Android 13 Allows Users to Run Linux and Windows 11 Virtual Machines on Pixel 6

Windows 11 On Android 13

Don’t you think that it would have been so much easier? We would be able to use Windows 11 on our Android devices. Is it? If this is the scenario, let us give you good news. Android 13 Allows Users to Run Linux and Windows 11 Virtual Machines on Pixel 6.

Google released the first preview of the developer’s mode of Android 13 last week. Soon after the launch, Danny Lin, also known as Kdrag0n, shared a tweet telling the audience that the developers can use the Full-blown virtual machines with the KVM hypervisor (near-native performance) on Pixel 6 + Android 13 DP1.

He was talking about the virtual machines from the other operating systems, including Linux and Windows 11. Windows 11 was launched with the feature to run Android applications on it.

Now, Android is here with the version that will allow Windows 11 on Android 13. Version 13 of Android will allow the users to play the Windows game on their Android 13 devices. Well, what is the top news? Let’s have a detailed overview.

Windows 11 On Android 13 Devices

Soon, you will be able to enjoy Windows 11 on your mobile Android devices. Well, we aren’t bluffing here. The news was shared by Kdrag0n himself on his Twitter handle. He shared a preview of Windows 11 running on the Pixel 6 developer’s mode. The device was using Android 13, which is still under development. 

The new Android version will be using the KVM, Kernel Virtual machine. Normally the Android versions are based on Linux. However, Kdrag0n used this new feature for booting Windows 11 on Google Pixel 6. 

Well, things to keep in mind is that the desktop version of the window displayed with the help of the KVM was not the standard version, it is the ARM version. You can easily find this version of Windows in the Surface Pro. 

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Limitations Of Using Windows 11 On Android 13

The development of the Android 13 is still under process. So, you cannot expect Windows 11 to work fully on Android devices. So, there are a few limitations that Google needs to work on before launching the Android version. We have listed them below.

  1. The standard version of Windows is still not available.
  2. As we mentioned above, for now, only the ARM version of Windows 11 is available.
  3. The performance is not optimized yet.
  4. It has also been observed that the hardware acceleration for GPU is not supported.
  5. For now, the feature is only available for Google Pixel 6.
  6. You need to root your device to access the feature.

Can You Play Windows 11 Games On Android 13

Kdrag0n tweeted another video that displayed him playing the Windows 11 game on Android 13. So, it is a clear indication that if you are a gamer, you can easily shift your Windows games to Android.

However, if we look at the graphics quality of the Android 13, it is not that good. So, if you are planning to play GTA 5 on your mobile phone, then you might have to wait for a little more time.

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When Will Android 13 Be Available

Currently, Android version 12.0 can be found on the devices. If you are looking for the Android 13 release date. Then, let us tell you that it is still under development.

The stable version of Android 13 is expected to release by the third quarter of 2022. So, you can have your expectations quite high as the company has got ample time to improve the KVM features.

Wrapping Up

Well, Danny Lin’s tweet has given the hopes that the new Android version Android  13 can prove to be a game-changer for Windows lovers. This update may bring Android lovers and Windows lovers on the single platform.

However, based on the teasers released on Twitter, the KVM feature released by the company still needs a lot of improvement, and it surely promises a bright future.

That’s all of the News about Windows 11 on Android 13. Stay connected to Deasilex for further updates.

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