Where Is App Lab On Quest? The Detailed Guide 2023!

Where Is App Lab On Quest

If you are also confused where is the App Lab is located on Quest then we will tell you where is App Lab on Quest is placed. Just keep reading and find out!

Meta launched an app in 2021 through which you can easily download and install non-VR games and apps on your Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 VR headsets. But post launching the app but because of being a new add-on to Quest many of you are getting confused where is App Lab on Quest? 

To find out where is App Lab on Quest, Head to > Login > Open A Game > Download Or Purchase Game > Launch Oculus Mobile App > Library > Open Downloaded App Lab Game > Install On Headset and the game will appear! In order to know the alternate ways of where is App Lab on Quest, stick to the article till the end!

This article explains different ways of where is App Lab on Quest and will explore more about the App Lab content to your Library! Get ready to load your system with amazing non-VR games and do not skip any part to not to miss out on any major detail.

Where Is App Lab On Quest?

Head to > Login > Open A Game > Launch Oculus Mobile App > Download Or Purchase Game > Library > Open Downloaded App Lab Game > Install On Headset 

After the latest Meta Quest 2 update, Oculus introduced App Lab through which developers can share their non-VR games with a huge target audience especially to those who are fond of playing and experiencing new thrilling games. Through Oculus and App Lab, now users can use these apps without the developer’s access or sideloading!

But where is App Lab on Quest? We will get that sorted too but first you need to explore what App Lab offers and why you should make efforts to find it and what’s the use of it? Well, the App Lab in Oculus allows newly or budding developers and studios to launch the pre-releases and demos of their games without giving a shit about Facebook’s strict policies and standards. 

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However, App Lab games in Quest 2 are difficult to find for the newbies so we will now be briefing where is App Lab on Quest and how to download and install those games on your device via the app or the Quest 2 headset. After the collaboration of both Oculus and SideQuest, the process of finding where is App Lab on Quest has become much easier with the right guide! 

Step 01: Launch any trusted web browser on your device and browse and navigate through its official website.

Step 02: Once you reach there, Login with your authentic SideQuest credentials and access your account.

Step 03: Next hit the thumbnail of any game of your choice from the home screen and let the banner expand.

Step 04: From there, click on the Oculus App button next to the game’s title at the right side of the screen. 

NOTE: One can’t redeem any gift codes or gift App Lab games to someone, however they will be able to do so in near future.

Step 05: Now hit the blue button saying Download or Buy the game and then launch the Oculus mobile app.

Step 06: Head to your Library by clicking on the book icon given at the top right corner of the screen.

Step 07: Under the Library, click on the App Lab game that you just downloaded and click on the Install button on the headset.

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After completing the last step, allow your device a couple of seconds and let it install completely. After installing you will find this game in the middle of the official games on Oculus Quest 2. And that was where is App Lab on Quest! Now we hope that you may find it easy to locate the App Lab games on Quest.

Where Is App Lab On Phone Or Headset?

Where Is App Lab On Quest

One can find the App Lab content easily and directly on the Oculus store too! In fact, this is much simpler if you wish to search the App Lab games directly in the Oculus App or on your VR Headset. All you need to remember is that you need to enter the exact same name of the game if you want the desired results.

For example, enter “Crisis VRigade” and search it, and you will find an App Lab search outcome alerting you that the app “might still be under progress or it’s experimental” and provides you with an option to “View App” that directs you to its hidden store tab.

But the second part of Crisis VRigade won’t appear on the resulting page because at that time while searching you didn’t enter “2” after the name of the game. Just like this, if you are searching for “Puzzling Places”, you won’t get the desired results as its official name is “Puzzling Places-Beta”! 

At last, developers can roll out direct links to the Oculus Store pages of their own, which can be easily accessed by gamers and users. But finding a few of the games on the App Lab can be difficult as a few of the developers have added their games to the App Lab without adding them to the SideQuest. 

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How To Explore App Lab Content? 

Where Is App Lab On Quest

There are a few easy methods through which you can explore more of the App Lab content. But the simplest of them is to access a direct link of an App Lab experience shared by any developer or user! And if not this and you wish to browse a list through the App Lab content just like browsing through the Oculus Store then SideQuest is the best way to do so!

There is no need to download or install anything all you need to do is to search on your mobile phone or you can just head to the SideQuest’s App Lab tab directly. From there you can go through all popular App Lab games and applications that are offered by developers. After you click on the thumbnail of any App Lab game listed in the SideQuest, you will get access to more information about that same game with an “Install” button that will take you to the official App Lab link.

And that was it from our side for making you learn where is App Lab on Quest and App Lab content. If you are keen to explore more games to be played on Oculus and VR then the following articles might be of some use to you! Give them a read.

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Wrapping Up

App Lab offers Quest users and developers a chance to share and sell their non-store games on Quest 2. The ones who have access to Quest can make use of the App Lab as a simpler way to download and install beta versions and experimental VR games other than the ones provided by the Oculus Store. But the thing is that Meta is giving leniency to the App Lab games and isn’t analyzing it strictly so the content quality may differ.

Our job was to help you in finding where is App Lab on Quest and we did that perfectly we guess! Now you can experience the latest games offered by the new developers and studios! Kindly share your experiences with the App Lab content in the comment box below and don’t forget to drop down any suggestions, doubts or queries if you have any!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where Is App Lab On VR?

One can get all of the App Lab games showcased on SideQuest in the App Lab tab. In order to reach the App Lab’s tab, hit the “Oculus App” link. From the home screen, SideQuest lets developers share APKs directly for sideloading or installing.

Q. How Do I View App Lab?

Head to > Login > Open A Game > Launch Oculus Mobile App > Download Or Purchase Game > Library > Open Downloaded App Lab Game > Install On Headset.

Q. Is SideQuest And App Lab The Same?

SideQuest is the official exploration stage of App Lab games where one can search, filter out, download, rate and review App Lab games with the help of web URL app lab. However, users can use the App Lab tab to download and install the games from any device including Quest headset.

Q. Is SideQuest Allowed In Quest 2?

Easy Installer allows users to download and install SideQuest directly on their Oculus Quest or Meta Quest 2 headset.

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