Zlatan NFT Collection | The Laws Of Adrenaline

Zlatan NFT Collection

NFTs are becoming the new trend. Now celebrities are launching their NFT collections. Few famous athletes have also launched their NFT collections. One such name is Zlatan Ibrahimovic. In this post, we will cover everything about the Zlatan NFT collection.

Global football star Zlatan Ibrahimovic is about to drop his first-ever NFT collection. The NFT collection named “The Laws of Adrenaline” will drop on MakersPlace on March 24, 2022, at 6 PM CET. The drop will see Ibrahimović join the ranks of famous athletes who have launched an NFT collection.

We will be discussing more the Zlatan NFT collection. How can you purchase it and what is its price? We will also go through its NFT collection and find out what it holds.. So, without losing time, let’s start

Zlatan NFT Collection: The Law of Adrenaline

By writing his “Untold Stories’ ‘ Zlatan Ibrahimović wants to share his life experience. Zlatan is also a passionate art patron and by joining this project he plays an active role in the creation of the first NFT collection taken from a book, thus, adding a prestigious artistic touch to better depict his walk of life. Zlatan’s personal story speaks about love, happiness, and the future and is, therefore, a story that speaks to everyone and belongs to everyone. The artists through their different styles and backgrounds have created heterogeneous and varied artworks, representing the different facets of the human dimension of an indomitable and mocking champion.

This first drop includes the artworks of well-established names in the sphere of crypto art such as the acclaimed Hexeract and the singer GionnyScandal to then move to the street art poet Ivan Tresoldi and the video animation digital oil of M.Arm, a name which hides the partnership between Paolo Manazza (neo-informal painter, journalist, and co-promoter of the project) and a friend who is a native digital artist.

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To clarify, the drop on March 24th will be the first of three drops between now and late June. That first drop in the series will feature a mix of open editions, limited collections, and 1-of-1s. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Adrenalina by Hexaract ( 1-of-1 animation)
  • Dear Hater by GionnyScandal  ((1-of-1 still image)
  • The Strength and the Bravery by Paolo Manazza/ M.Arm (10-piece collection, animation)
  • The Strength and the Bravery by Paolo Manazza / M.Arm  (open edition, still image)
  • In.storia by Ivan Tresoldi (open edition, still image)

There is a gift for any collector who buys at least one open edition in each of the three Zlatan Ibrahimović NFT drops. To explain, they will also get an airdrop of one limited edition NFT.

Craig Palmer, CEO of MakersPlace, said the following about the NFT drop:

“We’re very much looking forward to hosting the”The Laws of Adrenaline” series on MakersPlace, and truly enjoy being able to provide high-quality artwork for art and sports enthusiasts alike by offering accessibility in purchasing NFTs from their favorite creators.”

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What Is The Law Of Adrenaline?

Zlatan NFT Collection

The Laws of Adrenaline: An NFT Collection, is the first drop in a series of releases featuring the international footballing superstar, and current A.C. Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Zlatan challenged eleven artists to create works based on his latest autobiography, “Adrenaline: My Untold Stories.” Eleven quotes from his autobiography inspired each piece, which was produced in collaboration with ArtsLife, Wrong Theory, and ARTN to assemble this collection.

The Laws of Adrenaline includes fine abstract art from Hexeract, and a portrait of a defiant Zlatan from rapper, GionnyScandal. It also features an animated artwork that starts as a pencil drawing and morphs into a fearsome layover of Zlatan’s imposing figure on that of his counterpart, the lion, by Manazza. The last piece in the drop highlights the man’s many different facial emotions, featuring the colors of his historic club, AC Milan, by the artist Tresoldi. This drop will be the first of three, running through late June.

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What Is The Price Of Zlatan NFT Collection?

The price of different NFTs varies. Here is the price of some NFTs.

Hexeract Adrenalina – $2,200

GionnyScandal – Dear Hater – $100

M.Arm – The strength and the bravery – $800


How To Purchase Zlatan NFT Collection?

Here are the steps to be followed for purchasing Zlatan NFT Collection.

Step 1: Go to marketplace.

Step 2: Search for the Laws of Adrenaline.

Step 3: Select the NFT you want to buy.

Step 4: Make an offer.

Step 5: If your offer is selected you own the NFT.

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Wrapping Up

We have discussed the Zlatan NFT collection. We have gone through the details of the Laws of Adrenaline. We have also discussed the price and the step-by-step procedure of purchasing these NFTs.

Keep exploring our website to know more about NFTs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Do You Buy Sports NFT? 

NFT memorabilia and tickets

Trading NFTs through licensed trading card games isn’t the only way to get your hands on sports-based NFTs. Some athletes have gone directly to market, selling NFTs on platforms such as Nifty Gateway and OpenSea.

Q2. Where Can I Buy Athlete NFTs?

Where can I buy Tiger Woods NFTs? Woods and all other Autograph athletes sell their NFTs on DraftKings Marketplace right here. The first collection of Woods NFTs offers 10,000 digital pictures of Woods ranging in price from $12 to $100, and those are for sale now.

Q3. How Much Is A Super Bowl NFT Worth?

Average sale prices since it issued the NFT have been around $480, while about 12,500 tokens have been claimed, or minted, out of the 12,722 generated.

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