Upland VS Decentraland: Which One Is Best To Invest?

Upland VS Decentraland

If you know and understand what Metaverse is, you must have thought of investing in Metaverse right? But there is one thing that must have hit your mind and that is “Upland vs Decentraland”. You must have thought about where to invest- Upland or Decentraland? Are you also one of those who are confused about Upland vs Decentraland? If yes then don’t bother as we are here to back you!

Upland vs Decentraland, this topic has taken adrift in the market as people are not ignorant of the Metaverse and want to know more regarding this concept. Purchasing properties in the Metaverse is trending all over the world, performing live events in the Metaverse is the hot topic these days! Yes, the interest of people towards this became, even more, when the rebranding of Facebook to Meta took place. People are thinking of investing here but whether in Upland or Decentraland is hesitation!

You can buy and sell in Decentraland but the same can be done in Upland as well!  You must have heard that the future is very bright in Upland, but so is the case with Decentraland! If you are thinking about which one is better and are confused between the two then, here is a post that is going to provide you with details about Upland vs Decentraland. Give it a read and decide which one is the best to choose!

What Is Upland?

Upland VS Decentraland

let us start the battle between Upland vs Decentraland with the reasons to invest in both of them.

Upland is a game through which the users can do trading. Yes, users can become digital landlords and earn from it. In Upland, the users can play games, earn from these games, and even own virtual properties in this virtual world. This game is blockchain-based. You can freely sign-up in Upland and play free games. The native currency in Upland is UPX. Buying and selling property in Upland makes it even special. For earning UPX in Upland you can sell properties or even treasure hunts. The current market price of UPX is USD 0.00009562 with a market capitalization of USD 252,094. It is quite interesting to be a part of Upland. You must be thinking why should I invest in Upland and not in Decentraland! So, here we are to tell you various reasons for this. Invest in Upland and you will find various benefits with it!

Reasons To Invest In Upland In 2022

There are various reasons why investment in Upland in 2022 will make you super happy. Have a look!

1. Metaventures

This is one of the biggest introductions to Upland that is new. Meta ventures are businesses that will allow people to set shops on the Upland map and it would be flagged orange for places where all kinds of stuff can be sold instead of green for the sale of properties on the map. So, it is going to be one of the interesting introductions for the Upland economy.     

2. Upland Cars

This is another feature in Upland that is exciting. As Upland is a copy of the real world and a real world without cars is unimaginable. So, all kinds of cars like vans, off-road, trucks, racing cars, or the sporty ones all would be there in Upland. Trucks in Upland would be required to move the stuff from shops to other places, or for transportation purposes. Don’t you think it would be fascinating to invest here in Upland! 

3. Player Spawned Collection System

A community of people where they can come together and build structures on their properties and upgrade to make it a player-spawned collection system rather than a standard no collection place. The collection would be selected by Upland as historical or expensive areas in the city. The neighborhood scores would be formed where people have built homes and come together and the neighborhoods with certain scores will be the player spawned collection systems and fill the map which will make players decide the valuable places in Upland rather than Upland themselves. 

4. New Cities

This year you can see various new cities coming up in Upland. Areas like Miami, Los Angeles, and more are not covered. Not just in the US but places like Japan, Asia, or South Korea, all this may also be added this year. So, be excited and ready to trade! This is going to bring international hype and new players to Upland.

5. More Partnerships

Lots of partnerships were seen in the previous year and the same can be expected for this year as well! Big partnerships like partnerships with Spirit Halloween for Halloween decorations, with hyperloop, and others so, we can anticipate that it will not slow down in 2022.

These are a few reasons why you should think of investing in Upland and be excited about it!

What Is Decentraland?

Upland VS Decentraland

Decentraland is a virtual reality platform wherein you can create content and monetize it. Plots can be purchased by users and they can even sell them. It is a virtual game owned by its users. The native currency in Decentraland is ‘MANA’. The current market price and market capitalizations are USD 2.08 and USD 3,787,168,874 respectively. In Decentraland, you can buy properties, build on them, or rent them. You can create avatars here and make wearables for them. Not just this but, you can also create scenes in Decentraland and sell names here. The games that can help you in earning are also something interesting in Decentraland. Here is why you should invest in Decentraland this year. 

Reasons To Invest In Decentraland In 2022

You can check out the reasons for making an investment in Decentraland.

1. Growth Of MANA

The in-game currency of Decentraland, MANA has seen growth in the past year and is expected to grow even in the long run. It has attracted the attention of the users and they want to invest in cryptocurrency, MANA to earn huge profits. This game is going to skyrocket in the future with more benefits to its users.

2. Risk With Potential

As it is quite risky due to high volatility, the return is also high with this investment! It offers its users to buy into early-stage technology and projects which is something different and a good opportunity in itself. Though it is risky, the reward is also high here. 

3. Virtual Events

Decentraland is famous for virtual events and also for its casinos. There is an increase in the value of MANA due to many users who get attracted towards Decentraland due to virtual events that are performed here or the casinos which are here. It is expected that MANA could go even higher, so investment here will not let you down!

4. Big Brands Planting Ways

You can clearly see that big brands are making their way and investing in Decentraland. Hence, the advertisement of Decentraland will increase because of the involvement of big companies like Coca-Cola, Samsung, or others. Ultimately, new users would enter Decentraland making the profits huge for its investors.

5. Unique From Rest

In comparison to the other cryptocurrencies, Decentraland is distinctive because of the trading experience it provides. Decentraland claims itself as the “world owned by its users”, so it is unique and engages new users to be a part of this virtual world.

So, you can assume from this the benefits of investing in Upland vs Decentraland. Think of the benefits and decide where you want to invest!


We have told you the benefits of investing in Upland and Decentraland. Now, it might be easier for you to choose between the two. So, make a wise choice between Upland vs Decentraland and conclude which one is best for you. If you had a good time reading this article and you felt that it was an interesting one then, share it with the ones who you think should need more knowledge about it!

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