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Tor Vs Chrome

Did you stumble upon the all-new Tor browser? Are you wondering if Tor is better than your regular Chrome? Wonder no more, we present to you a complete guide on Tor vs Chrome to help you to choose the browser that better suits you.

Tor is a technology initially developed by the US navy and launched in 2002. Tor flaunts its privacy policy that emphasizes protecting the user’s privacy. It has been created to stop outsiders like government agencies and corporations from viewing your browsing history or tracking your current location.

Chrome is a web browser developed by Google, launched by Microsoft in 2008, and loved by millions of users from all over the world for its cross-platform browsing.  However, users have been constantly complaining about Google collecting user data, by recording cookies, browsing history, etc. They have been on the lookout for a new, and better version of the browser, that protects their privacy.

We present to you a detailed comparative study of Tor vs Chrome, in search of a better browser.

  1. Based on
  2. The Default Search Engine
  3. Browser Engine
  4. Java Script Engine
  5. Extensions

Tor Vs Chrome

The world operates with the help of internet technology. We will not be able to survive one single day without browsing the internet. Everything from running a business organization to ordering food on delivery apps requires the internet and web browsers to function.

Web users have a wide variety of browsers to choose from based on their requirements. There is Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Open VPN, Brave, Proton VPN, and many more. In this article, we present to you all the necessary information to know more about Tor vs Chrome.

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1. Tor Vs Chrome – Based On

Chrome – Chromium

Google Chrome is based on Chromium, an open-source free web browser managed by Chromium Project. The developers have included the proprietary code along with the open-source code of Chromium that enables Chrome users to personalize their browsing experience.

Tor – Mozilla Firefox ESR

Tor web browser is based on Firefox to offer users extra protection and to enhance user privacy and security. They provide user protection against cross-platform trafficking, avoid storing users’ private information, have fingerprinting resistance, etc. Tor web browser developers revamp the browser to adapt to a new codebase every time Mozilla launches a new version of Firefox ESR.

2. Tor Vs Chrome – Default Search Engine

Chrome – Google

The default search engine of Chrome web browser is Google. It is the most popular search engine used by over 4.3 billion users from all over the world. It contributes to 92.24% of the worldwide market share of search engines. Data collected recently in 2023 suggests that Google processes over 99,000 searches every single second.

Tor – DuckDuckGo

Tor switched to an alternate search engine with the launch of the new update Tor Browser 6.0.6. DuckDuckGo is now the primary search engine of Tor. DuckDuckGo is well known to users who have privacy concerns, as it does not collect, share, or even log users’ personal data. When most of the search engines available today store the user’s searches, time stamps, IP addresses, and all other account information, DuckDuckGo offers anonymity.

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3. Tor Vs Chrome – Browser Engine

Google – Blink

WebKit was the original browser engine of Chrome but it eventually created the Blink engine. All Chromium-based browsers make use of Blink which is an open-source browser. Blink was initially created as a part of the WebCore library of WebKit that handles layout, DOM, and rendering. Currently, it now operates on its own as a separate engine,

Tor – Gecko

Gecko is a layout engine created by Mozilla, used in various apps and devices. It is used in all Firefox browsers and is designed to support the open Internet Standards. It offers API programming that is compatible with a wide variety of roles used in most internet-enabled apps and web browsers like Tor.

4. Tor Vs Chrome – Java Script Engine

Google – V8

Google’s open-source JavaScript and Web Assemble engine is V8. It has been written in C++, used in Chrome as well as Node.js. It implements WebAssembly and ECMAScript. It is compatible with Windows 7 or newer versions and also with macOS 10.12+ as well as Linux system processors. V8 operates as a standalone platform or embedded with any C++ application.

Tor – SpiderMonkey

Mozilla’s JavaScript and WebAssembly used in Tor is SpiderMonkey. Written is C++, Rust, and JavaScript, SpiderMonkey can be embedded into C++ projects or can also function stand-alone. This JavaScript engine compiles an intermediate bytecode which is not a machine code.

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5. Tor Vs Chrome – Extensions


All users can install and manage Chrome extensions.  You can customize Chrome settings to add new browser extensions from the Chrome Web Store. Some Chrome extensions require permission to read and change the site data, where users can change extension permissions at any given time. Users can add, remove and uninstall Chrome extensions as they prefer. Some of the most useful Google extensions are Google Calendar, Scribe, Grammarly, etc.


Tor users can make use of the Tor network on any compatible browser to get TOR browser extensions, without having to make any additional installations. All add-ons, extensions, and plug-ins add new features to the Tor browser. However, if privacy is the main concern, the user should reprise any new installations, as it could compromise your privacy.

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Wrap Up

The Internet is now a basic requirement for all users both for professional and personal use. With the increase in usage, users have been facing issues with connectivity and privacy. To solve such unpredictable issues users can opt to try out some of the newly updated web browsers available today. We hope that with the help of this article, you can now make a comparative analysis between Tor vs Chrome and choose the browser that best suits your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 Is Tor Browser Better Than Chrome?

Users who wish to compare Tor vs Chrome need to understand their requirements first. If you are looking for accessibility and performance Chrome is for you. If privacy is your main concern, then Tor is the browser for you

Q2 Is Tor The Safest Web Browser?

Tor is a safe web browser created to strengthen your online privacy. But, you should keep in mind that anyone is prone to be a victim of the dangers of the internet. Though Tor is claimed to be safe, users should not consider Tor, or any other web browser for that matter, to be 100% safe.

Q3 Does Tor Hide Your IP?

Yes, it does. Tor web browsers hide the user’s IP address with layered encryptions to enable an extra layer of user protection.

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