16 Most Liked Tweets of 2021 | From Biden’s New Day To Jungkook’s Cute Pout!!


2021 was a year of joy, sorrow, and drama! So much transpired in just the beginning of January! Trump and Biden’s war of tweets and the Army’s sweetheart “Jungkook” kept us glued to our smartphones to take note of new discoveries! Luckily, it wasn’t a waste! President-elect officially became the President on 20 January (President Biden’s inauguration) and Jungook’s “emoji” was enough to steal the hearts of the Army!!! The possibilities were endless and the results were astonishing. So let’s recap 2021 so far via Twitter and discover what are some of the “most liked tweets of 2021!”

Did you know the list of “most liked tweets” isn’t officially released by Twitter Inc? Yeah! It’s the news agencies that bring us the answers to such questions and soothe our curious bones! Back in 2006, no one would have guessed that this microblogging service would reach such heights but it did and here we are! Counting the numbers of the most liked and retweeted tweets! But let me add one thing here, old records aren’t broken yet! The most liked tweet of all time would still make us bawl our eyes out!

The “Army” is CRAZYYYY! They just can’t let their favorite “OPPAS” loose! Don’t understand what I’m referring to? Well, check the list out!

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16 Most Liked Tweets of 2021

The hype of Twitter is unparalleled! From your grandpa to the President of America, you can find almost anyone on this microblogging service! However, these two lines simply do not cover the whole story of Twitter! The platform has grown out to become one of the most frequented social networking sites by users all over the world. 

Since its inception, Twitter has been seen in a list of controversies. Even the recent #RIPTwitter was a result of its unpredictability! No matter what updates the company brings, we can’t deny the fact that its popularity is skyrocketing, more than EVER! I mean we’re all aware of #metoomovement that was first started on Twitter, right? This platform isn’t just about some tweets, it is an integral part of social movements!

Now the moment of truth! the piece of information for which you’ve slid onto this article! The 16 most liked tweets of 2021!

Rank Posted ByLikes (Millions)Date Posted (2021)
1Joe Biden @JoeBiden4.1January 20
2Jungkook @BTS_twt3.2January 25
3Jungkook @BTS_twt3.1April 11
4Jungkook @BTS_twt3.0February 24
5BTS @BTS_twt2.9June 1
6Jungkook @BTS_twt2.9May 29
7V @BTS_twt2.8June 25
8Suga @BTS_twt2.8May 29
9RM @BTS_twt2.8May 21
10Jin @BTS_twt2.8May 6
11Jimin @BTS_twt2.7September 18
12BTS @BTS_twt2.7September 14
13RM @BTS_twt2.7August 31
14Jin @BTS_twt2.7August 9
15J-Hope @BTS_twt2.7June 24
16J-Hope & Jin @BTS_twt2.7June 22
Most Liked Tweets of 2021

See! I already warned you guys! I hinted that the list was going to be filled with Oppas and it is! Apart from the first tweet, the list is full of BTS! Well! What more can you expect from ARMY!!!

Let’s look at what all these tweets pertained to and what got them a bag full of likes and retweets!

1. Tweet By 46th President Of America, Joe Biden (@JoeBiden)

The Tweet that read “It’s a new day in America”, was made by President Joe Biden on 20th January. It was the day America saw the inauguration of its 46th President. 

After so many controversies and practical bickering that had been going on for months on Twitter (between Biden and Trump), the day finally arrived, ending all previous speculations regarding elections and all other propaganda! It was really a new day for America!

This tweet, made by President Biden on the day he concluded the remarkable and empowering speech, to date has received a total of 4.1m likes and 492k retweets.

2. Tweet By Jungkook, BTS (@BTS_twt)

Any tweet made by Jungkook plays with the heartstrings of the Army! This cute picture of Jungkook with the caption “😙” is the second most liked of 2021!

This pouty picture of Jungkook was posted on 25th January, and earned a total of 3.2m likes and 950.5k retweets! Just take a look at the number of retweets man! It’s more than the President’s first day in office tweet!

NOTE: For those who aren’t aware of BTS. You should know that it’s a Korean boy band having a total of seven exceptional singers that debuted under Big Hit entertainment in 2013! BTS actually stands for Bangtan Sonyeondan and is one of the most popular K-pop bands! (PS- The BG info was necessary as you are going to see more of them ahead!)

3. Tweet By Jungkook, BTS (@BTS_twt)

The next on the line is again a tweet made by Army’s favorite JUNGKOOK! Man, this tweet got me blushing so bad!!! 

A hoodies Jungkook with a black cap saying “아미 보고 싶다 ㅜ” is a dream come true for every BTS fan! Ah! For those who don’t know Korean, this means “I miss You, ARMY!!!!”

This loving tweet by Jungkook for his Army on 11 April got a total of 3.1m likes and 910.6k retweets!

4. Tweet By Jungkook, BTS (@BTS_twt)

Next in line holding the fort at fourth position is again a tweet made by “Jungkook”. You might already know by now how much the girls love this cute-talented singer! 

Junkook posted a picture of him with his new blue-dyed hair, saying “셀프 염색 🙂 #JJK”! Do you know what this means? He’s saying that he self-dyed those locks! So cuteeee!!!

The tweet was made on 24 February and has a total of 23m likes with 915k retweets!

5. Tweet By BTS (@BTS_twt)

The 5th most liked tweet is again by BTS! Man, these cute guys are on the hunt for our little hearts with these sweet group pictures!

BTS posted a group selfie of all the seven members with a caption, “💜x7”! A pic of all BTS members with a cute smile and a peace sign? Sure, why Not! Going straight on our room’s wallpapers! 

Caption for pic: (PS: These guys have forgotten that their peace signs leave our little hearts in a frenzy!)

This tweet was definitely worth the 2.9m likes and 880.5k retweets it received! 

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6. Tweet By Jungkook, BTS (@BTS_twt)

Our favorite BTS star, Jungkook is back again holding the position of the sixth most-liked tweet in 2021! 

This all covered pic of Jungkook from head to toes that went with the caption “연습 연습 연습!!!

#JK” received a total of 2.9m likes and 869.4k retweets! AWW! Our sweet guy was practicing a lot for his next music video! Oh! Well, this is what the caption says “Practice Practice Practice!”

Yeah! We’re all working hard to not be swayed by his charm but it doesn’t seem to be working!!!

7. Tweet By V, BTS (@BTS_twt)

I was wondering why the “style icon” of BTS wasn’t showing up! It seems Taehyung Oppa was holding the fort of the seventh most liked tweet of 2021!

V in black, sure why not! Obviously, the Army would go crazy over this BTS star whose charm has mesmerized the ladies world over! 

This tweet by V  which was posted on 25 June, went with the caption “💜💜” and received a total of 2.9m likes with 783k retweets! I would say, WORTH IT!

8. Tweet By Suga, BTS (@BTS_twt)

Cute Yoongi posting his picture-perfect smile on Twitter and you think it won’t enter the list of most liked tweets of 2021? Well, how delusional! The Army will not let this happen obviously!!

This picture posted by Suga on 29 May with an ever so sweet “얍” received a total of 2.8m likes with 709.5k retweets! Oh by the way 얍 is “Yap” which is simply “yes” or “yo” in Korean!

9. Tweet By RM, BTS (@BTS_twt)

Namjoon Oppa posted a selfie and it wouldn’t be on the list of the most liked tweets? Well, what a joke! Obviously, this tweet had to be on the list!

A pink-haired winking selfie of RM with the caption “ButTerS 😎” fetched a total of 2.8m likes with 751.9k likes! BTS is rocking the tweeting game babes! You need to level up a bit to match them!!!

10. Tweet By Jin, BTS (@BTS_twt)

Jin, my absolute favorite and cutest of the BTS lot holds the position of the tenth most liked tweet of 2021 with a total of 2.8m likes and 726.7k retweets!

Kim Seok-Jin posted his selfie on 6 May with a white checkered shirt and simply mesmerized the Army with his charms!!

11. Tweet By Jimin, BTS (@BTS_twt)

Jimin is the most popular band member of BTS in Korea, obviously after Jungkook and V! His tweet is the eleventh most liked tweet of 2021 with a total of 2.7m likes and 287.7k retweets!

The tweet is a picture of Jimin and Jungkkok leaning on each other with a hand sign of peace! This pic actually blew off the minds of the Army, do you want to know why? Well! The caption here contains all the answers! The caption Jimin used was “다녀오겠습니다 😊 #JIMIN #꾸기” and this #꾸기 here, in particular, was the reason why!

#꾸기 is “Ggugi” in English and Jimin referred to Jungkook as “Ggugi”, isn’t it cute? Well, if you aren’t a fan then you obviously wouldn’t understand!!! Oh by the way, “다녀오겠습니다” stands for, “we’ll be back”.

12. Tweet By BTS (@BTS_twt)

We all know how hyped the collaboration of BTS with Coldplay was! This tweet that holds the place of the twelfth most liked tweet of 2021 is regarding the same!!!

BTS tweeted a group picture of Coldplay with BTS members and boom it fetched 2.7m likes with 809.2k retweets! 

The tweet went on with the caption of “It’s coming. @coldplay” and we just can’t wait for the new release!!! Oh by the way, did you know BTS gifted modernized Hanboks to Coldplay on their meetup in New York? You don’t? Well, now you do!

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13. Tweet By RM, BTS (@BTS_twt)

This cute post by RM wishing Jungkook on his birthday fetched a total of 2.7m likes with 834.5k retweets!

RM posted the picture of him and Jungkook with the caption “#꾹이생일ㅊㅋ -교장선생님-”. The translation of this caption means, “#KookieHBD -Principal-”

Wondering what the principal is doing here? Well, basically, Jungkook mentioned RM making a speech like a Principal at their VLive concert, and thus, RM regarded himself the same, as a joke obviously, and greeted him like this on his birthday! Sweet isn’t it?

14. Tweet By Jin, BTS (@BTS_twt)

The Army takes note of the time when their favorite band members are going live so they don’t miss the sweet moments! This tweet by Jin was something like that only which fetched him good 2.7m likes with 679k retweets!

Jin posted his picture with messy hair a mask on with a caption that went like “as 성공”! Some of the fans couldn’t understand the meaning of the caption obviously because they MISSED his live performance!

The caption meant AS- After Service, was a success!! Jin supposedly mentioned in his live session that his curls were falling back into place and thus he needed a touch-up! This is his picture after completing his touch-up session!

15. Tweet By J-hope, BTS (@BTS_twt)

JHope, silver hair, and oversized retro sunglasses? This tweet was bound to appear on the list of most liked tweets!

JHope posted this amazing pic on 24 June which fetched him 2.7m likes and 694.9k retweets! He tweeted this with a couple of emojis that only made our little hearts flutter!

See! I told you the Army was CRAZY!!

16. Tweet By J-hope & Jin, BTS (@BTS_twt)

The last tweet on the list of most liked tweets of 2021 is also BTS!!! J-Hope & Jimin cute picture fetched 2.7m likes and 701.6k retweets!

This tweet was made on 22 June with a sweet message for their die-hard fans! What was the message? Well! “Love U ARMY!” was it!! That was really so sweet of them!

This ends the list of most liked tweets of 2021! If you’re wondering what the all-time most liked tweets on Twitter are? Then hold your little heart because the first one will surely break your heart bringing back some sad memories! 

15 Most Liked Tweets Of All Time

The list of most liked tweets keeps on changing where new names are added or old ones are replaced. To date, #themostlikedtweet remains the same that made us aware of a shocking discovery! Bawling our eyes out, we circulated the news all over to make sure the piece reached all over the world! Yeah, I’m talking about a tweet made on August 2020, by the family of Chadwick Baseman confirming our favorite superhero, Black Panthers, untimely demise. 

Dear Chadwick, you will be remembered and will stay alive in our hearts.

That was rather sad but that’s the reality of today’s world! Nothing is picture-perfect as it seems. There are no beauty filters in real life and thus there’s a reason why we call it, #hardreality. 

Now let’s look at the list of the most liked tweets of all time! Here’s a chart that will certainly satisfy your curiosity!

RankTweetPosted ByLikes (in Millions)Date
1[It is with immeasurable grief that we confirm the passing of Chadwick Boseman. Chadwick was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer in 2016, and battled with it these last 4 years as it progressed to stage IV…]Family of Chadwick Boseman
7.3August 28, 2020
2[No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion…]Barack Obama
4.2August 12, 2017
3[It’s a new day in America.]Joe Biden
4.1January 20, 2021
4[obe was a legend on the court and just getting started in what would have been just as meaningful a second act. To lose Gianna is even more heartbreaking to us as parents. Michelle and I send love and prayers to Vanessa and the entire Bryant family on an unthinkable day.]Barack Obama
3.8January 26, 2020
5[Congratulations to the Astronauts that left Earth today. Good choice]Andy Milonakis
3.6May 30, 2020
6[We did it, @JoeBiden]Kamala Harris
3.2November 7, 2020
3.2January 24, 2021
8[America, I’m honored that you have chosen me to lead our great country.The work ahead of us will be hard, but I promise you this: I will be a President for all Americans — whether you voted for me or not.I will keep the faith that you have placed in me.]Joe Biden
3.2November 7, 2020
9[Hey guys, wanna feel old? I’m 40. You’re welcome.]Macaulay Culkin
3.2August 26, 2020
10[아미 보고 싶다 ㅜ]Jungkook
3.1April 11, 2021
11[Hi Army😊]V
3.1August 16, 2020
12[Never Not 💜]Jungkook
3.1May 3, 2020
13[셀프 염색 🙂#JJK]Jungkook
3.0February 24, 2021
14[💜 x7]BTS
2.9June 1, 2021
15[연습 연습 연습!!!#JK]Jungkook
2.9May 29, 2021
Most Liked Tweets Of All Time

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Tweeting is a cool way to let our thoughts flow freely and it’s not limited to normal folks only! Our Presidents make astonishing (and absurd) remarks all the time making us wonder, “wow are they on all day long?” Well! 2021 is about to end as months went by like whoosh and thus, we recapitulated the gone months via tweets! We got to know what were some of the most liked tweets of 2021 and what they referred to! We’ll keep on updating the list, maybe your name could be on our updated tweets lists! So, keep tweeting guys!


What is the most liked tweet in 24 hours?

The tweet made by Chadwick’s family announcing the demise of our cherished Balck Panther actor became the first tweet ever to get the most retweets and most likes in less than 24 hours it was posted.

Who has the most followers on Twitter?

Here’s a list of the 10 most followed accounts on Twitter starting from rank 1 denoting the highest of the lot!

  1. Barack Obama (130m followers)
  2. Justin Bieber (114m followers)
  3. Katy Perry (108.7m followers)
  4. Rihanna (103.0 followers)
  5. Christiano Ronaldo (94.4 m followers)
  6. Taylor Swift (88.8m followers)
  7. Araian Grande (84.2m followers)
  8. Lady Gaga (83.7m followers)
  9. Ellen DeGeneres (77.8m followers)
  10. YouTube (73.2m followers)

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