Oculus Games For Older Adults | Play The Best One!

Oculus Games For Older Adults

Do you want to know about the most famous Oculus games for older adults? If so, then this article might be the best one for you. In this article, we have mentioned 10 Oculus games for older adults.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are in trend these days. But, there was a time when no one would have thought of these things, let alone knew about these things. The role of VR in gaming has touched the sky, so here we are with a list of Oculus games for older adults that you or someone can be able to play on the Oculus Quest. It is also true that all the games are not suitable for them. That is why it is important to know which game might be the best one that the elderly member of your family can play. So, know some of the best Oculus games for older adults.

The finest Oculus games for older adults are Nature Treks VR, Real VR Fishing, Shores of Loci, Beat Saber, FitXR, and so on.

If you want to know in detail about these Oculus games for older adults, read ahead. In fact, all the details, features, specialties, and other factors of these games can help you with that accordingly.

Oculus Games For Older Adults

Whenever you are going to play different games on your Oculus, you might get lost as there are too many games. So, it is important to know all the details, features, and other factors of those games. Once, you get to know those, it might be a perfect option for you to choose the most effective and perfect game for elderly people to play and enjoy.

1. Nature Treks VR

Oculus Games For Older Adults | Play The Perfect One
Oculus Games For Older Adults | Play The Perfect One

If you really love something different firsthand, then this might be your game. You can be able to play this game while you are going to do some trekking in virtual reality. So, you can be able to enjoy the complete nature around you, and that can be able to make you a lot happy. So, that can be somehow perfect for you if you love this kind of adventures


  • Game for adventures
  • Perfect for trekking lovers
  • Enjoy the beauty of nature

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2. Real VR Fishing

The name of the game is showing the idea of the game, and that is why you need to make sure that you are going to choose this if you love fishing. Basically, this is a game with the feature of helping you to pass a lot of time indeed. That is why you need to make sure that you are going to consider this one of the finest Oculus games for older adults.


  • Try fishing in the virtual world
  • Can pass time a lot
  • Enough relaxing game

3. Shores Of Loci

Oculus Games For Older Adults | Play The Perfect One
Oculus Games For Older Adults | Play The Perfect One

This is basically a puzzle game that might be a perfect one for all the elderly people who love to play those games. In this 3D city, you can get several puzzles, and need to solve those. In fact, this is really one of the most relaxing games that anyone can enjoy. Mostly that is perfect for elderly people too.


  • Puzzle game to play
  • A relaxing game
  • Enjoy the 3D visual of the virtual city

4. Beat Saber

This is one of the most known and famous games that people love to play on their Oculus. In fact, elderly people really love this rhythm game itself. Also, you need to know that this game is one of the finest options for anyone who wants to do some workout itself. Also, you can’t even be able to realize that before you stop playing. You need to beat all the cubes, and those will also be with the rhythm as well.


  • One of the most famous games
  • Rhythm game to play
  • Can be a game to workout

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5. FitXR

Oculus Games For Older Adults | Play The Perfect One
Oculus Games For Older Adults | Play The Perfect One

If you want to keep yourself fit and healthy at any age, then this game is perfect for you. so, this can a great choice of Oculus games for older adultstoo. Not only regular exercises, but this game can help you to get virtual boxing classes as well. In fact, this one has new classes every week as well to make the user more interested.


  • Perfect game for exercising
  • New classes every week
  • Learn different types of exercises

6. Smash Drums

This is also another game based on music and rhythm. You are going to get a lot of music, and need to play the drums on that beat. So, this might be one of those games, that can really help you to enjoy the music virtually. Even music is one of those things, that elderly people love as well. That is why this game can be one of the finest choices.


  • Game based on rhythm
  • Play drums according to the music
  • Help to relax the mind

7. Wander

If you want to experience different places in the world while you are at your place with the comfort you like, then this is the game for you. You can teleport to any place in this game in a fraction of a second. Also, you can experience that place in the VR. So, this can really be the finest option for Oculus games for older adults. This game is really a great choice to play and experience different places on Earth.


  • Can experience the whole world
  • Be in your comfort zone itself
  • Gather experience of traveling the wonders

8. Apollo 11 VR

Oculus Games For Older Adults | Play The Perfect One
Oculus Games For Older Adults | Play The Perfect One

This game can help elderly people to give a passive feeling of the one that most people want to get on the Earth, going to the Moon. Basically, this VR game can give you the feeling of the complete journey of the first-ever expedition to the Moon from the Earth on Apollo 11. So, this can amaze elderly people with the sequences and the complete experience.


  • Expedition to the Moon
  • Get the journey details of the Apollo 11
  • All the experiences are there

9. Rush

So, you still love adventure and want to do something that can increase your adrenaline. Not an issue and this game are just for you. it is true that age is just a number, but you need to be prepared with your health condition before starting your jumping with the wingsuit on. Yes, this game is based on the base jump, and this might be one of the perfect Oculus games for older adultswho love adventure.


  • Base jump game
  • Perfect for adventure lovers
  • Requires settled health condition

10. Tilt Brush

Oculus Games For Older Adults | Play The Perfect One
Oculus Games For Older Adults | Play The Perfect One

If you are with a creative mind and want to do something in that sector while playing on the VR, then you can choose this one. This is really a great option for elderly people and mostly for those who love to paint, and has an artistic mindset. This can also be a great game to pass all the time just so easily. Also, one can enjoy the painting like real life itself just without paints getting in all hands.


  • Perfect for artistic people
  • Can make great digital paintings
  • Great option to spend time

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Wrapping Up

These were some of the best and different Oculus games for older adults. You have also got to know about different details that can help you the most to understand the complete process of choosing. Once, you get to know about the game that can be relaxing, and accurate for the person, you can be able to choose that one for the person to enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Oculus Good For Older People?

Oculus Quest 2 is one of the finest VR modules for older people. In fact, this one has a mechanism that is perfect for older people to use without getting any harm.

2. Is VR Good For Seniors?

Until the senior person has some issues with vision, heart, or any other serious conditions, it might be good for them. Also, that will not make any issues with their health too.

3. Is It OK To Play VR Every Day?

If you are going to follow all the rules of using VR, then you can use that on a regular basis. Once, you use that for 30 minutes, it is important to give it a rest for the next 15-20 minutes too.

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