The Sandbox Partnership With The World Of Women

The Sandbox partnership with the World of women

Well everyone is aware that Metaverse is the next big thing these days. Did you hear about the Sandbox partnership with the World of Women yet? This is something huge and will attract women towards the Metaverse. What else could have been a better gift for women on International Women’s Day!

The Sandbox, a gaming virtual platform along with World of Women has teamed up to provide opportunities for women. The partnership was announced on March 9, 2022. The Sandbox is an immensely popular Metaverse and this announcement will target women worldwide. 

This is another step of the Sandbox towards making the Metaverse a women supporter virtual platform. We all have seen Sandbox bringing new projects into the Metaverse and making it even more exciting for the viewers. The company has successfully created a virtual world full of fun, diversity, fashion, art, games, lifestyle, and now a woman supporter.

In this post on ‘The Sandbox partnership with the World of Women’, we will have an overview of this partnership and what all this mission of bringing together women over the world includes. Let us read ahead to get details about The Sandbox, World of Women, and their partnership.

SandBox And World of Women

The Sandbox is one of the highly popular Metaverse. It is well-known for the thrilling experience it provides to the users. One can easily purchase land on this platform. Users can play games, create avatars, buy and sell digital assets using this platform. The Sandbox has collaborated with the World of Women recently. The World of Women is a community and platform that celebrates equal opportunities for everyone. The platform features 10000 artworks of powerful and diverse females. WoW makes sure that the NFT space and Web3 turn out to be a safer and fair platform for everyone around the world. It also believes that people worldwide should come together and work on creating NFT collections. The latest announcement of collaboration of the World of Women with the Sandbox has been full of opportunities for females. Let’s get details on the Sandbox partnership with the World of Women. 

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The Sandbox Partnership With The World Of Women 

The Sandbox Partnership With The World Of Women

International Women’s Day has brought a great surprise for women worldwide. The Sandbox has recently announced its partnership with World of Women, an NFT Community to launch a WoW Foundation. Both will be working together as a team in order to promote and boost women’s inclusivity in the Metaverse and Web3.

The Foundation will receive a funding of 25 million dollars over five years. It was declared that a grant worth $25 Million will be funded for the WoW Foundation. The foundation will work on bringing females to NFT and the virtual world. 

With this partnership, they are all set to bring women into the NFT and the virtual world. The Sandbox partnership with the World of Women will support women creators through funding and mentoring to mint and sell their first NFT.

Along with educating women and funding the various projects, the companies hope to establish a great generation of influential female builders in the virtual space. 

The collaboration between the two will turn out to be great as it will provide females with business development opportunities. It will provide a platform where women can be educated regarding Web3.

The initiative is planned to bring numerous equal opportunities for women in the virtual space. There are various projects planned for the WoW Foundation.  Let’s see what these projects are.

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Planned Projects

The partnership of World of Women and the Sandbox will create various interactive experiences through the WoW Foundation in Metaverse. This will include a WoW Museum built on a 2X2 Sandbox land to showcase the foundation and support their actions. The WoW Academy is another project that will provide mentoring, funding, advice, and access to the World of Women and the Sandbox network. Another planned project is the WoW University. It is planned that the university will give online lessons free of cost and also provide details on how to start with Web3. Once the course is completed, students will receive a certificate and an NFT diploma. Interoperable 3D Avatars is another thing planned in this partnership. A release of around 10,000 3D avatars is planned during the launch of Alpha 2.

Main Pillars For WoW Foundation 

The foundation will have a mission of working and focusing on 4 pillars. These pillars are:

  • Focus on educating newcomers
  • Uplift the ecosystem by providing support to artists and funding various projects
  • Give back to charities
  • Communicate and provide more visibility to women-centric causes 

The Sandbox partnership with the World of Women is a long-term investment for providing better opportunities for women. This gift on International Women’s Day is an opportunity to openly support women and promote diversity of thought.

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Well, we are still waiting for more confirmations and details related to the Sandbox partnership with the World of Women. You will get timely updates related to this partnership and projects. Till then stay tuned to our website!

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