Personal Boundary Feature In Meta’s Virtual World

Personal Boundary Feature In Meta’s Virtual World

Everyone expected the Metaverse to be a new world. A world that is free of crime and punishments. However, things always don’t go as expected. So, Facebook (Now Meta) has to introduce the personal boundary feature in Meta’s Virtual Worlds: Horizon Worlds, and Venue Worlds.

On 4th February 2022, Meta introduced this new feature on its Metaverse platforms. We know that the feature is quite awkward but, there was a need for this. What was the need? Why did the company need to set the boundaries? What will be the distance between the Avatars?

We know there might be several questions running around your head at the moment. So, without any further ado. Let us start with a detailed overview of the new personal boundaries feature by Facebook in Meta’s Virtual World.

Personal Boundaries Feature In Meta’s Virtual World – What Is The News

Personal Boundary Feature In Meta’s Virtual World

Meta has announced the personal boundary for the Horizon Venues and Horizon Worlds. This personal boundary feature will set a distance between the two Avatars and avoid physical interactions. The feature will set a distance of 4 feet between two Avatars and the avatars have to lean forward for a high five.

What Is The Need To Introduce The Personal Boundary Feature 

We know you might be thinking what is the need to introduce the Personal Boundary feature in the Metaverse. Well, let us remind you the  Nina Jane Patel’s case. Within sixty seconds after she joined the Meta’s Virtual Venue, the lady was se*ually assaulted by the group of three to four male Avatars.

The lady complained that a group of three to four male Avatars ganged up against her in the Metaverse and started clicking pictures of her. 

We know that Facebook has got a very bad track record when it comes to the privacy and security of its users. The company even rebranded itself to Meta, to improve its image. However, getting these types of complaints may again put the company’s image in danger. So, Meta decided to introduce the Personal Boundary feature on its virtual platforms.

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How Do The Meta’s Personal Boundaries Feature Work

The personal Boundaries feature will make an invisible boundary around your avatar and will restrict the moment of any person who tries to enter your personal space. Further, if anyone tries to put his hands inside your personal Avatar’s space, the hands will disappear.

Even, if you are using the haptics you won’t feel if anyone tries to get into your Avatar’s personal boundaries.

How To Set Personal Boundaries On Horizon Worlds And Horizon 

Well, the personal boundary feature will be set by default on Meta’s virtual platform. If you want to do a high five with your friends and family, you need to lean forward. Well, the company has not provided the users with any settings to alter the distance between the Avatars. However, we know that Meta’s virtual worlds are in the growing stage.

So, you can expect it to soon roll out a feature where the users may alter the distance settings while being with friends and family.

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Wrapping Up

The feature has been rolled out and the users of Meta’s virtual world can experience it on the platform. Hope the feature is enough for the safety of women in the Metaverse. The feature is expected to grow and improve in the future. 

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