What Does OMS Mean On Snapchat?

What Does OMS Mean On Snapchat?

Mastering Snapchat Lingo is not an easy task. Only the best minds with the unique ability to decipher the terms and acronyms aptly, can successfully crack it. Especially when you are working to decode terms like OMS, which has multiple ways of interpreting it. Stay with us to find out what OMS mean on Snapchat Lingo and the different ways in which you can use it while DMing your friends on Snapchat.

OMG is one of the most popular terms used in the Snapchat Lingo. While most users easily recognize OMG and frequently use it while DMing their friends and followers, they are still clueless as to what OMS mean on Snapchat, wondering if it is just a typo. We assure you that it is not a typo, and you will be amazed to know all the different meanings it holds, depending on the scenario in which it is used.

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OMS means “Oh My Science” on Snapchat. It can also be interpreted as Oh My $h*t, Over My Shoulder, On My Soul, etc.

Understanding Snapchat Lingo could be very tricky. While most terms are pretty straightforward and can be recognized at a glance, interpreting terms like what OMS mean on Snapchat could be a real deal breaker. Fret not and stay on track to know the best way to decode and use OMS while texting your BFFs on Snapchat.

What Does OMS Mean On Snapchat?

OMS means Oh My Science on Snapchat Lingo. It is an alternate way of saying OMG, that is sarcastically used by atheists. OMS mean on Snapchat Lingo is not limited to this and can mean a lot of different things depending on the scenario in which it is used as,

  • OMS – Oh My $h*t
  • OMS – Over My Shoulder
  • OMS – On My Soul
  • OMS – On My $h*t
  • OMS – Oh My Self
  • OMS – Oh My Satan
  • OMS – Oh My Swag
  • OMS – Oh My Stars
  • OMS – Oh My Swifties
  • OMS – Oh My Sean
  • OMS – Oh My Sunshine
  • OMS – Old Man Strength
  • OMS – Old Man Syndrome
  • OMS – Old Man in Speedos
  • OMS – Outta My Seat

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Origin Of OMS   

Like most of the terms used in Snapchat Lingo, the origins of OMS can be traced back to the rise of all social media platforms in the 2010s. Terms like LOL, ROFL, and OMG kept popping up all over the users’ timelines, which gradually led to the emergence of other terms and acronyms like OMS. Take your time to thoroughly understand what OMS mean on Snapchat Lingo, and the best ways in which you can use it.

How Is OMS Used On Snapchat?

Snapchatters have found unique and hilarious ways of using OMS while DMing their friends on Snapchat. It can be used in various different ways such as,

1. OMS – Oh My Science

Atheists on social media, who do not believe in the existence of the almighty have found a hilarious alternative to OMG. They use OMS mean on Snapchat Lingo as Oh My Science, as a way of expressing their disbelief of a higher power when they are excited or surprised at the happening of something fascinating them. 

2. OMS – Oh My $h*t

Snapchatter have displayed their creative skills by finding various new ways of swearing on social media platforms. Joining ranks with WTF, FM,  FFS, and FML is OMS that can be deciphered as Oh My $h*t. You can use OMS to discreetly cuss out on Snapchat to avoid negative and hateful comments.

3. OMS – Over My Shoulder

Concerned Snapchatter, who have the eerie feeling of being watched, make use of OMS mean on Snapchat Lingo as Over My Shoulder. You can make use of it when you feel like you are being followed or when you are constantly monitored for something particular you are into. It could also literally mean that the user is asking you to look over your shoulder.

4. OMS – Oh My Soul

Snapchatters who like to be overly dramatic and prefer to use exaggerated ways of expressing their feelings, use OMS mean on Snapchat lingo as Oh My Soul. It can be synonymous with OMG which is one of the most commonly used terms across the world. You can stand out of the crowd by using OMS instead of OMG, to flaunt your mastery of the Snapchat lingo.

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A Few Examples Of How You Can Use OMS On Snapchat 

Example 1

  • User 1 – What happened to your hair?
  • User 2 – OMS! It’s the new shampoo.

Example 2

  • User 1 – Did you complete your project for tomorrow?
  • User 2 – OMS I totally forgot.

Example 3

  • User 1 – OMS!! All the time!
  • User 2 – $h*t happens, You’ll get used to it!!

Example 4

  • User 1 – Dan and Jane got engaged!!
  • User 2 – OMS! I’m so happy for them!

Is It Okay To Use OMS On Snapchat?

Yes, it is okay to use OMS in your casual conversations with your friends and followers on Snapchat DMs. Just ensure that you fully grasp the essence of the situation and make use of it appropriately after understanding the entire scenario. 

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Other Snapchat Acronyms And Abbreviations You Should Know

  • BML – Bling My Line
  • BP – Beautiful People
  • BTS – Behind The Scenes
  • CYA – See Ya
  • DTB – Don’t Trust Boys / B*tches
  • FSE – Funniest Sh*t Ever 
  • FWI – Facebooking While Intoxicated
  • OML – Oh My Lord
  • HML – Hit My Line
  • HTL – Hit The Line
  • IBF – Internet Best Friend
  • ISK – I Should Know
  • JP – Just Playing
  • MS – Mass Snap
  • NP – No Problem
  • OMH – Oh My Heavens

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Wrap Up

Creativity is the key when you want to maintain a successful social media presence. Being unique and standing out of the crowd attracts followers and increases your chances of going big. Even doing something insignificantly small like making use of new terms and acronyms of the Snapchat lingo, will be a stepping stone for you to be on par with most other successful social media influencers. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What Does OMS Stand For?

OMS stands for Oh My Science.

Q2. When Should I Use The OMS?

You can use OMS as a discreet way of cussing on social media.

Q3. What Does OMS Mean On The Internet?

OMS means Oh My Science on the Internet.

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