Minecraft Split Screen on the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch version of Minecraft only supports three concurrent players, rather than four. Each gamer will require their own complete “joy-con controller” in order to be possible. For Minecraft on the Switch, a horizontal half-controller is ineffective. Once you’ve prepared your controllers, start Minecraft, turn on the additional controllers, and wait for the notification to appear so they may join your game.

Why Your Split Screen is Not Working?

In Minecraft, the second player frequently has trouble entering the split screen, which is annoying. Verify that you adhered to all of the aforementioned instructions. Read them three times. Try these fixes if the issue still doesn’t get resolved.

1. Verify Your VPN Service

Perhaps the cause of the ping issues and lag in-game is your VPN connection. To reduce the traffic, try shutting it off and reconnecting to your Wi-Fi or rerouting the traffic through a varied source. For the most data, look for VPN suppliers with the fewest pings.

2. Check Your Internet Connection

To play split screen in Minecraft, you will require an online connection. Since Minecraft requires you to log in with at least one account that has a current subscription, if you are having difficulties signing in, check your data or Wi-Fi connection, what it is you are using, and make sure everything is functioning properly.

3. Restart the Game

It’s possible that Minecraft slowed down and stopped responding while the other player was logging in. Therefore, to fix this tiny glitch, just restart Minecraft and play split screen.

4. Reboot Your Computer

If restarting your game didn’t work, try restarting the console you’re using to play Minecraft. This will end any background processes and fix any connection error issues you may have previously encountered.

Wrapping up

Well playing Minecraft is fun, but it is definitely awesome when you are splitting the screen with your BFF. It’s time to settle for the split screen in Minecraft. Let’s make potions together and share with your besties how cool is it to breed turtles or make custom beds! Play and share the fun. Are you experiencing an error in Minecraft while splitting the screen? Let us know in the comment box. 

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Q1. Can you play split screen on Minecraft Xbox?

Up to four people can play simultaneously on the same screen when playing split-screen. Only consoles can use split-screen mode (Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch).

Q2. How do you enable multiplayer on Minecraft?

Select Privacy & online safety > Xbox privacy after choosing the account whose settings you want to change. You can form or join clubs by selecting View details & configure > Friends & clubs and setting this option to Allow.

Q3. Why does my Minecraft not let me play multiplayer?

You must modify your account’s privacy settings in order to chat with players who are not your friends. You might have a child account if you are younger than the legal drinking age in your country, in which case multiplayer and communication settings are automatically disabled.

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