What Does TD Mean On Snapchat?

What Does TD Mean On Snapchat?

Word, Real Talk, True Story, and True Dat are some of the terms of cyber talk that are used to verify the authenticity of viral information. But what exactly does TD mean on Snapchat DMs? Stay with us to learn how to decipher TD mean in text correctly and use it while DMing your friends on Snapchat.

The versatility of the Snapchat lingo is astonishing. It is the current trending norm, that is used across different social media platforms, around the globe. Snapchatters, especially the younger generation, prefer to use the terms and acronyms of the Snapchat lingo to converse. While they have mastered the knack to easily crack the code, many others still find it strenuous to grasp the context of the message.

TD means “True Dat” on Snapchat. It is a universal term that could also mean TouchDown, Today, Test Drive, and many more on Snapchat lingo.

Be the first to acknowledge the authenticity of a viral fact. Let’s dive deeper to find out what TD mean on Snapchat and know the different ways to interpret it in your Snapchat DMs.

What Does TD Mean On Snapchat?

TD means “True Dat” on Snapchat lingo. It is the cyber talk for saying “True That”, a term that is commonly used by netizens to verify that an online gossip is in fact true. TD meaning Today is another popular way of using it.  However, it is one of the most versatile terms of the Snapchat lingo that hold multiple hidden meanings to it. Before you try to decode what TD mean on Snapchat DMs, you should know that TD could be interpreted in various ways as listed below.

  • TD as Third Day
  • TD as Test Drive
  • TD as Taxi Drivers
  • TD as Tower Defense (in Video games)
  • TD as Team Damage (game)
  • TD as Tiberian Dawn (game)
  • TD as Thistledown (Asheron’s Call game)
  • TD as Tangerine Dream (band)
  • TD as Tenacious D (band)
  • TD as Terrel Davis (football player)
  • TD as Torrent Damage (website)
  • TD as Training Day (movie)
  • TD as Tim Daly (actor)
  • TD as Tiny Dancer (Song)
  • TD as Technical Difficulties
  • TD as Tango Delta
  • TD as Tango Down
  • TD as Total Disaster

Origin Of TD

The very first usage of the term TD as Ture Dat can be traced back to the early 1990s when it was first registered in African-American Vernacular English. It has since been used in casual conversations across different social media platforms. TD mean on Snapchat lingo is also frequently used as Touch Down, which is a term used commonly by all rugby players and fans. TD as TouchDown has been used in American football since the 1860s and is still widely used to date.

How Is TD Used On Snapchat?

TD is predominantly used as “True Dat” on Snapchat. It is especially used by Gen Z and the millennial generation, as a term for verifying the true nature of the information they read online. Friends who gossip via Snapchat, use TD as a way of agreeing to the authenticity of the fact, to confirm that the viral information is in fact true. 

Snapchatters who are players or fans of rugby, make use of TD mean on Snapchat lingo to refer to a TouchDown, the favorite part of their rugby game. It is now popularly used in American football and rugby as a term to refer to a goal, with a score of six points. A touchdown is scored when a player runs with the ball to the endzone or catches a pass in the end zone. 

TD meaning Today is also widely used. Snapchatters who are well-versed in the Snapchat lingo, and prefer to use the terms and acronyms on a regular basis, tend to use TD mean on Snapchat lingo to say Today. Moreover, TD can also be used to refer to a Test Drive or a Taxi Driver and many more, depending on the context in which it is used.

Few Examples Of How You Can Use TD On Snapchat

Example 1: TD as True Dat

User 1 – Did you see that Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are headed for a divorce?

User 2 – TD. They were a beautiful couple.

Example 2: TD as TouchDown

User 1 – What an amazing TD last night!!

User 2 – Jerry Rice rocks!!

Example 3: TD as Today

User 1 – Dinner Date TD?

User 2 – FS!!

Is It Okay To Use TD On Snapchat?

Of course yes, it is okay to use TD on Snapchat lingo in your casual conversations with your friends and followers. However, it is one of the most versatile terms that holds multiple hidden meanings behind it. Ensure that you read through the entire scenario and understand the full context before you reply to it. You can use the instructions given in this article above to help you understand what TD mean in text messages and decipher it accordingly.

New Acronyms And Abbreviations Of The Snapchat Lingo

  • STX – Streaks
  • SNMSay No More
  • RD – Real Deal
  • QT – Cutie
  • PK – Player Kill
  • OMS – Oh My Science
  • OMH – Oh My Heavens
  • NBS – Not So Bad
  • NP – No Problem
  • NGTS – Not Gonna Text Someone
  • MS – Mass Snap
  • MPH – Miles Per Hour
  • MCE – My Crush Everyday
  • LSK – Love Snuggle Kiss
  • LPC – Looks Personality Closeness
  • JP – Just Playing

Wrap Up

Snapchat lingo is the current texting trend that is followed across the world. It is highly recommended that you try to master the terms and acronyms of the Snapchat lingo if you want to be on par with the vibrant younger generation of today. Now that you know what TD mean on Snapchat lingo, you can now go ahead and use it confidently in your DMs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Does TD Mean In Snapchat?

TD means “True Dat” on Snapchat. It is a versatile term that could also mean Today or TouchDown.

Q2. What Does TD Stand For In Slang?

TD stands for “True Dat” in slang, which is used to say “True that”.

Q3. What Does T And D Mean In Texting?

T and D means Truth or Dare in texting. It is one of the most popular games that is played among teenagers and youngsters.

Q4. What Does TD Stand For In School?

TD stands for Talent Development in Schools.

Q5. What Does TD Mean In Games?

TD means Tower Defense in video games.

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