9 Upcoming WhatsApp Features | Don’t Miss Out These Newly Updated WhatsApp Features!

Upcoming WhatsApp Features

WhatsApp is the most viral platform globally for chatting, video calling, or sharing information! It would not be wrong to say that now you can imagine your life without going out for a day or two, but you can’t imagine it without scrolling through WhatsApp! WhatsApp respects users’ love for the platform and that’s why many upcoming WhatsApp features are lined up for release sooner or later!

Wish to know what are these upcoming features on WhatsApp? Well, we would love to fill you with the details! Ever since the platform has started, we have seen timely updates, then be it giving end-to-end encryption to its users, providing a room for 8 people in a video call, or the delete for everyone feature on WhatsApp!

So, what’s new now? Which upcoming WhatsApp features will we get to see in 2022? Aren’t you excited to know? If yes, then let’s don’t waste time and jump straight to these amazing new features coming on WhatsApp listed below! Along with the upcoming features, we have mentioned the recently updated features on WhatsApp as well!

Have a look, and wait for the best!!!

Upcoming WhatsApp Features For Desktop And Mobile Users!

New Features Alert!!

These are the most awaited WhatsApp features that might be making their entries in the upcoming months! 2022 is surely going to be happening, as WhatsApp is planning to treat its users with something special. 

What is it? Have a look!

1. Increased Time Limit For Deleting Messages

We all have been through situations when we sent a text message to someone on WhatsApp and tend to delete it later. Since there is a set time limit of nearly 1 hour to delete the sent messages on WhatsApp, we usually skip the train to delete the text on time.

But not anymore!! As per the new WhatsApp updates and upcoming features, there will be no time limit on deleting sent messages. 

Just like Instagram, you’ll be able to delete sent messages anytime you want to. Thankfully the sword of the time limit will be taken off from our heads!

Since there’s no mentioned timeline for when the feature will be out, we may have to wait for a while to see this feature.

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2. Hide Last Seen From Selected Users

Upcoming WhatsApp Features: Hide Last Seen From Selected Users
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Earlier we were not able to hide the last seen from users on WhatsApp. Since WhatsApp respects user privacy, and personal needs, soon it will be coming out with a new Hide Last Seen feature. Hiding the last seen feature is already accessible for the beta users, and will soon be up for all the users!

Using this feature you’ll be able to hide your last seen from the selected users on WhatsApp. Users are keenly waiting for this particular feature (We all know you like to hide your night owl activities!)

3. Sticker Maker For Mobile App

Oh, lovely!! Just like the desktop Sticker maker feature, now a similar sticker maker feature will be included for WhatsApp mobile users.

Using this amazing sticker maker feature, you can easily create your own stickers with any image existing on your phone. 

Since 70% of the WhatsApp users are mobile users, it will be great to see this feature run from mobile itself!

4. Quick Messages Reactions

Don’t we all love quickies? 

Just like Instagram and Facebook, WhatsApp is also planning to include the quick message reaction option on its platform. This feature will allow you to reply to a particular message with a quick reaction (heart, emoji, sign), just like we do in Instagram messages.

This will allow a much better user experience, as not all the messages deserve a long written note. So sending a quick reaction will work out for most users!

5. End-To-End Encryption Indicators

Upcoming WhatsApp Features: End-To-End Encryption Indicators
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WhatsApp is end-to-end encrypted we know! But according to this upcoming WhatsApp feature, users will be able to see a new indicator saying your call is end-to-end encrypted.

This feature will first roll out for beta users, then for all the users. This allows the user to trust the privacy policy of the platform even more!

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6. Community Feature For Group Admins

Community feature is another add-on in the list of upcoming WhatsApp features. This feature will allow the group admins to create a new community where they can invite new users using a community link from all across the world.

Similar to the Instagram, and Clubhouse community, the WhatsApp community feature will allow you to chat with other members joining the community link.

7. Group Admins Will Be Able To Delete Chats For Everyone

7. Group Admins Will Be Able To Delete Chats For Everyone

Being a part of a WhatsApp group really sucks sometimes, as people keep bombarding the group chats with meaningless messages. Since the system has shifted to online services, we can’t help it being a part of so many groups, even if don’t want to. Some for studies, some business groups, a group separate for friends, for casual colleagues, and whatnot.

Soon, WhatsApp will be rolling out this amazing new feature that allows group admins to delete chats for everyone. So, if anyone in the group is creating a nuisance or unwanted drama, the admin can simply delete his/her chats on his own.

Isn’t this helpful? Although the feature has been planned to roll out for Android beta users, it is expected that the feature will be available for all users in the near future.

8. End Groups

Earlier WhatsApp didn’t have the authority to delete any group. But according to this upcoming feature on WhatsApp, it can end any group that seems to violate the WhatsApp policies.

This feature has not been included yet, but the work is going on to bring out this feature.

9. Pop Up WhatsApp Voice Notes

8. Global Voice Messages
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When you play any WhatsApp voice note, you have to be on the same page to listen to the whole voice message. Skipping to the other page will turn off the voice note automatically.

But now, this won’t happen. Now the voice notes will run as pop-up messages just like the messages that you can play alongside using other things on your device.

Isn’t this feature amazing?

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Recently Updated Whatsapp Features

There are so many updated WhatsApp features that rolled out for WhatsApp beta version this year. You must know about these newly updated WhatsApp features in order to get hold of the upcoming WhatsApp features, since many features are interconnected.

Here are the top 4 newly launched WhatsApp features that you should be knowing about!

1. Profile User Info New UI

This feature has already been rolled out for all the beat users. Earlier you got to see a normal DP image whenever you clicked on any user’s profile. Now when you click the profile of a user, you see the DP displayed in a round pattern along with profile info.

This new interface on WhatsApp is much better and organized.

Recently Updated Whatsapp featuresRecently Updated Whatsapp features
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2. WhatsApp Sticker Store 

Ahh, the sticker store! You can create your own stickers with funny texts edited on them! Isn’t this sticker store feature so interesting? 

You can sue any downloaded image existing on your desktop, and turn it into a sticker adding text or filters to it.

This filter was available only for desktop users as of now. But things are changing! Read the upcoming WhatsApp features below to know if this feature is coming for mobile users or not!

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3. Sticker Forward Arrow

Another wonderful feature that has already been launched by the platform is this sticker forward arrow. Earlier when we wanted to forward any sticker, you had to long-press the sticker for a while and then click the forward option.

But now you get a direct arrow icon in front of the messages and the sticker, pressing which you can directly forward the sticker with others.

4. Message Report Option

Earlier if we wanted to report anything, we had to report the whole profile of that particular person. But according to this newly launched feature on WhatsApp, you get to report a particular message directly without having to report the whole profile.

Wrapping Up:

Feeling happy? You should be!!
These upcoming WhatsApp features are not just going to make our WhatsApp experience much better, but they will also add stability and trust among the users! While you wait for these features to come out, don’t forget to share the post with your friends and family!

In case you have any queries regarding these features, do tell us in the comments section below. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is It Safe To Share Personal Pictures Via WhatsApp?

Since WhatsApp is end-to-end encrypted, you can securely share any personal snaps via WhatsApp without having to worry about getting leaked.

Q. Is GB WhatsApp safe?

You can’t trust any third-party app like GB WhatsApp. We won’t recommend using any such platform.

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