What Does FRS Mean On Snapchat? Learn The Meaning!!

What Does FRS Mean On Snapchat

Are you going to win the award tonight? Yes, FRS!! Instead of using the entire sentence or using the old ways, try using FRS on Snapchat to exclaim in surprise! If you are looking toward spicing your Snapchat conversations and looking cool, try using the latest slang! Slang like FR, FRLS, and FRS mean on Snapchat the very same thing. 

Snapchat has always been popular due to its cool features, including its Lingo. With time, Snapchat Lingo has become a great trend for almost every youngster. A few years back, understanding and using Snapchat vocabulary was not easy for all. But now, anyone can use acronyms and even understand them with ease! Using the latest slang, like FRS can be a great way to emphasize your point. 

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FRS means “For RealS” on Snapchat. 

Ever doubted someone during a conversation and told them the same, but they replied with FRS leaving you confused about what does FRS mean on Snapchat? Here is what it means and how you can it in your conversations with ease!

What Does FRS Mean On Snapchat?

For RealS is what FRS mean on Snapchat. You must have heard of the slang FR, FRL, and FRLS. Well, all these have the same definition. Though Snapchat terminology can be pretty difficult to decipher at times, but when you see FRS on Snapchat, it means that the person is exclaiming in surprise at a particular thing or situation. To question a particular situation or scenario is also what FRS mean on Snapchat. Let’s check out the other abbreviations for FRS!

  • FRS for For RealS
  • FRS for FRancS
  • FRS for Federal Reserve System
  • FRS for Frisian
  • FRS for Fellow of the Royal Society
  • FRS for Friends 

Origins Of FRS  

Snapchat Lingo has included the slang FR (For Real) for quite some time. Though the origin of the slang FRS is not specific but is believed to be used by Gen Z and millennials for the last few years. It is not only the Snapchat app where users are using the slang FRS, it’s also being used in texting and other social media apps.  

How Is FRS Used On Snapchat?

FRS mean on Snapchat is For RealS. This slang can be used by anyone on Snapchat. Here are the situations where FRS can be used on Snapchat.

  1. By a person who wants to show agreement to a particular statement or sentence.
  2. By someone to show a strong disagreement with a specific sentence or statement.
  3. In the form of a question or to exclaim in surprise to a particular statement or situation. 

Let’s check out a few examples that will help you understand what FRS mean on Snapchat and how you can use it!

A Few Examples Of How You Can Use FRS In Snapchat 

Example 1: When FRS is used as a normal statement

User 1: Hey..what’s up man!

User 2: Nothing, just tired FRS!!

Example 2: When FRS is used to show excitement 

User 1: Did Mike win the game?

User 2: Yes, FRS!!!

Example 3: When FRS is used as a question

User 1: Are you breaking up with him? FRS or just randomly saying?

User 2: Of Course just saying, not FRS!!

Example 4: When FRS is used to show a surprise

User 1: Ohh My Goshh…we have won the match FRS!!!

User 2: Yes, I’m so happy!!

Example 5: When FRS is used to emphasize the truth

User 1: I can’t believe you are trusting Mike over me!

User 2: Yes, he showed me all the screenshots…I have to believe him FRS!

Is It Okay To Use FRS On Snapchat?

Yes, you can without any hesitation use FRS in your Snapchat conversations. FRS is not a derogatory term or has any bad connotation. So, it is absolutely okay to use FRS on Snapchat. You can use FRS in your informal interactions and conversations with your friends and family.

Other Snapchat Acronyms And Abbreviations You Should Know

Do you want to brush up on your Snapchat vocabulary? Check out the most common Snapchat slang and know their meanings just like what FRS mean on Snapchat and try using it in your Snapchat conversations!

  1. DRD – Dennis Rodman Disease
  2. DP – Display Picture
  3. Custom – Custom Story feature
  4. DM – Direct Message
  5. AMOS – Add Me On Snapchat
  6. ONG – On God
  7. ACC – Anyone Can Come 
  8. AC – Audible Chuckle 
  9. GTS – Having Good Times 
  10. GMS Good Morning Streak

Wrapping Up

If you want to look cool in front of your Gen Z friends, then knowing the latest slang is something really important for you. Sometimes, it gives a very bad impression if a user uses Snapchat slang while chatting with you and you don’t react in an expected manner. So, to avoid such situations, learn the latest acronyms and know their meanings just like what FRS mean on Snapchat and impress your friends!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who Does FRS Stand For?

A. FRS stands for For RealS on social media apps like Snapchat.

Q2. When Should I Use FRS?

A. You can use FRS in your conversations when you want to show excitement or show agreement or disagreement with a particular statement or sentence. 

Q3. What Does FRS Mean On Internet?

A. FRS means the Family Radio Service on the Internet. However, For RealS is what FRS mean on Snapchat.

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