7 Best Workout Channels On YouTube For Beginners

Best Workout Channels On YouTube For Beginners

Finding it hard to balance work life and personal fitness? You are trying your best to manage things but nothing seems to be working out? Cool down!! We are here to help you with the best and proven solutions. We got the list of best workout channels on YouTube for beginners covered in this post.

YouTube is the finest platform that covers different aspects of life. Now being fit is everyone’s cup of tea. Follow the best workout channels on YouTube and get started with home workouts without any type of equipment. 

Some of the best workout channels on YouTube for beginners are Athlean-X, Christian Guzman, Yoga with Adriene, Bradley Martyn, Pamela Reif Jeff Nippard, and Chloe Ting. My personal favorite channel is Yoga with Adriene as her videos are so relaxing and effective. But this is my personal experience, you can yourself check these channels and know which one fits you best.

To know more about these YouTube channels and their content, keep reading. Follow the daily workout routines shared by the best fitness trainers, get the best diet plans for you, and have a healthy, fit body.

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Best Workout Channels On YouTube For Beginners

Best Workout Channels On YouTube For Beginners; Workout channels on YouTube for beginners

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Now you don’t have to worry about your fitness, as these channels will take care of that. All you have to do is just follow these plans on a regular basis and get the best results.

Athlean-X – 11.5 Million Subscribers


This is one of the best Workout Channels On YouTube For Beginners. This popular channel is created by Jeff Cavaliere. Here you will find content related to workout, with and without using gym equipment, muscle growth plans, How to lift the weights properly, exercises related to injury, workout for beginners and for experienced persons too, diet plans, etc. Jeff was a popular physical therapist who helped athletes with their muscle training and diet plans.

You will also find many exercise programs here on the channel. You can get into shape by following his easy exercise sets.

Christian Guzman – 984K Subscribers


Christian Guzman is a multi-talented personality that you will find on YouTube. He is a successful businessman and his passion for fitness made him create his own YouTube channel. Now he is inspiring thousands of lives with his fitness routine through his YouTube channel. Here you will find Bodybuilding tips, easy workouts to follow, Business, Other Fitness YouTubers with whom he works out, and tips on how to manage fitness and work sidewise.

Christian is a highly inspiring person, as he maintains a proper balance between his multiple companies and his bodybuilding competitions at the same time. This channel is really helpful for beginners who wish to start with weight lifting and want a lean body.

Yoga With Adriene – 9.7 Million Subscribers


This is one of the best workout channels on YouTube for beginners. You must be wondering that how can Yoga help in our daily workouts? Yoga involves stretching, bending, moving our bodies, and performing different postures that are helpful and necessary parts in any normal workout. In this channel, you will find full body flow Yoga moves, yoga for lower back pain, flexibility, different morning and night routines to perform yoga, neck and shoulder pain relief exercises, etc.

Here are videos for every part of the body. Also to keep you all entertained throughout the sessions, she has a cute dog that gives her the perfect company.

Bradley  Martyn – 2.79 Million Subscribers


Oh Damn!! Bradley’s body is worth talking about. This is a very popular workout channel on YouTube. If you are looking for gaining workouts then this channel is a perfect fit for you. Here you will get to know about Hitting PR lifts, Home workouts, Gym workouts, Which food to eat and what to avoid, entertaining fitness challenges, muscle gain techniques, etc. Feast your eyes with the best body workouts and other fun activities this guy does on his channel. 

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Pamela Reif – 6.74 Million Subscribers


Now, this lady is something different. She speaks less but all her videos are super effective and are sure to give the best results. The soft music that plays in the background with her workout videos is amazing and keeps you going. Here on this channel, you will find videos about Booty workouts, cardio exercises, Ab Workouts, Different arm workouts, full-body workouts, and many more. Perfect channel for beginners, especially girls and women. 

Jeff Nippard – 2.42 Million Subscribers


Want to know how muscles work? What are the best fitness workouts for muscle buildup? Watch this channel and clear all your doubts. The videos are so entertaining that a workout doesn’t feel like a workout. The way Jeff relates workouts with science is great. Here you will find Ab workouts, full-body workouts, a healthy diet chart, how to lift weights in the right way, and many more about fitness. Know the fastest ways to lose belly fat.

Get the best possible motivation to perform workouts in the proper way along with a proper diet.

Chloe Ting – 19.4 Million Subscribers


Chloe is the most trusted fitness YouTuber today. Her videos are super easy to follow for beginners and for experienced people as well. In this channel, you will find Ab Workouts, different transformation challenges, Easy home workouts, booty workouts, workout plans, etc. She inspires and motivates all the women out there to leave their lazy routines and start working out. This channel inspires everyone to be fit, and to stay healthy.

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Hope you found all these Workout channels on YouTube for Beginners helpful. Now you can follow the best workout routine sitting at home. Do share your workout experiences with us in the comments section below.

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