List Of Top 10 NFT Discord Servers For Collectors

list of top 10 NFT Discord servers for collectors.

If you are also an NFT addict like us, then you must be wondering what are the best NFT Discord Servers to go after this year. Every Discord server discussed below has its own eccentric quality and speciality; few are best for developers and artists, some are suitable for trustees and others are NFT project related. So in this session we are going to explore the list of top 10 NFT Discord servers for collectors.

Personally, we can consider ourselves as active members through these accounts and can also affirm for their functional communities which concentrate on promoting the NFT space. Almost all of these servers are a perfect match for those who are a newbie to NFTS and to Discord. Don’t forget that the majority of Discord’s channels have a minor but crucial attestation procedure prior you commit to the server’s channels. This procedure aids in eliminating any false bot or spams which may dirt out the channel with nonsense.

Before jumping to the actual list of top 10 NFT Discord servers for collectors, how about getting a gist? How about getting a spoiler? Which servers we are going to discuss about? Well, let’s not tease much and reveal few names, here are they: Enter, Dribblie, NFT HIDEOUT, Meta Generation and more. So, how does it sounds? Amazing right? Then go ahead!

Seems like you are totally convinced to ride through the post! Ugh, NFT Discord Servers is itself a convincing topic. Well, let’s see what we have for you and what you take into your basket from here! Go, start reading.

List Of Top 10 NFT Discord Servers For Collectors

Are you excited to discover the latest updated list of top 10 NFT Discord servers for collectors. Users communicate over Discord through audio and video calls and text messages as a social media. NFT space Projects use Discord platform to promote and increase awareness of community and partnership. Members of the server are eligible to access their Discord groups to upload latest news related to the NFT Projects, support and updates. Almost all of the NFT projects dedicate substantial time and assets and funds to prepare a sprightly system of collaborators and supporters. Channels on Discord that are made for discussing NFTs and related topics are a perfect space for similar minds to connect and share useful information.

1. Dribblie


Dribblie is the first most play-&-earn blockchain football game. Dribblie has given its word that anyone who plays the game can win upto $100 in a day. Users playing game can earn through winning rounds, achieving trophies and completing quests.

Become a member of Dribble Discord to know more about their games, programs and Q2 2022 NFT launch. Players are eligible to earn crypto through different strategies after distribution of NFTS and gameplay being live. To earn prizes they have to fight in PvP battles and challenges. Interested now? Join Dribble to learn more about play-&-earn blockchain football game.

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2. Rarible


Rarible is on the second position in the list of most popular marketplace for NFTs. It has launched few of the most potential projects. Big projects like Cryptoadz, MekaVerse, Bored Ape Yacht Club have been delivered by the Rarible. The website of Rarible has an amazing educational stuff, and it has the most suitable Discord channel for everyone who is into NFTs badly (developers, artists and investors).

Rarible conducts open analysis in their “Stages” channel with subjects related to Rarible promotions, latest functions, art conferences and they usually invite special guests. You should still join Rarible even you don’t wish to roll out any of your NFT project on Rarible, it’s worth a try! 

3. Enter


Enter art is a NFT marketplace supported by the Deflationary benefiting token NFTART. Enter (NFT-Art Finance) enter.ort welcome to the brand new generation of art and music. is special because of it’s strong focus and dedication towards education, all via their website. However, their Discord handle concentrates over artists who list out via their platform. has an entire host of potential and useful data to keep you updated on all NFT related things. 

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4. Meta Generation

Meta Generation is a latest but aspiring project which has committed itself to be the extreme channel for education and networking under Web3. 

New to Web3: Meta Generation will roll with Stage 1 of their protocol and build eternal content to aid one to get involved in crypto space.

Seasoned Web3 Veteran: This perspective of Meta Generation has became pretty much fascinating. Meta Generation assures to be a premium networking resource for those who are searching for collaboration with others in the same field. Meta Generation will be faithful and observed source to bridge your with other like-minded people in the industry.

Meta Generation has just begun and is still solid with a strong mind mapping which is worth a couple of ears!

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5. NFT

Meta Generation

If you are a newbie to NFTs, then the Instagram and NFT Discord are the best space to get started. The NFT Discord own 20k members, and 500k followers on Instagram. One unique thing about both the Instagram and Discord handles is that they have tapped into the recent and newest happenings in the NFT world and both are the best place to keep up with the NFT related news. 

For artists, the NFT Discord has a feature called “IG Feature” channel to deposit your project so that it can be showed on their Instagram handle. You can promote and create awareness of your work on the “Project” channel and can create bonds with other artists.

6. Crypto Baristas

Crypto Baristas

World’s first NFT funded cafe in NYC is Crypto Baristas. If you are seeking for a creative project with real-world benefit, you must take a look at their Discord channel. Crypto Barista’s Season 1 will roll out 60 caffeine loving characters whose proprietorship aids gestate and launch the world’s first NFT funded cafe.

Crypto Barista’s holder take advantage of caffeinated perks for your entire life at every future cafe spaces and websites. Holders take control over “Barista Bank” a 15% fund kept aside from the outcome generated from project for future utilisation in the coffee space. A few substantial advantages for the Barista Bank can promote charitable organizations in the coffee places, develop the Crypto Barista project or initiate something new.

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Wrapping Up

Non-fungible Tokens are known as an NFT, these are used to sell and purchase digital belongings, for instance art, music, video and real-world stuff. NFTs are getting popular day by day. People are earning through this NFT. One must have enough sources to gain knowledge and to learn more on one factor. And in this case, the Discord servers will contribute much.

In this post, we have mentioned the list of top 10 NFT Discord servers for collectors. There are a number of NFT Discord projects and groups for you over there and in the end, we would like to tell you why we explained you the list of top 10 NFT Discord servers for collectors, so that you may not get scammed. 

If you have any doubts or questions related to the list of top 10 NFT Discord servers for collectors, then our comment box is always open!


Q1. What Is The Number 1 Discord Server?

Ans. The official Discord for the Fortnite game is the largest Discord server in the world right now.

Q2. What Is An NFT On Discord?

Ans.NFT communities are always available on the social networking platforms, for example: Discord. These users or people are the ones who are actively collecting, trading, selling and engaging in conversations about non-fungible tokens or NFTS.

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