Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT | Features & How to Earn?

Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT

What if you are paid for playing a mobile game? Well, Ragnarok labyrinth NFT came with a surprise. Gravity gameplay has finally launched the Ragnarok labyrinth NFT this week. And it has gone viral, and more than one million users have downloaded the Ragnarok labyrinth NFT. in this post we will take you through all the information about the Ragnarok labyrinth NFT.

Ragnarok labyrinth NFT RPG genre game. After the launch of the game, game lovers are going crazy about this game. As the user will get a chance to play to earn in this game. This game will offer you to complete the daily task and you will be given some amount of reward in form of points. That can be converted into cryptocurrency.

This article will take you through the information about the Ragnarok labyrinth, the features and how to play and earn, and what are the characteristics available on the Ragnarok labyrinth NFT.

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What is Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT?

Ragnarok Labyrinth  NFT belongs to the RPG genre game. It is developed by gravity game play. Ragnarok labyrinth is an online game with NFT. This game is played automatically so there are no worries about increasing the level. Ragnarok labyrinth NFT contains dungeons and there are lots of monsters. We have to defeat them to increase our jobs. After that, you will find a maze that is required to meet the boss in the labyrinth. 

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Ragnarok labyrinth NFT is based on play to earn mechanism. Here people can earn through how much time they spend on the game. You can boost your game by buying a premium currency in the game that helps you to earn more. Usually, they are sold as NFT.

Ragnarok labyrinth NFT has got so much popularity that on the first day of the launch one million people downloaded the game. And its server crashed due to a heavy influx of users.

Features of Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT

Ragnarok Labyrinth has some unique features that make it different from other play-to-earn games.  

  • Its best feature is auto-play. The Player has to defeat monsters, mini-bosses, and MVP through auto-play, there is no requirement for manual grinding.
  • If you share your character your game will grow.
  • There are many creative mazes to explore and go through the difficult and complicated patterns that will lead you to beautiful rewards. 
  • There are PVP duels and raid game mode and if you want a reward then become the strongest. 
  • Make community, connect with people and develop a guild to make strong bonds with your friends. 
  • Refine various types of gear cards and equipment to make your journey easier. 
  • Buy and sell various items including your upgraded items with other players to make hold of the game.

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Jobs in the Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT

When you play the Ragnarok labyrinth NFT you have to choose your job and then move ahead to the game. 


A swordsman is a warrior in the game who has the skill of offensive and defensive capabilities. The swordsman has to play either offensive or defensive. Mean either he will go and raid from the front or he will be in the defensive mode absorbing the damage and protecting.


The magician’s job is to do a magical attack and hit them hard. That will lead to large-scale damage by one hit using four elements. The magician has two jobs that are sage which can increase magical damage and physical ability. And the second one is a wizard. This type of play deals with the magical damage using different types of magic attacks.


This type of job has the ability to fast and agile movement to combat the enemy. The thief has two jobs either to penetrate poison through their weapon which will lead to deadly damage. And the second one rouge and its work are to take a skill from others and have the command to combat from close and far.


This job has the remote play style because the weapon they use is the bow. It is good for the far better. This job has two profiles, one is a hunter. He is skilled in the boss battle and they are very good in long-range combat. Another is a dancer. This job can buff allies because it can restore the health points and combat the speed of allies.

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How To Earn on The Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT?

Ragnarok labyrinth nft is play to earn gaming platform. Ragnarok labyrinth uses buff points to give rewards to the player. Onbuff points are not a cryptocurrency. It just represents the value and they are stored on the wallet that you can create on the Onbuff website. If you want to earn on the Ragnarok labyrinth nft first you have to connect to the wallet on onbuff then you will be able to swap your onbuff point to the cryptocurrency. To link your onbuff INNO id to the INNO wallet follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Create a wallet on the official website of the ONBUFF INNO, which is partnered with the 

             ragnarok labyrinth nft.

Step 2: Open Ragnarok labyrinth nft.

Step 3: Now tap on the hamburger icon.

Step 4: Hit on the setting and click on the INNO bag.

Step 5: Now copy the INNO id from the inno website.

Step 6: Now copy-paste the inno id.

Step 7: Confirm and it will link the onbuff bag to the onbuff inno wallet.

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How to Convert Onbuff Point To Crypto Currency?

To earn in the ragnarok labrinth NFT. There are two ways either from plat to earn by using the free play method. As the player plays the game and defeats the monster the player receives the ONBUFF points. And another way is through an event that will be shown in the event tab. The player can redeem them by transferring them into the wallet of onbuff. And another is by NFT purchase method. The player purchases the pack provided by the Ragnarok labyrinth nft. That can be an achievement reward that appears when you hit a milestone every now and then.

To convert your onbuff point into cryptocurrency follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Open ONBUFF official website. 

Step 2: Now tap on the swap tab.

Step 3: Select the labyrinth currency on the left and the newton cryptocurrency on the right. 

Step 4: The player can choose how many ONBUFF points they want to convert.

Step 5: Once you confirm the Onbuff point will be converted into the newton cryptocurrency.

Step 6: these cryptocurrencies will be stored in the Onbuff wallet.

Step 7: Done.

To get more of the Onbuff points the Ragnarok labyrinth nft needs to be played continuously. That will generate more cryptocurrency. 


This post includes all about the Ragnarok labyrinth NFT. Ragnarok labyrinth NFT has been launched recently on the google play store and apple store. And it crossed one million on its first day itself. This free earn-to-play game will give you money as well as fun.  If you liked our article do share it with your friends. If and have any queries comment in the comment box. DO follow Deasilex.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q.Is Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT Available on PC?

Well to download the Ragnarok labyrinth on the pc download it through the bluestack app. Bluestack app will help you to download the android game on your pc. Download the Ragnarok labyrinth nft and take an immersive experience of the gaming on the pc.

Q.How Do You Earn in Ragnarok Labyrinth?

Players can earn ONbuff points by simply completing their daily tasks. And another method is to purchase the packs and items, which will give more Onbuff points.

Q.What is the Best Job in Ragnarok Labyrinth?

The archer class is weak but it deals with the highest DPS. It can do a great amount of damage while moving at dissent speed.  Speed brings the difference in how much damage you want to give. 

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