Slim Jim In Metaverse | Treat For All The Food Lovers In Metaverse!

Slim Jim in Metaverse

Hey food lovers, there is a surprise for you! Slim Jim in Metaverse! Yes, the sausage brand has planned to dive into the virtual world after the launch of their Dogecoin-featuring NFTs last year. Slim Jim has recently filed trademarks for Meataverse, Long Boi Gang, and Slim Jim. 

They have plans related to virtual food products, NFTs, etc. Well, they were also seen changing their name to Meata with Facebook’s rebranding to Meta. It was seen as an attempt to mock Facebook but it was far beyond that. We will discuss more details about it further.

We have a post on ‘Slim Jim in Metaverse’, you will get all the necessary details here. This post will discuss all the details related to Slim Jim’s entry into the Metaverse. So, be with us until the end to get more details.

Are you excited to know more? Let us jump into the article without any further delay. 

Slim Jim In Metaverse

The meat stick brand has decided to be a part of the virtual world. The US-based meat snack company, Slim Jim, is working on its debut in the Metaverse in the coming times.

It has filed for trademarks under three names, ‘Meataverse’ ‘Slim Jim’, and ‘Long Boi Gang’.

People in the Metaverse will be able to buy, promote, and gather Slim Jim’s merchandise in the digital world. Though Slim Jim in Metaverse is still not confirmed by the firm itself it is soon expected to be a part of the Metaverse. It is not the first food brand but brands like McDonald’s have also filed for licenses and planned for launching virtual restaurants. Let us see what all will be the offerings of the meat stick brand, Slim Jim, in the Metaverse.

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What Are The Offers Of Slim Jim In Metaverse?

There are plans that the sausage brand will offer virtual food products in the Metaverse. The meat stick brand will soon bring its meaty treats to the virtual world.

It has various plans for launching NFTs and its virtual environment.

There will be services that feature virtual goods. Virtual food products and NFTs will also be a part of Slim Jim’s entry into the Metaverse. It has plans to provide a Metaverse where people can purchase, sell, accumulate, browse, or even trade virtual food items. All this is going to be an exciting thing. 

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Meata To Meataverse 

Slim Jim is entering Metaverse

Last October, it changed its name to Meata as an attempt to mock Facebook’s rebranding to Meta. It was not mocking, it was the strategy of the sausage brand. The company tweeted “Welcome To Metaverse”. It was its strategy to come into the virtual world. Yes, now this meat sticks brand has plans to enter the Metaverse soon. The release date is still awaited. Let us wait for the day when Meataverse will be in the Metaverse!

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This article was all about Slim Jim in Metaverse.

Only a few details are disclosed till now. Further details are still awaited. We will give you timely updates related to Slim Jim in Metaverse. Share the article with your friends and tell them about Slim Jim’s entry into the Metaverse. Make plans about buying virtual food products till the platform releases. You can keep exploring our website for more articles.

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