Why Is Trump Launching Truth Social On President’s Day?

Why Is Trump Launching Truth Social On President's Day

Save the date, President’s Day it is!!! Are you excited about the launch of Truth Social? Finally, the wait seems to end as Trump launches the Twitter clone on President’s Day. But why did he choose President’s Day, particularly for the app’s release? What’s so special with the eve? Keeping all these queries in mind, here is an overview of Why Is Trump launching Truth Social on President’s Day?

Understanding the chronology and the connection between President’s Day and Truth Social release is very important. As we know, Trump is the 45th President who served the US (quite controversially). Maybe he’s using President’s Day to use his former presidential powers to attract more followers. Or maybe there’s nothing political with the release date of the Truth Social App (only if you don’t know Trump yet!).

Whatever the reason is, why is Trump Launching Truth Social on President’s Day, we can have a look at the connecting dots here in this post. Most importantly, will the app be available only for iPhone users, or will it roll out for Android users as well?

Huh! A lot is crunching the minds right now. Let’s look at all the possible aspects of why Trump’s Truth Social launch date is expected to be 21st Feb, i.e., President’s Day?

What’s So Special About President’s Day?

President’s Day holds a special significance in the USA, as this Day marks the birth of its 12th President Abraham Lincoln

Also, President’s Day is celebrated in honor of America’s first president, George Washington. Trump served as the 45th President at America’s Independent with Presidential powers. Maybe that’s why he’s so excited to bring his own social media platform out on President’s Day.

Let’s understand why is Trump releasing Truth Social On President’s Day.

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Truth Social Challenges

Truth Social Challenges

Here comes an important angel of Truth Social App, as there can be so many challenges that come in the way. A new launch in the market will take longer to establish trust and popularity than an older platform that already has millions of daily active users like Facebook and Twitter.

So, the main challenge that seems quite clear in Truth Social Release is acceptive. Will people accept it the way other social media apps are adored? Will Trump’s master move be a success or a flop?

As per the expert’s viewpoints and the calculations made so far, launching a separate and unique platform to talk about news and politics sounds fascinating. Like-minded people can join the network and have debates and discussions on topics. 

Platforms like these can be successful as other social media platforms are diverse and scattered. For conservative and rational-minded people, a straightforward social platform like Truth Social turns out to be a bang on.

Thinking this way, Trump’s Truth Social seems like a good plan. But wait!!! Don’t we forget something?

What about the year-long trust and market value of other social media apps and sites? Especially talking about Truth Social’s direct competition Facebook and Twitter! Is it not too optimistic to think that the users and followers will be redirected to Truth Social, leaving the existing platforms?

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The credibility of a social platform is judged by the number of people connected to that network. Taking note of this thing, social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube already have a strong and huge user base. 

Like Trump’s Truth Social Media, other social platforms also provide freedom of speech and a user-friendly environment. So it’s a thing to consider will Trump’s new experiment be a Thums Up or Thums down!

What’s Allowed On Trump’s New Truth Social Media Platform?

After being banned from major social platforms, Trump is making a comeback with his own Social Media Platform called Truth Social. It’s been two years since he was last banned for Capital Hill Riots.

Trump is all set to release his two big social platforms for those who still don’t know. One is Truth Social and the second is its parent project, Trump Media and Technology Group. 

Truth Social is created to “stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech.” Here you can talk about the latest news, political trends and share your views and opinions on administration.

Any user who is seen violating the platforms or criticizing Trump will be banned from the platform. 

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Can Truth Social Compete With Other Social Media Apps?

Experts believe that Truth Social will not stand up to famous social media platforms.

The main goal of Trump is to target particular geography to know what will prevent it from getting to the same heights as Facebook and Twitter. The more people, the more value they will get to the sites.

But, when someone started to loop out of the large population, this got more challenging since it was difficult to scale. Due to this reason, many alternatives do not have any limitations. The public does not want to be censored when they post politically sensitive comments or misinformation. Though this site bans nudity, hate speech, and bullying, it will allow the opinion of the users whether it is based on facts or not.

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Wrapping Up:

The release of Truth Social will come more than 13 months after former President Donald Trump was banned from Twitter and Facebook.

Former President Donald Trump’s social media app, Truth Social, is reportedly available for pre-order before its scheduled release over the App Store.

The former US president plans to take on Twitter with the app and appears to have coincided its launch with Presidents Day. Now that we have compared and contrasted every possible aspect of Why Is Trump Launching Truth Social On President’s Day, it’s quite exciting to wait for the app to come out.

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