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Axie Infinity alternatives

NFT based games are the next big thing. Axie Infinity is amongst the play to earn NFT games. These games helped the Philippines people earn sitting at home during 2020 pandemics. If you are looking for Axie Infinity alternatives, this post will give you a list of games similar to Axie Infinity.

Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn game and is played by many users worldwide. If you are new to the Metaverse, then you should be aware that these play-to-earn games help the players earn while playing. Yes, you got it correct. You can now play and earn at the same time.  

Axie Infinity allows players to win AXS tokens which is the native currency of the game. There are many games similar to Axie Infinity that you can easily play and help you earn their tokens. Want to know about these games? So, this article will help you find out the best Axie Infinity alternatives you can try playing. 

RymdResa Review
RymdResa Review

Let’s not waste much time and dive straight into the post.

Axie Infinity Alternatives 

Here are the ten Axie Infinity alternatives you should try out.

1. Cryptokitties

CryptoKitties- Axie infinity alternative

This is one of the games similar to Axie Infinity. It includes adorable and breedable creatures. The cats are unique, and nobody can destroy them. Players can adopt and breed kitties having different sizes, shapes, and colors in this CryptoKitties game.

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2. Townstar

Townstar, an agricultural game, is one of the best Axie Infinity alternatives. Players compete against each other to complete challenges and unlock TownCoin. They receive this play to earn rewards for completing the challenges daily. The players on the leaderboard having top positions receive major awards every week.

3. Blockchain Cuties

Blockchain Cutie- Axie Infinity alternative

Blockchain Cuties is one of the Axie Infinity alternatives that you can try playing. It is a collectible crypto game full of adventures. You can play with lizards, puppies, bear cubs, and many other fantasies and real creatures. The unique creatures in the game belong to the players. Players can collect, test their skills, breed them, and level these up as well. 

4. Faraland

It is one of the biggest war games available on the blockchain. The game includes exclusive digital collectibles that are created by using blockchain technology. The collectibles in the game are all genuine and matchless. Players can earn profits by playing this game.

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5. Trade Race Manager 

Trade Race Manager-Axie Infinity alternative

One of the suitable Axie Infinity alternatives, the Trade Race manager, can help double your revenues. It is the first crypto NFT trading game. Players can use creatures in the game to earn through it and fight against other creatures in this TRM game. 

6. CryptoFighters

CryptoFighters is a play-to-earn game. It is based on Ethereum Blockchain. Players can own unique fighters in the game. You can also collect, battle, and even level up your warriors or fighters in this game. The game also provides chances to get new fighters to win. 

7. CrypyoAlpaca

It is a decentralized pet raising game. This game is one of the best Axie Infinity alternatives. It is a game inspired by CryptoKitties. You can adopt and raise your Alpaca and get or breed brand new offspring. You can even get various incentives daily by feeding these alpacas. The game is designed to push crypto game frontiers.

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8. Panda Earth

Panda Earth- Axie Infinity alternative

It is one of the best Axie Infinity alternatives. It is a virtual breed pet game that is built on Blockchain technology. Players can easily get digital pandas from the marketplace, breed them, and trade their assets in the virtual world. 

9. My Defi Pet

As the name suggests, My Defi Pet is a pet game on the Blockchain. The DPET token is the main currency used in this game. You can use these tokens in the first phase for exchanging, trading, or enhancing your pets and their abilities. Players can even earn money with these games. 

10. Binamon

If you are looking for Axie Infinity alternatives, Binamon can be a suitable game for you. It claims to be a complete Metaverse of digital monsters. You have a chance to battle the epic monsters in this game. You can even earn from this play-to-earn game. Try having a battle with the amazing monsters in this game.

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There are various other Axie Infinity alternatives. However, we have listed the best ones out of them.


We have listed the most popular Axie Infinity alternatives in our article. Try these Axie Infinity alternatives and share your experience with us. If you find this useful, share it amongst your friends and ask them to try these as well. Mention any other Axie Infinity alternatives that we missed in the comment section below. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What Game Is Similar To Axie Infinity? 

A. There are various games similar to Axie Infinity like Townstar, Blockchain Cuties, Binamon, etc.

Q2. What Is Not Allowed To Do In Axie Infinity And Can Lead To Ban?

A. One person is not allowed to have multiple accounts, and it can even result in the ban of that person’s account.

Q3. What Is The Best NFT Coin?

A. There are many popular coins like Decentraland MANA, The Sandbox SAND, Axie Infinity AXS, etc.

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