What Is IP Puller Snapchat? Let’s Find Out!

What Is IP Puller Snapchat?

There are a huge number of users having an active Snapchat account who access the application to exchange cute little snaps and videos to their friends, family members and loved ones. This application allows you to share snaps and videos as a mode of communication for a fixed period of time and then vanishes forever. Today we will explore a unique feature of Snapchat, IP Puller. So, what is IP Puller Snapchat?

This particular social media platform is popular because of its Snapchat filters, but that is not the only thing which makes it the most accessed stage among all the other social media platforms. Snapchat updates you with every single activity that your friend does on this platform including their current location with the help of notifications and warnings. Sounds interesting? Let’s find out what is IP Puller Snapchat to find the current location of your friends.

If somebody asks you, what is IP Puller Snapchat? You should know that it’s a software through which one can find others’ live location secretly on Snapchat with just a couple of taps! 

To know which software, how to find the location and more about What is IP Puller Snapchat, Read the full article.

What Is IP Puller Snapchat?

What Is IP Puller Snapchat?

In recent times, the Snapchat application rolled out its location finder feature or software with which other users can get their friend’s current locations in just a couple of clicks. For every particular Snapchat user’s location, it has a Bitmoji on the Snap Map. If you have turned on the location tracking feature, every Snapchat friend of yours or a particular group of friends on Snapchat can stay updated with your location and whereabouts. Users can zoom the location on the snap map and find out where you are currently and find out your route and find out the location of a user’s Snapchat account and can join them over there! 

However, if you do not want to let other users know about your actual location at the moment or anything related to the IP address, then you can simply turn it off. You can Ghost mode your Snapchat account for keeping your location a secret.

On the one hand where most the users are adoring Snap Map feature, there are many who find it weird and uncomfortable. It’s due to the application exposing the location of users on the stage, allowing almost every user to find other’s locations in one click. As told earlier, we do have an option to turn on and off your location.

How To Find Someone’s IP Address Through IP Puller On Snapchat?

What Is IP Puller Snapchat?

After learning what is IP Puller Snapchat, the question arises that how to find IP address of someone’s Snapchat account whose Snap Map feature is turned off by them. However, one can access IP Address finder or third party applications to get the IP address of your friend’s current location on Google Map in actuality without any charges.

Does it interest you? Let’s find out how you can get someone’s IP address from Snapchat through different methods: 

Grabify IP Logger

In order to find someone’s IP Address from their Snapchat account, kindly follow the given steps:

Open Snapchat > Search user > Copy Profile URL > Gabify IP Logger Website > Paste Link > Create URL > I Agree > Copy short Link > Chat with the user > Ask them to open link > You will get IP.

Step 01: Launch Snapchat application on your iPhone and Android device.

What Is IP Puller Snapchat?

Step 02: Search and Copy the user’s Snapchat profile link whose IP address you want to locate.

What Is IP Puller Snapchat?

Step 03: Next head to Grabify IP Logger official website from your device’s browser, we recommend you Google Chrome.

What Is IP Puller Snapchat?

Step 04: Paste the Snapchat profile link that you have copied in the displayed field and click on the Create URL button.

What Is IP Puller Snapchat?

Step 05: Next, click on I Agree and then you will get an IP tracking link on your device, copy that link.

What Is IP Puller Snapchat?

Step 06: Start a chat with that particular Snapchat user and ask him to tap on the link to view or watch that content.

What Is IP Puller Snapchat?

Step 07: As soon as they tap on the link, they will be directed towards the grabber website and later on the original content of that link.

Step 08: Then the Logger website will get their IP Address. 

Snap Map Feature

If you wish to find out your friend’s current location without any need of the IP address, then this set of instructions is solely made for you. Kindly follow:

Open Snapchat > Open Snap Map > Find User > Click on Bitmoji > Zoom in. 

Step 01: Launch Snapchat on your device and tap on the locator icon on the bottom of the screen. 

What Is IP Puller Snapchat?

Step 02: You will be redirected to the Snap Map page, where you have to find your friend’s Snapchat bitmoji and tap on it afterwards. 

What Is IP Puller Snapchat?

Step 03: As soon as you find their bitmoji, zoom in that particular area to find out their location.

What Is IP Puller Snapchat?

As you will zoom in the nearby areas of that user will be getting clear to you. But remember, you will be only available to view their location only if they have added you as their friend on snapchat. Snapchat is having your IP address, but this platform doesn’t reveal or expose any confidential information to the third party or anyone particularly without your concern.

It’s crucial to know that there is no direct way to get anyone’s IP address of any user on Snapchat. The biggest advantage of disabling the location option is that you will never get tensed about your location getting leaked or IP address found.  

Wrapping Up

We hope that through this article you may have got to know what is IP Puller Snapchat. You can access the third-party application or tools such as Grabify IP Logger to locate someone’s IP address of any Snapchat user. This software will provide you with a short link through which you can locate the IP addresses of users whoever clicks on the link. 

And in case if you don’t want to rely on any third party applications then you can access the Snap Map feature of your very own social media application, Snapchat. However, there’s no way that someone can find out an IP address from Snapchat directly. But it can track your IP from browsing history, cookies, service providers or your account information but they can’t share your information and they never do. Because doing so would require court’s order or a reasonable explanation for doing so!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can Your IP Get Pulled From Snapchat?

Even after a number of cyber violators say that they can track or get your IP number from your text messages on Snapchat, don’t believe them. Snapchat doesn’t expose your IP number to anyone. You have to click on an URL to head outside Snapchat so that a user can get your IP address.

Q. Can You Find Someone’s IP Address Through Snapchat?

Yes, via social media platforms. Platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat etc. Do not store your IP addresses in between users, but the site holders surely know your IP address. Also if you click on any random link on the site, then they will get your IP address.

Q. How Long Does The Snapchat ID Ban Lasts?

According to different reports, the Snapchat account ban is not permanent. It gets removed within a few weeks or under six months.

Q. Does Snapchat Keep Your ID?

Snapchat simultaneously records your IP even after it’s been closed and current is not operating on your device. In addition, it mixes all these entered IPs to create a log on the user. This log aids in recognising what countries/cities the user has visited or is currently residing.

Q. What Is The IP Address For Snapchat?

104.193.183 United States – Snapchat – Search IP addresses.

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