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Best Zombie VR Games

Are you looking for some amazing Zombie games on the VR platform? Then, your search is over, you are at the right place. We are here with some of the Best Zombie VR Games that will drive you crazy. 

Zombies are one of the most sensational virtual living creatures. The word Zombies, itself makes Gen Z a lot more active. This generation is already dreaming a lot about zombies. Not only zombies but a complete zombie apocalypse. It is not the only point to have a dream just in a zombie apocalypse, but defeating them is one more thing on their to-do list.

The fascination for zombies has been reflected in various platforms like movies, web series, games, and other visual portals. These things have increased the sensations of zombies even more. People enjoy killing zombies more than watching them get killed. And that is why a lot of games on zombies have been created and a few among the Best Zombie VR Games are Resident kill, The last of us, and a lot more. Want to experience some best of those? We have listed handpicked zombie games for you.

Virtual reality has a lot of games on zombies nowadays. However, among those, there are some Best Zombie VR Games that give a real-time experience of a zombie apocalypse. So get ready to beat all the zombies to set the world free. Want to experience some best of those? We have listed handpicked Best Zombie VR Games for you. Let’s discuss some of those.

What Is VR Or Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is that section of daily life on earth where everything happening seems like it is real, but cannot be touched or encountered physically. All the visual and graphical moveable systems on some particular platforms are referred to as VR. Business meeting in a virtual process, movies, web series, and games comes under VR.

As in these things, you can get indulged, and also can get involved too much, it feels like happening in real life, but not happening in front of you, and you cannot touch them or can get into that particular world. As it is not possible to get into the direct encounter of the properties of these visuals, this is known as VR or virtual reality.

Best Zombie VR Games

Zombie games are the most sensitive of all zombie-related visual platforms in virtual reality. Games always have more effects and communication than movies or web series, as games have direct action related to the player. 

This is why different games have been built on the zombies and along with that got different types of responses. The responses are based on their visual quality, story lineup, gameplay attraction, and of course, the realistic properties with feedback from the player. Based on these sectors, here are some Best Zombie VR Games.

1. Resident Evil

resident evil

This is not just a game, rather this is a series of games. From this line itself, the popularity of these games can be determined. This is also to be said, that Zombies and Resident evil always define each other. And there are 28 games in the series of resident evil.

One of the most shocking facts about these games is that these games have created a series of zombies with the same name. Different games in this season have different types of the storyline, most of the themes are based on defeating infective people or zombies to complete all the missions and the game. This is one of theBest Zombie VR Games.

2. The Last Of Us

This game has been awarded the Game of the year in 2013. Since then, this game has held its place as one of the best zombie games. This is not a very basic and obvious action game. Instead of shooting and firing randomly, or by aiming, this game is a survival one, based on the USA storyline.

In this game, you along with a teenage girl need to survive a cross-country journey along with a teenage girl, through a lot of zombies. Also, with the zombies, you will face a group of savage rebels, a repressive government, and a lot of gun-toting survivors. So, being a different type of storyline than other games, this one remains one of the Best Zombie VR Games for 8 years.

3. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

Best Games On Zombies

This is another Best Zombie VR Games among zombie games. This is a battle game, to be more precise, a close combat game against a lot of undead which feels like a wave. You have to survive those waves by battling against them.

Although this is complete gameplay for 15 hours there are lots of options. So, you can get different options for completing missions and levels, and that is why you can play it multiple times before the end. This one has a lot of physical activity related to this game and has a decent depth level.

4. Pavlov VR

This is a game with a perfect prospectus along with different modes. One of them is connecting 4 players and fighting against the waves of zombies. This game also has a version, where classic zombies from the Call of Duty gameplay arise in the game. And this feature makes this one of the Best Zombie VR Games.

5. Half-Life: Alyx

Half Life - Alyx

Though this is not a perfect zombie survival game, in this game, you need to kill a lot of zombies with a crab head. This game has a massive performance in the VR industry. Half-Life: Alyx doesn’t need too much physical activity, but it has various accessibilities which are built-in. And on the other fact, this game has a 10–11-hour constant gameplay campaign. 

6. Asgard’s Wrath

A game based on Norse mythology also has gotten great feedback from the players, this is why this is one of the Best Zombie VR Games. There are lots of armies of the zombies or the Draugr, from Norse folklore. Along with this, this game also has melee combat and sword combats. This game is also a good VR fitness game.

Wrapping Up:

VR games are the ones that can give you a real-time feel without a physical encounter. The latest sensation of zombies showcases a great aspect of VR games. That’s why there are different games and some of them are the Best Zombie VR Games. We hope you enjoy going on a virtual ride with the Best Zombie VR Games. If you have any queries regarding this article, feel free to drop your comments in the comment section below. 

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