How To View YouTube Shorts Insights? Shorts Analytics Now Within YouTube!

How To View YouTube Shorts Insights

Earlier YouTube added the TikTok-like shorts on its platform. These shorts went so viral that top creators on YouTube jumped into the trends of creating shorts. Taking one step ahead for content creators YouTube added another feature that allows users to check the insights for their shorts. Wondering how to view YouTube Shorts Insights?

Like Instagram reels and TikTok trending videos, YouTube shorts became popular shortly after launch. The shorts analytics feature on YouTube will now allow content creators to know the reach of their content like how popular your songs are, or what rank does your short holds among other similar shorts.

So, how to use this feature to view YouTube shorts insights? How exactly do these shorts analytics and insights work? Can everyone view our insights or the stats are limited to being viewed by creators only? Excited to know more about the feature? Let’s take a look at the post below and clear all your doubts!

How To View YouTube Shorts Insights?

Earlier, you needed third-party apps to view your YouTube shorts analytics insights. But now, since the feature is getting enrolled within the app, it becomes easy for the creators to look at their content reach outs.

To view YouTube shorts insights, you need to follow a few basic steps:

  1. Open YouTube. Go to your profile icon.
  2. Click on uploaded shorts. Now all the shorts that you have posted will appear systematically aligned.
  3. To view the insights of a particular short on YouTube, you can click on the three dots at the upper right corner of that short video.
  4. Now click on “insights”. 
  5. You’ll be displayed with whole data of your YouTube Shorts whereabouts. 

Note: You get to view YouTube shorts insights for up to 28 days earlier data only. If you want to view the insights of any video from the past 3 or 6 months, then that’s not possible.

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How To Find YouTube Shorts?

How To Find YouTube Shorts

You can easily spot YouTube shorts on the homepage itself if you are using the mobile version.

When you open Youtube on your mobile, you’ll see five options at the bottom of the screen. The first one is Home, the second one is Shorts. To access shorts, click on the Shorts option. 

You’ll instantly get to view YouTube shorts. You can scroll to view more and more of them.

Whereas, if you are using the laptop to view YouTube Shorts, the YouTube Shorts will be displayed at the left menu bar. 

You can spot the Shorts option just below the Explore option at the left menu panel. When you click on the Shorts option, all the short video clips will be displayed in order.

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Monetization With YouTube Shorts

Do you know that YouTube shorts can be a great way to monetize? Well, unlike TikTok, YouTube actually lets its creators earn using YouTube shorts and videos. Though, the process of monetization with YouTube shorts seems a bit complicated, here is how you can earn with YouTube shorts.

When you post a short or long video on YouTube, it gets a unique video ID. Using that video ID you can generate views from different traffic sources. If the video that is posted gets a nice pick on the Shorts shelf, you might generate a lot of views through that, but it still won’t let you earn through those shorts.

Now when your shorts and other content videos get lots and lots of views and generate a good amount of stable traffic, that’s when your gateway to monetization opens up.

YouTube will reach out to the creators watching the trending content

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Wrapping Up:

YouTube Shorts are undoubtedly a great source to reach out to a large audience in lesser time. Also, Shorts are much fun as you can enjoy amazing content in short forms.

Now with the addition of YouTube Shorts Insights, the creators can keep a track of the reach of their content. 

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Q. Can You See Who Viewed Your YouTube Shorts?

You can see the number of views on your YouTube Shorts, but you cannot view who exactly viewed your YouTube Shorts.

Q. How Do I Find YouTube Shorts Analytics?

Users can see the view counts of Youtube Shorts through the reach tab of a traffic source card. This is just the same as how users see the view counts of regular videos on YouTube.

Q. What Do Shorts Mean In YouTube Analytics?

Just like YouTube analytics, the analytics of Shorts gets viewed in a similar manner. The analytics stats are presented on the basis of click-through rate, and average view duration.

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