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Already bored of your headset? Well, then get ready to put it back on. 2022 is bringing to you some fun-filled, thrilling, and addictive games. Below is the list of Upcoming VR Games in 2022 to be released on all virtual reality platforms and will most certainly blow your mind.

Gaming is no less than a business nowadays and with VR pacing rapidly worldwide, the gaming industry is coming up with new launches every year. Taking a leap forward in the year 2022, it can be said that almost everyone today, is very much aware of VR and gaming in VR. Although 2022, wasn’t a very good year for the world, however technology did flourish massively and came out complying with and living in the modern technological world. 

The demand for new video games each year is growing universally which is leading to the growth of this industry. High-end games are so intact and thoroughly well versed with the new technologies that, there is an unsaid or unspoken competition between companies making these new games. Some of these games are launched independently by the developer while the other games are launched under a well-known publication. However it may be, the highlight is the demand for these games.

In this article, we have got the best Upcoming VR Games in 2022, covered for you. These games are the future of gaming and will immerse you in the virtual world and make you experience life inside a screen. 

Platforms That Support VR Games 

Upcoming VR Games in 2022: Character playing on Oculus

Companies have researched and worked so hard to satisfy their customers and make gaming an all-time fun experience for them. The gaming world comes across as realistic as it can be, to offer an all-time immersive experience to the gamers. 

Consumer virtual reality headsets were first released by video game companies in the early-mid 1990s to make gaming much more fun and completely immersive. The first-ever VR headset was tried in the year 1980 and it was created by Ivan Sutherland. Also, the first-ever company to introduce the concept of VR to the world was VPL Research. Gradually, years after years the VR headsets have been transformed and made into a portal and a comfortable fit.

There aren’t as many platforms that support VR Games but over the years, technology has researched and worked through to give birth to new platforms namely Oculus, Oculus Quest, Oculus Quest 2, PlayStation VR, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality, Valve, and even the cheaper virtual reality cardboard. The Virtual Reality Cardboards, now support a wide range of virtual reality games, from action, arcade, simulation, exploration, and sporting.

It is equally important to know whether your headset supports the games you like to play. So here, we have mentioned some of the Best Upcoming VR Games in 2022 that you would totally enjoy playing on your VR Headset.

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Upcoming VR Games in 2022

2022 is going to be a virtual roller coaster ride in the gaming world. Get ready and put your headsets on. Be a living encounter to the Best Upcoming VR Games in 2022 and set off for an immersive experience. 

Here are some of the interestingly enthralling games that will be launched in the following year 2022. 

1. Liteboxer

Trailer of Liteboxer

Ever wanted to be a Boxer? Or ever felt like punching someone badly in the face? Well, then this is the game for all you potential boxers. The gameplay of this game is all about focussing on boxing. Punch along to songs from Bon Jovi, Lady Gaga, and more as the app tracks the force and accuracy of your hits. The force you exert while hitting your opponent will count for your points. This game is good for a physical workout, rather will keep you inactive movement. It is also one of the best Upcoming VR Games in 2022.

Platform to be released on: Oculus Quest VR

Release Date: Mid- 2022

2. Outlier 

Visual Representation of the Gameplay of Outlier

JoyWay the developers of Against and Stride a well-known game and much-played game, is back with yet another big PC VR title. Outlier is a first-person shooter with rogue-lite action, sending players to an alien planet where they’ll fight hordes of deadly inhabitants, using supernatural powers and upgraded firearms to get as far into a run as possible. It is one of the most-awaited and best Upcoming VR Games in 2022.

Platform to be released on: PC VR full version to be released in a Quest Version

Release Date: Early 2022

3. Cosmonious High 

Gameplay Trailer of Cosmonious High

The latest effort from Job Simulator developer Owlchemy Labs, Cosmonious High sees you enroll in a special high school only to discover you have supernatural abilities. Use powers like shooting water out of your hands or drawing crystals in mid-air to solve challenges and make friends with other students.

Platform to be released on: Oculus Quest VR, PC VR

Release Date: Mid 2022

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4. Transformers: Beyond Reality

Official Trailer of Transformers: Beyond Reality

Are you into destructing buildings and loud soundtracks? The Transformers: Beyond Reality is the best Upcoming VR GameS in 2022, for you. The Gameplay of this particular is an on-rails shooter starring everyone’s favorite robots in disguise. You won’t take on the role of an Autobot yourself, but you will befriend them and take the fight to the Decepticons with them by your side.

Platform to be released on: PSVR, PC VR

Release Date: Mid 2022

5. Peaky Blinders: The King’s Ransom 

Official Teaser of Peaky Blinders: The King’s Ransom

Peaky Blinders: The King’s Ransom is inspired by the award-winning gangster drama starring Cillian Murphy as gang leader Tommy Shelby. The Virtual Reality experience of portraying Tommy Shelby will be assuredly amazing. This game has been described as an authentic, embodied experience set in an atmosphere of early 1920s England. The VR title will let players choose their own path in various moments of “subversion, wish fulfillment, narrative intrigue, and gripping set pieces and allow players to enter the world of the hit show. This Game is indeed one of the best and most awaited Upcoming VR Games in 2022.

Platform to be released on: Oculus Quest VR

Release Date: June 2022

6. Cities: VR 

Gameplay of the Cities: VR

Cities: VR is a city-building and management game made just for virtual reality High-end players. An adaptation of the incredibly popular Cities: Skylines, the game acts much like other city-building games, allowing players to build up their base of operations and the surrounding neighborhood. You’ll also be able to handle everything from the various services your city will offer to the economics of the growing landscape. So, who’s waiting for the Upcoming VR Games in 2022.

Platform to be released on: Oculus Quest VR, PC VR

Release Date: Early 2022

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7. Hubris 

Official Trailer Announcement Of Hubris

Are you ready to build all the intrigue and suspense for the Upcoming VR Games in 2022? Hubris is a multi-episode saga set in a unique sci-fi universe where players play the role of a training recruit looking to become an agent in the Order of Objectivity. By using strength and agility to survive harsh environments on a faraway planet, players will have to fight other agents and learn how to craft weapons and vehicles.

Platform to be released on: Oculus Quest VR, PC VR

Release Date: June 2022

8. Green Hell – Spirits of Amazonia – Part 2

Official Trailer of The Green Hell: Spirits of Amazonia: Part 2

Green Hell VR is shaping up to be the most authentic and challenging survival game for VR to date. This game takes place in the Amazon jungle, where the player takes on the role of Jake Higgins, a famous anthropologist who finds himself needing to survive by avoiding wild animals, crafting tools, and learning how to stay out of harm’s way.

A powerful story throws players deep into the Amazon rainforest packed with predators. The main character, Jake, will only have a backpack, a pocket watch, and a survival guide. He follows the voice of a loved one that will lead him through the jungle on a quest to find out how he got there.

Platform to be released on: Oculus Quest VR, PC VR

Release Date: June 2022

9. Ultrawings 2

Official Gameplay Release of Ultrawings 2

Ultrawings 2 is the sequel to a flight simulator that was released in 2017. In Ultrawings 2, you can earn in-game currency by completing missions. You can then spend it to buy new aircraft and islands. Each aircraft is modeled from its real-life version, although the developers have played around with flight physics to unlock the game’s full potential in VR.

Platform to be released on: Oculus Quest VR, PC VR

Release Date: February 2022

10. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas VR 

Gameplay of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Ever since childhood, GTA: San Andreas has been the go-to game for almost everyone. Having to play it in Virtual Reality is sheer bliss. This is already a hype among the high-end gamers and is a game everybody is eagerly waiting for. You are to go on a rescue and complete the mission by collecting various rewards and life-saving weapons. So get ready for the amazing gameplay of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. 

Platform to be released on: Oculus Quest VR

Release Date: Mid 2022

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Wrapping Up 

Whether you got a PC VR, PSVR, or Quest VR, something for everyone is here to look forward to in 2022. Here’s to suffice, make your gaming experience a real-time adventure and delve into the world of technology. If you have any doubts regarding this article then you can drop your queries in the comment box below. However, if you’d like to know about some more fun-filled games being launched in 2022 free feel to drop your questions. 

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