Best Metaverse ETFs | Where You Should Invest?

Metaverse is the new fashion these days! Are you a Metaverse investor? Do you know about Metaverse ETFs? Here is a post for you! We will be picking the best Metaverse ETFs in this article.

Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) are gaining popularity. ETFs provide investors exposure to companies that are innovating in robotics, NFTs, and automated vehicles. Metaverse ETFs are trending nowadays.

Do you want to know what the best Metaverse ETFs are? Yes, then stick to the post till the end, and you will get all your answers. Before moving towards the Top Metaverse, ETFs let us first discuss Metaverse for those unaware of it.  

What Is Metaverse?

Metaverse, the next generation of the internet, is virtual reality. It is an online world involving virtual spaces where you can go and experience things. There are various Metaverse platforms. Some of the most talked-about Metaverse are Decentraland, SandBox, Somnium Space, Upland, Axie Infinity, and many others.

Now let us move on to what ETFs are.

What Is An ETF?

ETFs are the Exchange Traded Funds. It is a group of stocks that trade as a single security. The best part about ETFs is that it gives you instant diversification without the need to manage or rebalance your portfolio. You can buy and sell them in the stock market easily. As we have discussed ETFs, let us now discuss why it is a good option and why people like ETFs.

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Why Metaverse ETFs?

There are various reasons to choose ETFs. We will discuss them one by one.

1. Instant Exposure

One of the advantages of an ETF is that it gives instant exposure with just one transaction. If you build a diversified portfolio of Metaverse stocks, you will have to make several transactions and pay multiple commissions. However, if you choose an ETF, you can save everything. It will provide an instant exposure that too with automatic diversification.  

2. Choose Winners/ Losers

If you choose ETFs, there is no need to pick winners or losers. This is because somebody has already done that for you in the case of ETFs. So, there is no requirement for picking and choosing winners and losers.

3. Low Fees

ETFs, come with very low management fees in comparison to mutual funds. So, this again adds as an advantage to ETFs. As we have discussed why we choose ETFs, let us move on to the best Metaverse ETFs.    

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What Are The Best Metaverse ETFs?

Best Metaverse ETFs

Metaverse ETFs are trending, and people are going crazy to invest here. Let’s see what the best Metaverse ETFs where you can invest are.

1. RoundHill Investments (META)

It is the oldest in the market. It was founded and launched in June 2021. Roundhill Investments Metaverse ETFs is based in the USA. It trades on the U.S. exchange, and it can turn out to be the right one for you if you stay in the U.S. The ticker symbol for this ETF is META. The expense ratio for Roundhill Investments is 0.75%. It means that it will cost three-quarters of a percent to own a security every year. The top holdings are Facebook, Microsoft, Roblox, etc.    

2. Evolve ETFs (MESH)

Evolve Metaverse ETFs are listed and traded on the Canadian exchange. The ticker symbol for this is MESH. The expense ratio for Evolve ETFs is even lower at 0.6%. It is a recently launched ETF in November 2021 that allows the users to access the diversified portfolios of those companies that are developing Metaverse. This ETF is completely balanced as they put the money equally to 25 different stocks that have 4% waiting.  

3. Horizons ETFS (MTAV)

Horizons ETF is a Canadian ETF. The ticker symbol of this ETF is MTAV. They have the lowest expense ratio of 0.55%. It was launched in November 2021. They are very popular and safe ETFs. Their top holdings are Apple, Amazon, Nvidia, etc. It has diverse sector allocations. 25% of its funds are targeted to the technological sector, while the rest is broadly diversified towards gaming, the digital sector, and others. 

4. Simplify ETFs (WIII)

It is the first Web3 ETF released in January 2022. The ticker symbol for Simplify ETF is WIII. It has invested 10% in Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, while the rest of the fund holdings are with Web3 and Metaverse companies. It has exposure to the new industries and is assumed to be riskier than others. The performance of these new industries is unpredictable, but there is high scope for growth and innovation. 

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These were the best Metaverse ETFs. If you are thinking of buying an ETF, register with a trusted broker and keep updated information about ETFs. 


This post was all about the best Metaverse ETFs. We hope that the post has helped you to get information regarding the best Metaverse ETFs to invest in. Don’t forget that we are not an investing site. You can always go for research before investing and make a wise decision.    

Did you like the post? Yes, then why are you waiting! Forward it to your friends, and feel free to write a comment below in case of any queries. Also, tell us other best Metaverse ETFs if we have missed any!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Is The Best Metaverse Stock To Invest In?

– The most popular Metaverse stocks where you can invest are Unity, Microsoft, Roblox, Qualcomm, Meta Platforms, etc.

2. Can I Buy Shares In Metaverse?

– You can buy Metaverse-associated stocks. Facebook, Apple, Roblox are a few popular stocks. You can purchase these via Metaverse ETFs.

3. What Companies Are Involved In Metaverse?

Many companies are involved in Metaverse like Facebook, Nvidia, Microsoft, Apple, Niantic, and many others.

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