Rihanna Fenty Beauty In Metaverse | This Time Its Rihanna In Metaverse!

Rihanna Fenty Beauty in Metaverse

Rihanna Fenty Beauty in Metaverse! Yes, Rihanna has plans to take her Fenty Beauty brand to Metaverse. The singer’s love for cryptocurrencies now takes her Fenty Beauty towards the virtual world. We have never thought of something like virtual cosmetics. Well, you can now view virtual cosmetics in Metaverse too. Isn’t it great girls!

Metaverse, the virtual world, allows people to visit, buy, sell, socialize, and do many things on its platform. Though the platform was made years ago but came into the limelight during the pandemic. Many big brands and singers are seen promoting the platform, and now the Rihanna Fenty Beauty in Metaverse is something huge. 

The nine-time Grammy winner and billionaire Rihanna has filed a trademark application for her Fenty Beauty brand. She is aiming to sell virtual cosmetics in Metaverse and other products too. She is moving towards Metaverse after finding scope in the cryptocurrency and NFT market. 

The pop singer’s move towards the Metaverse seems interesting and exciting. She is now in full business mode. Well, let us discuss more on Rihanna Fenty Beauty in Metaverse in detail with our post. So, let’s dive into the post.

Rihanna Fenty Beauty In Metaverse 

Rihanna Fenty Beauty in Metaverse

The billionaire singer, Rihanna, aims to increase her presence in the Metaverse with the launch of her Fenty line in the virtual world. After recognizing the NFT and crypto market’s future, the singer seems to enter the virtual world. Rihanna Fenty Beauty in Metaverse will aim to sell virtual cosmetics in Metaverse.

She has filed for a new trademark to use the Fenty Beauty brand to offer hair care products and virtual cosmetics in Metaverse. The news was announced on Twitter by the trademark attorney, Josh Gerben of Gerben Law. The “Bad Guy” singer Billie Eilish also filed trademarks last month for NFT and Metaverse

It is now the pop singer’s turn to enter the virtual universe. This is an important move as several big names have already put their foot into the virtual world in the last few months. Now, Rihanna has also applied for a trademark. Let’s see what all the trademarks include. 

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What Does The Trademark Include? 

The trademark includes the following things. Let’s have a look at these.

  • Sell downloadable virtual products.
  • Entertainment services. 
  • Retail store services.
  • Virtual Merchandise. 

Fenty Beauty was established in 2017. The founder of the brand is Rihanna. The brand had a global presence with around 1600 stores in 17 countries. It deals with beauty products for all skin types. The brand has got great social media strategy and outreach. 

Big brands have already started to invest in the virtual universe. Nike has also been seen filing applications with the US Patent and Trademarks Office to register Nike, its slogan, and logo. Adidas also released an NFT collection a month after Nike’s move. There are various other brands like Gucci, Loreal, and others who have already started investing in the virtual universe. 

Rihanna Fenty Beauty in Metaverse will be a great step. This surprising and cool move can be another step towards bridging the gap between the virtual and the real world. Rihanna has not made any confirmations regarding this. The trademark attorney only announced it on Twitter. 

There are no dates confirmed till now. But it will be confirmed very soon. The singer seems to stand out high in the virtual and real world. Let us see if she successfully launched her brand dealing in virtual cosmetics in Metaverse or not.

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Rihanna Fenty Beauty in Metaverse is a huge move and will surely be successful in the coming times. We are still waiting for more confirmations and details on Rihanna Fenty Beauty in Metaverse. We will tell you more about this as soon as we get an update on it. Tell us what you feel about Rihanna’s move towards the Metaverse through your comments. Keep visiting our website for more related articles.

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