LinkedIn Adds New “Future Of Skills” Data Tool To Highlight Key

Are you a LinkedIn user? Are you also struggling with unemployment and unable to resolve the confusion in your mind regarding how to make your profile look more appealing as per the preferences of the employers? Well, LinkedIn probably has understood the issue you are dealing with and therefore, has launched a new and interesting feature on their application, the new Future of Skills data tool to highlight keys. 

We understand how hard it has become to find a job in the current scenario. You give your all and yet don’t get selected. If you are unemployed then you must definitely have created your profile on LinkedIn. But sadly, looks like it is not working. Or, it can be the case that you haven’t managed your profile that well.

 So, to help you lookout for the latest skills that are quite preferable at present for any role, so that employers can find in your profile what they are actually looking for, the “future of skills” tool has been introduced by LinkedIn.

You might not be aware of this feature yet, but don’t worry, we are here to help you know everything you need to. This post will explain LinkedIn’s newly launched tool so that you can apply it to your profiles and improvise them. 

What Is LinkedIn’s New Future Of Skills Data Tool?

LinkedIn Adds New Future Of Skills Data Tool To Highlight Key

The Future of Skills tool introduced by LinkedIn on their app allows the users to probe the voguish skills that are in the trend and are looked for in most of the jobs. This feature basically helps the users to find out more about what kind of expertise the employers are currently looking for.

In this manner, the users who are waiting for someone to hire them for a good role will be able to get in the eyes of those employers, and this will increase their chances of getting employed for the role they deserve.

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How LinkedIn’s Future Of Skills Data Tool works?

LinkedIn Adds New Future Of Skills Data Tool To Highlight Key

Using the ‘Future of Skills’ data tool you can choose the country, the industry as well as the job title that you are looking forward to working for. 

This doesn’t end here.

On entering these details, you will be able to get a conspectus of the preferable key skills for that position. But, this will not be based on the job listings of the LinkedIn members, but specifically on the skills which they have displayed on their profiles. 

Through this tool, you will be able to know about each trend, and you can also find out about similar skills. 

This tool will prove to be useful to not only the job seekers but also the marketers to reach out to the consumers for skill courses as per the trend. 

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Final Thoughts:

So, that’s all for Future of Skills data tool.

LinkedIn is a really good platform for seeking jobs that one is suitable for. But, the profile definitely needs some amendments and improvisation to come into the sight of employers. And, this recently introduced feature by LinkedIn is a great tool for users to add the necessary skills to their profiles and gain more chances of getting hired. 


Q. Where Can I Find A Full List Of Skills On LinkedIn?

There is presently no such option available on LinkedIn. You can simply make a list of any skills you wish to add to your profile. There is a limit of up to 50 skills that you can include.

Q. What Skills To Add To LinkedIn Profile?

The most rated skills to be added to your LinkedIn profile are cloud computing, blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Business analysis, UX design, Affiliate marketing, and analytical reasoning. Moreover, there are also some soft skills like creativity, adaptability, emotional intelligence, persuasion, and collaboration, which you should in your skills on your LinkedIn profile. 

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