What Does Insta Mean On Snapchat?

What Does Insta Mean on Snapchat

All social media platforms are distinct. Sometimes we post reels on Instagram only. That is the reason we keep on referring our friends to watch videos and reels on Instagram. You can use the acronym Insta while referring to Instagram. Let’s find out what else Insta mean on Snapchat and how to use it while chatting.

Instagram is one of the top and most used social media platforms that is currently owned by Meta. Instagram and Facebook are even linked. Facebook and Instagram both display the reels. Instagram is known by many acronyms.

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Insta means “Instagram” on Snapchat.

Just like for Instagram, there are acronyms for other social media platforms as well. You can check them out and start using them in your chats.

What Does Insta Mean On Snapchat?

What Does Insta Mean on Snapchat

Insta means “Instagram” on Snapchat. Instagram is a popular social media platform that is owned by Meta. Acronyms for this are Insta and IG. Whenever someone has to refer to Instagram on Snapchat, they uses Insta for it.

Apart from this meaning, Insta has got some other meanings as well which include.

  • Insta – Instant
  • Insta – Interstate

Origin Of Insta  

Insta as an acronym was added to the Urban Dictionary in 2013. Instagram was launched in 2010 and soon after it became popular among the youth, its acronym was also added to the Dictionary. Since then users have been using the Insta in place of Instagram on the social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and Whatsapp. You can also use Insta whenever you have to use Instagram in the chat.

How Is Insta Used On Snapchat?

There are various ways to use Insta on Snapchat. It all depends on the meaning and the context in which it is used. Here are some ways in which Insta is used on Snapchat.

  • Insta as Instagram:

When you are chatting with someone on Snapchat and you receive Insta in the messages, then Insta mean on Snapchat is Instagram. The user might want you to send or post something on Snapchat.

  • Insta as Instant:

You might receive an Insta message while chatting with someone on social media about something urgent. Here Insta mean on Snapchat is Instant.

  • Insta as Interstate:

If there is a discussion going on some topic that is about the different states and you get Insta in the message, then Insta mean on Snapchat is Interstate.

A Few Examples Of How You Can Use Insta on Snapchat 

Here are some examples that can help you to understand how is Insta used on Snapchat and how to reply back to it.

Insta as Instagram:

  • A: Hey, where did you post that video?
  • B: I posted it on my Insta account. I’ll send you the link, check it out.

Insta as Instant:

  • A: Where are you, I need your Insta help?
  • B: I am in the vicinity, I’ll be there in a minute.

Insta as Interstate:

  • A: Are you participating in the competition?
  • B: No, I’m not eligible. It is an interstate competition.

Is It Okay To Use Insta On Snapchat?

Yes, it is okay to use Insta on Snapchat. You can use Insta acronym when you have to refer to Instagram. It is a cool way to write Instagram while chatting with your friends. Not just on Snapchat, you can use Insta across all social media platforms.

Other Snapchat  Acronyms And Abbreviations You Should Know

Insta is not the only acronym that you can use on Snapchat. There are a lot of acronyms that are used by Snapchat users while chatting on Snapchat. Here are some of the popular ones.

  • GS – Good Shot
  • BTS – BangTan Sonyeondan
  • ASF – AS F*ck
  • BBY – BaBY
  • CBA – Can’t Be Arsed
  • CC – Credit Card
  • CMS – Check My Status
  • S – Streak
  • GN Streak – Good Night Streak 
  • DTB –  Don’t Trust Boys / B*tches
  • DWS – Dealing With Sh*t
  • AMOSC – Add Me On Snapchat
  • FWY – F*cking With You
  • HRU – How Are You
  • CYA – See Ya
  • BML – Bling My Line
  • BP – Beautiful People


Snapchat acronyms are almost for everything. Every day new acronyms are being added to the dictionary. You can check out the acronyms and find the most important ones for yourself. Then you can start using these acronyms in your conversations which will make your conversations shorter and faster. You should also take a look at the other meanings of the acronyms and use each acronym at aptly fitting places in a chat.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: What Does Insta Stand For?

Insta mean on Snapchat “Instagram”. Instagram is a very popular and most-used social media platform that is known for sharing videos, photos, and Reels.

Q2: When Should I Use The Insta?

You can use Insta on social media whenever you have to type Instagram in a message. You can also use IG in place of Instagram while chatting with others.

Q3: What Does Insta Mean On The Internet?

Insta mean on Snapchat and the internet is “Instagram”. Apart from this meaning, Insta also means Instant and Interstate

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