Best Food and Drinks Apps for iOS in 2021

best food and drinks apps for iOS in 2021

The phone is the best invention in today’s life, helping us search for different things needed in our daily lives. And therefore, I have suggested this article for the best food and drinks apps for iOS in 2021. You can order anything by using these apps and by downloading these from your App Store on your phone.

As we all know, food and drinks are the necessities on which we rely on and what could be more fascinating if we get the best ideas by sitting ideally at any place. As it is the most challenging decision to make from which app we should order our food, I have selected the best food and drinks apps for iOS to make it simple. All the apps given in the list are straightforward to use.

The following five apps are the best food and drinks apps for iOS in 2021

  1. Sandwich Factory 
  2. Starbucks 
  3. Budget Bytes 
  4. Uber Eats – Food Delivery
  5. Panda Express

These best food and drinks apps for iOS mentioned above are indeed the best solution to your cravings. You can satisfy your hunger with delicious food you order from these apps mentioned above, and also these apps come with various other exciting features. 

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Best food and drinks apps for iOS in 2021 with ratings

These best food and drinks apps for iOS in 2021 will definitely help you in getting the best food you want to order anywhere and that too with ease. So what are you waiting for go ahead and look for the best food and drink apps for iOS in 2021

1.Sandwich Factory

Best Food and Drinks Apps for iOS 2021
source- Twitter

Sandwich Factory is an excellent app for ordering the best sandwiches and other exciting, delicious food items. The app has a complete menu of Sandwich Factory. Along with yummy sandwiches, there is a variety of delicious food on the menu, making it very hard to choose what we can order.

 The app has an exciting feature of Real-time tracking in which you can track your orders so that you can sit back and relax. There is also an option of saving multiple accounts on the app. The rating of the app is 5.0 on the Apple App Store, which makes it the best food and drinks apps for iOS.


best food and drinks apps for iOS in 2021
source- Eater

If you enjoy eating in Starbucks like me, then you must install the Starbucks app. The app provides you with so many beneficial features, such as paying in the Starbucks Cafe, skip the line and pay from your Starbucks app. You can place your orders from the app and pick them from the store near your place. 

Starbucks app allows you to manage your digital Starbucks card, which provides you with many benefits whenever you crave your food. You can also add the money to your Starbucks digital card with this app’s help while sitting at home. There is an option to view all your recent purchases. One more thing in the application is you can earn rewards like a beautiful mug of Starbucks as your reward. Just use your app, pay from it, and get exciting tips for free food and drinks. The rating of the app is 4.8 on the Apple App Store

3.Budget Bytes

best food and drinks apps for iOS in 2021
source- Android apk apple store

As the name suggests, it provides you best food and drinks under a small budget. If you are craving delicious food and are out of the account, install it and enjoy delightful food at reasonable prices. Many food recipes are there by many famous food bloggers like Beth Moncel. The Budget Bytes app is beneficial as it gives you the complete step-by-step instructions from Beth herself. There is a voice assistant to guide you always while making your dish.

The app recipes are specially designed for low budgets, and it is straightforward to make these recipes. Even a nonprofessional person unaware of cooking can also make delicious food for themselves by using this app. You can also filter the recipes according to your budget. This app is available at $2.99 at the apple app store. The rating of the budget bytes app is 4.8 on the apple app store.

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4.Uber Eats – Food Delivery 

best food and drinks apps for iOS in 2021
source- Twitter

According to Forbes, Uber Eats is working in more than 20 countries, so it is such a popular food and drinks app. You can search for your favorite food like pizza, cheesecake, burger, or anything you want to order. You can find any delicious food or any cooking from this app. there is also a feature of real-time tracing your order.

 If you get your orders inadequately packaged, then go through the app. After that, you will quickly get your refund. There is also a premium version of the app: Eats Pass, in which you get free delivery and 5% off on orders more than $15. you have to pay $9.99 for a monthly subscription. And also along with this, you can find many exciting offers. Uber Eats has ratings of 4.5 on the AppStore.

5.Panda Express

best food and drinks apps for iOS in 2021
source- a frugal chick

In the Panda Express app, you can order your favorite food directly whenever you want. Ordering food from Panda Express is just so easy. Just open the app, select your favorite food and drink, and then get your order in few minutes. You can also save your favorite dishes in the app so that you can quickly order them without the efforts of selection. 

In case you are not at your location or unavailable to pick it due to any urgent thing, then no worries, tell them through the app that you are unavailable to pick your order, and when you are ready, pick it from the store directly. The Panda Express app has ratings of 4.6 on the AppStore. 

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These were the best food and drinks apps for iOS users they can use these apps anywhere anytime and find a solution to their hunger. So choose the best food and drinks apps for iOS for yourself and suggest it your friend also. If you find any other best food and drinks apps for iOS then do tell us.

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