Victoria’s Secret In Metaverse | Trademark Logo Filed With USPTO

Victoria’s Secret In Metaverse

The fashion industry is using the Metaverse platform in every possible aspect.  A few days ago, Gucci bought a virtual land in the Sandbox Metaverse, and now, it is news that soon we will be able to see Victoria’s Secret in Metaverse. Yeah, the company is all set to launch its Metaverse, and here we are with the post that will tell you everything about the Victoria Secret’s Metaverse.

 Victoria’s Secret is the largest lingerie brand in The United States Of America. The company deals with clothing, Lingerie, and beauty products in real life. There is no doubt that the products by the company have got immense visibility by the end of year Fashion show conducted every year. 

Well, what will Victoria’s Secret deal with in the Metaverse? Will it be opening an Online store just like Gucci? Or is it planning to organize a fashion show in the Metaverse?  We know there must be numerous queries running in your head right now. So, let us dive into the detailed post on “Victoria’s Secret in Metaverse.”

Victoria’s Secret In Metaverse

The famous lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret has joined the Metaverse race by filing the US Patent and Trademark Office application. The company filed several trademarks for use in the Metaverse business.

The application indicates that the company is all set to sell footwear, headwear, virtual undergarments, eyewear, fashion accessories, and bags.

So, you will now be able to enjoy Victoria’s Secret services in the Metaverse. It doesn’t matter if you can become the Victoria’s Secret Model in real life. You can jump into the Metaverse and try out your luck.

Mike Kondoudi, the Trademark attorney, confirmed the news of Victoria’s Secret in the metaverse. The attorney shared the news on his Twitter account with the caption. New trademark applications filed on Feb. 8 indicate @VictoriasSecret plans to offer digital collectibles and media created with blockchain tech and online clothing and media for use in “virtual environments.”

Victoria’s Secret will be issuing downloadable goods called computer programs to help users create and trade digital collectibles. These digital collectibles will be using blockchain technology and smart contracts in the Metaverse. So, you can call them the NFTs.

NFTs in Victoria’s Secret In Metaverse

NFTs and the metaverse go hand in hand. Well, there is a solid reason for it. Metaverse is another world, the virtual world. So, everything you own in the Metaverse would be digital as well, and how would you show the authority over the digital goods. 

The answer is the NFT

There are chances that you may get the products launched by Victoria’s Secret for your Avatar’s as the NFTs. 

What All Will Happen In Victoria’s Secret Metaverse

The Victoria’s Secret in Metaverse will feature the photos, images, information, recorded footage, and experiences in the field of style, clothing, fashion accessories, and fashion.

There are chances that all these digital entities will be available to you in the form of NFTs.

The Trademark filing also includes that Victoria’s Secret in Metaverse will organize the fashion shows as well.

Which Metaverse Platform Will Victoria’s Secret will use for its Metaverse 

Well, this is the biggest question that every person is asking. Which Metaverse platform will be Victoria’s Secret Model approach for the launch of its Metaverse. Would it be Decentraland or The Sandbox

However, no official statement about this has been launched. So, we have to wait for it.

Wrapping Up

That was all for now. Victoria’s secret company has just registered the trademark for its Metaverse. Although, the company has not given any official statement about what the Victoria’s Secret in Metaverse would look like. However, it is expected to be one of the best places for styling the Avatars in the future.

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