How To Start A Podcast in 2021 – A Beginner’s Guide

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Nowadays, most people try to start a podcast but they don’t know the proper way to start. However, here, we have disclosed the best ways that will help you to start a podcast if you are a beginner.

Podcasting is all the rage! Hardly any other medium is currently growing as quickly as listening series. For the past few years, most people regularly listened to podcasts, and the trend is rising. Podcast listeners are also particularly open to advertising. This makes podcasting not only the ideal channel for every company, but also for private individuals who want to get their message across to the public.

And best of all: Starting a podcast is much easier and cheaper than you might think, so that you too have the chance, as a beginner, to reach many people with your message.

This article gives you a little guide on how to design your podcast concept and easily upload it to the most popular platforms such as iTunes and Spotify.

How to Start A Podcast for Beginners

I have mentioned everything in this article, from selecting a proper niche to promoting the podcast. But before you start a podcast, let’s take a quick reminder of what a podcast really is?

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What is Podcast?

How To Start A Podcast in 2021 - A Beginner's Guide

The term podcast is an English term born from the fusion of two words: iPod and broadcast (which means broadcast). It designates the technological means which make it possible to distribute audio or video files on the Internet.

In other words, podcasting is a method of broadcasting audio or video files over the Internet which are downloaded using specific software in order to be transferred and played on a digital music player. The media very often use the term podcast to refer to this technology. It allows you to upload files to listen to or view.

How to Start A Podcast – Finding A Niche

How To Start A Podcast in 2021 - A Beginner's Guide

This question concerns a lot of people who are new to podcasting. If this is your case too, then we have got you covered.

The niche is often presented as the Eldorado for any blogger, Youtuber, or even podcaster, Even if this is not the only aspect to consider when starting out, it is true that choosing the right niche is essential and not always easy. Finding a niche allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition by placing yourself in a specific market segment that will allow you to stand out from the crowd by placing you as an expert in your field.

But how do you find a niche that suits you and above all that is profitable? Here are the 3 axes on which to work to find a relevant and profitable niche:

  1. Find what you like to do
  2. What do you talk about with those around you? What do you like to debate, give your opinion?
  3. What is it that captures your attention that you devote part of your energy to?

These are the questions that if you ask yourself, will help you to find the best niche.

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Equipment required to Start a Podcast

How To Start A Podcast in 2021 - A Beginner's Guide
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While recording a podcast, you will need at least: a microphone per columnist, a USB mixer, XLR cables, a PC / Mac with recording software, a headphone amplifier, and a headphone per columnist.

However, if you don’t have all these things, you need not worry because you can record a podcast from your smartphone too. At first, what you can arrange is to find a quiet place with plenty of space and record your podcast there. Your podcast should not receive external noise.

Hosting For The Podcast

How To Start A Podcast in 2021 - A Beginner's Guide

Whether you submit your podcast on iTunes, Spotify, or anywhere else. The main requirement is submitting an RSS feed to the podcasting platform. You can get your RSS feed from your hosting platform. So, you should choose the hosting wisely. 

There are several platforms that give you hosting such as Amazon S3, BuzzSprout, SoundCloud, PodOmatic, and many more. However, all these are paid hostings. If you want to start a podcast for free, you can use because it is an amazing platform for launching your Podcast without any cost.

Where to Upload My Podcast?

How To Start A Podcast in 2021 - A Beginner's Guide

As we already mentioned about the hosting for the podcast, you can now easily select a program to upload your podcast. There are several platforms where you can upload your podcasts. But we recommend you upload podcasts on Spotify, iTunes, and Youtube. This is because these platforms have billions of users and hence, it gets easier to raise your voice on these stages.

How to promote your podcasts?

How To Start A Podcast in 2021 - A Beginner's Guide

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Most beginners upload their first podcast in excitement but they end up after uploading 5 or more podcasts when they don’t get enough listeners. But you shouldn’t do this. Instead, you can come with new topics and make podcasts about them. After creating any podcast, you should share it on your social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.


All these steps are proven ways that will help a beginner to start a podcast. Now, your podcasts will be better than ever before and you will never run out of topics. If you have already made any podcast, you can comment below.

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