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takashi murakami nft

We have seen many NFT projects however this NFT art is the best you have ever seen. Made by a Japanese artist, this NFT is produced in collaboration with RTFKT. In this post, we will cover Takashi Murakami NFT.

The Takashi Murakami NFT is inspired by Nintendo’s 1980s game console the NES, Godzilla, manga, and more, the Murakami. Flowers project is the new favorite thing of this collection. . It’s colorful, vibrant, clever, and ties into the broader themes of the famous artist’s work. This is claimed to be the best NFT pixel art to date.

We will be discussing more on Takashi Murakami NFT art. The different art and their background. This art seems to be the images of starting a windows computer. So, without wasting time, let’s start.

What Is Takashi Murakami NFT?

Takashi Murakami NFT or  Murakami Flowers, shows the Japanese art tradition of Superflat. It is the post-war aesthetic that represents ‘an anti-pyramidal hierarchy’. It has influenced everything from manga, anime, and video games. The pixel art flowers that have taken the influence from pop culture are at the heart of the artist’s work.

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What Is The Purpose Of Takashi Murakami NFT?

The purpose of Takashi Murakami NFT is to connect the NFT art world and the traditional art world with a mix of physical paintings and digital art. Murakami is planning to connect into the metaverse with his 108 Murakami.Flowers NFTs. Even if you’re not an NFT fan, you’ve got to love his metaverse plan 

Takashi Murakami started painting the flower character in an attempt to combine that context with more traditional Japanese culture. He focused on the traditional theme of natural beauty in Japanese painting which included “snow, moon, flower” and “flower, birds, wind, moon.”

How Many NFT Are There In Takashi Murakami NFT?

There will be 108 NFTs in the first round of the Takashi Murakami NFT or Murakami Flowers. The artist says it is just the beginning for Takashi Murakami. He’s planning a gallery show for the art this May. Another collection is named Flower Go Walk, which will be released as an LCD handheld. He’s also planning toi launch a series of online and digital video games.

How To Buy Takashi Murakami NFT?

You can easily purchase the Takashi Murakami NFT from OpenSea. Currently, there are 9,444 NFTs available on sale. Here is a quick guide on how to buy these NFTs.

  • Go to the OpenSea website.
  • Search for Murakami.Flowers Official.
  • Select the NFT you want to purchase.
  • Connect your digital wallet.
  • Make the transaction.
  • Wait till verified.

Now you have successfully owned the Takashi Murakami NFT.

How Much Does Takashi Murakami NFT Cost?

The floor price of Takashi Murakami NFT is 2.5 ETHs. there are currently 9.4K NFT available on sale. The lowest-priced NFT costs 2.5 ETHs or you can bid for it at 2.2 WETH. The highest-priced NFT costs 99999.9 ETHs.

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Wrapping Up

Here we conclude our post on Takashi Murakami NFT. it is considered one of the best NFT collections. These NFT images are something we have seen before. They resemble images that used to appear in low pixel phones and computers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Are Murakami Flower Seeds?

Murakami. Flowers is a work in which artist Takashi Murakami’s representative artwork, flowers, are expressed as dot art evocative of Japanese TV games created in the 1970s.

Q2. How Much Is A Murakami NFT?

In late March 2021, just three weeks after ​​Christie’s sold that Beeple you heard about for $69 million, Takashi Murakami dropped his first NFTs: a series of pixelated flowers, each rendered in the artist’s signature Superflat aesthetic.

Q3. What Is NFT Flowergirl?

Popular on Variety. Dolphin Entertainment, an entertainment marketing, and premium content production company have entered into a strategic partnership with The Flower Girls, a fine art female-led non-fungible tokens. The NFT collection boasts 10,000 unique works of art by revered artist Varvara Alay.

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