Mercedes Benz G Class NFTs Are About To Launch!!

Mercedes Benz G Class NFTs

So, the craze of NFTs has also taken over the Automobile Industry. Recently, Lamborghini was in news for collaborating with the NFTPro for the launch of its NFT collection, on 17 January 2022. Mercedes Benz also announced that it would be launching Mercedes Benz G Class NFTs soon. Well, what is the matter let us have a detailed overview?

Ask anyone what’s trending and the answer will be NFTs, Cryptos, and Metaverse. As we know the Internet is evolving itself very rapidly and Web 3.0 is approaching. This will be the era of Metaverse and NFTs are the digital assets that are going to be its inseparable part. So, many big projects have started to move towards the Metaverse and others are focusing on developing the NFTs (Digital Assets).

Don’t own a G-Class in real life. Not a problem at all. You can be a billionaire in the Metaverse and own one digitally. I know this is sounding a bit weird when I say that you can now own a Mercedes Benz G Class NFT. This how weird NFTs are and they are now the future. 

Well, let’s not waste much time discussing what are NFTs and how to create them.

Mercedes Benz G Class NFTs – What Is The News

On 17 January 2022, the official Twitter account of Mercedes Benz posted a video that revealed that the company has approached five NFT Artists to design the Mercedes Benz NFTs. So soon, the G-Class which is considered to be the most luxurious class in the Mercedes series will be available as a digital asset.

The video started with the display of the Mercedes Benz G Class and then it was displayed that the company accepts the NFT challenge. The company, Mercedes found a unique way to present its NFT in front of the world.

It used the word NFG instead of NFT where G stands for the class. Then it displayed the name of the artists who are being approached and have redesigned the Mercedes as the NFTs. They were first shown drawing it on paper and then later 3-D models were developed. 

It was also shown that an unfinished model of the digital asset is moving on the rough terrain.

Is Mercedes Benz Planning To Enter The Metaverse

Well, the news of the Mercedes Benz G Class NFTs launch is true. But, the company has not said anything about its metaverse approach yet. But, if we look into the video there is a section that shows the prototype of a vehicle moving on rough terrain.

Does this mean that it is testing the Digital model to run on the rough terrains in the Metaverse or is it that I am thinking too much after the Hynadai’s Metaverse concept in CES 2022? In which the company put forward the concept of Meta Mobility.

Who Is Making The Mercedes Benz G Class NFTs

As we already said the company collaborated with the five NFTs artists to design the first NFT of the Mercedes Benz G-Class. The names of these Artists were displayed in the videos posted. Well, their names are 

  • Baugasm
  • Klarens Malluta
  • Antoni Tudisco
  • Anthony Authie X Charlotte Taylor
  • Roger Kilimanjaro

The important point to notice here is that all the artists mentioned above come from different backgrounds. So, something really great is in making.

Where Will Be Mercedes Benz G Class NFTs Be Available to Purchase

This is the most important question because as a buyer you would definitely want to know from where on in which NFT marketplace will the Mercedes NFTs be available.

Well, we think the NFTs will be available in the Nifty Gateway Marketplace. Why?? Because the tweet we are talking about had a special mention of the Nifty Gateway other than the NFT artists. As we all know Nifty Gateway is one of the best NFT Marketplace. So, you can expect Mercedes Benz To launch its G-Class NFT in the Nifty Gateway Marketplace.

What Will Be The Price Of The Mercedes Benz G Class NFTs 

Nothing can be said with conviction but looking at the craze of  G-Class in the real life. It is expected that it is going to be one of the Most Expensive NFTs of all time. It may cost around some Million Dollars.

Wrapping Up

Well, that was all in the news about the Mercedes Benz G Class NFTs. If you think that we have missed out on much of the important information then do tell us in the comments section. We promise to keep you updated with the latest news in the NFT world. 

If you have any queries then feel free to ask us. We will be happy to reply back to you. If you find this article informative and interesting then do share it with your friends and keep visiting Deasilex for more updates on Metaverse and NFTs.

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