4 Major Reasons Why Is Windows 11 The Best Windows For Gaming?

Why Is Windows 11 The Best Windows For Gaming

Microsoft announced Windows 11 to be a free update for Windows 10 users. Well, the update is the visual upgrade of the Windows previous version and gamers are more excited about the update. Here are the reasons Why Is Windows 11 The Best Windows For Gaming?

As we told you that Windows 11 is all about visual updates. Apart from the Visual updates, several other features make the gamers more excited about the operating system. If we say that gamers were the primary audience of Microsoft while developing Windows 11 then we won’t be wrong. Well, here is the article that will tell you in detail about Why Is Windows 11 The Best Windows For Gaming?

Reasons and the gaming features that make Windows 11 the best Windows of gaming are 

  1. Auto HDR
  2. Direct Storage
  3. Android Games
  4. Xbox Game Pass

These are the four major reasons Why Is Windows 11 The Best Windows For Gaming?. We have explained each of these features in detail below.

Why Is Windows 11 The Best Windows For Gaming?

Further in the article, you will be reading about the major reasons, explaining in detail why Windows 11 is the best Windows for gaming. Let us not waste much of our time and start with the first feature.

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Auto HDR

Why Is Windows 11 The Best Windows For Gaming - Auto HDR

Auto HDR is the most exciting feature and one of the answers to the question “Why Is Windows 11 The Best Windows For Gaming?”. The feature was introduced by Microsoft in the Xbox series X and Xbox Series S. But, now you can have the Auto HDR feature in Microsoft Windows 11. This feature will change the Non – HDR or the SDR games to HDR.

If you are new to the term HDR then it is the feature that changes the brightness and sharpness of the moving game to make it look more realistic. However, only 1000 games have been included to access the Windows 11 HDR feature and these games are like Rocket league, Doom 64, DayZ, and Age of Empires. You can expect more games to be added to the list with time.

Requirements to access Auto HDR feature:

  1. The first requirement is that the game must be included in the list of games shortlisted by Microsoft.
  2. The second requirement is that you have to monitor a screen that supports the HDR feature. Without a screen that doesn’t support the HDR feature, this isn’t possible.
  3. The third is that the game must be built on DirectX 11.0 or later to access Auto HDR. That means a lot of older games won’t be able to access the Auto-HDR feature.

If the game meets all the above requirements then you don’t need to go to settings to turn on the HDR feature. After all, it is AUTO-HDR.

Direct Storage

Why Is Windows 11 The Best Windows For Gaming - Direct Storage
Source: GameRevolution

Direct storage is another reason for “Why Is Windows 11 The Best Windows For Gaming?”. If we talk about direct storage then it is buffer storage that will save the game and the preloaded graphics in it. That means if you load the game once it will be stored in the Direct storage and when the next time you sit on your PC and command to open the game. Instead of searching and processing the game. The CPU will directly go to the Direct Storage that has the uploaded Graphic assets and the game. Thus, reducing the loading and graphic rendering time.

Requirements to access the Direct storage feature:

  1. The first requirement is that you require an NVME SSD on your System to store the games.
  2. Next, you require to have a built-in DirectX 12 on your system GPU along with the Shader Model 6.0

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Android Games 

Why Is Windows 11 The Best Windows For Gaming - Android Games
Source: Android Authority

Now, you can play the Android games on your windows and this is the most important feature that tells Why Is Windows 11 The Best Windows For Gaming? If you are stuck to a game on your android device then, you can now download the same game on your personal computer.

Although you won’t be downloading it from the Google play store. You will be able to access these apps from the Microsoft store. If the app isn’t available on the Microsoft store then you can also use the Amazon App Store.

How does this happen?

Well, Intel has developed a smart compiler “Intel Bridge” that works on the x86 system. The best part of the compiler is that the written algorithm is smart enough to work on the Intel and the AMD and Armed-Based Processors. Well, if you don’t know about compilers then a layman definition would be, a compiler is a tool that reads and runs the backend codes.

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Xbox Game Pass

Why Is Windows 11 The Best Windows For Gaming - Xbox Game Pass
Source: Polygon

Now, another feature that will make Gamers jump out of their seats is the in-built Xbox feature. Windows have promised to get almost 100 games to the in-built Xbox series. If you have bought the subscription for the Xbox box Game Pass then you will be able to access it directly through the app. That is you don’t have to log in through the browser as now the Xbox series is in-built.

There are words in the market that there might be updates afterward that will let you stream the games on TV sets.

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These are the four major factors that tell Why Is Windows 11 The Best Windows For Gaming? But before installing Windows 11 on your system make sure that you install the correct update and not the leaked one. Do share the article with your friends and let us know your views on Windows 11 in the comments section below.

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