10 Most Common FaceTime Problems And How To Solve Them?

Common FaceTime Problems And How To Solve Them

Just like Whatsapp video calling, Google Duo, and Hangouts, FaceTime is among the most popular video calling apps for both iOS and Android users! The service lets users make video calls without the need for an app from a third party. It’s a great method to connect with your family, work or simply chat with your acquaintances!! But as they say, there is no perfect app nor is FaceTime. However, not as frequently, common FaceTime problems do occur at times. 

If you’re experiencing any issues with FaceTime like black screen flashes or others, we have got you covered. Today, FaceTime issues are not as frequent and the application generally, provided you have an established network and most recent software!! Since it’s man-made technology, after all, facing glitches is not a big surprise!

Here you can have a comprehensive look at all identified common FaceTime problems and how to solve them! Therefore, have a look at the table of contents, identify the issue you’re experiencing, and then begin to troubleshoot! Find out why your video calls keep freezing in between an important call, and much more below!

Since we receive a lot of queries regarding commonly faced FaceTime issues and errors, our team did deep research and came up with the best and quick solutions for some of the topmost troubleshooting errors with FaceTime!

1. Common FaceTime Problem #1: FaceTime Is Not Working

Common FaceTime Problems: FaceTime Is Not Working
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One of the common FaceTime problems is that it stops working! This issue is caused by not having the most current version of the update on your devices. FaceTime devices have experienced problems in the past due to expired certificates that were rectified by an update.


Verify that each device on your FaceTime devices is updated in terms of software. If not, make sure you update them.

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2. Common FaceTime Problem #2: FaceTime Not Working Even After Updating

Sometimes, the causes of malfunctioning software aren’t as complex as we imagine. Take an inhale and think about the issues with your device’s settings, or permissions that might be responsible for this issue. 

The most likely cause for the issue is that FaceTime wasn’t enabled on the device the first time and resulting in the device not being able to function.


Go to Settings> FaceTime, and then enable FaceTime.

3. Common FaceTime Problem #3: FaceTime Calls Failed

Another one of the common FaceTime problems is failing FaceTime calls! There are many reasons that could cause the inability to make a phone call. This could be due to the inaccessibility or lack of FaceTime in your location or an insufficient internet connection or not having enabled FaceTime within your mobile device. 

Other causes could be having a camera that is not accessible or FaceTime on your iPhone either accidentally or in other ways.


1. Go to Settings> FaceTime and verify whether FaceTime is turned on. If not, turn it on. However, if it was enabled before, try disabling it first, and then allow it to be enabled once more.

2. Go to Settings > General> Restrictions. You can then check whether the camera or FaceTime has been blocked.

3. If the issue persists, turn off the iPhone and then turn it back on.

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4. Common FaceTime Problem #4: iMessage Waiting For Activation

This is a frequent issue caused by incorrectly setting up date and time settings or an insufficient wireless or cellular network. 

For those who experience this issue, receive the message “iMessage waiting to be activated” but then receive “iMessage activation unsuccessful” within a short time.


1. Verify that your Wi-Fi, as well as cellular connection, is active and valid. Additionally, confirm the validity of your Apple ID to see if it’s valid, and then examine your date and hour settings.

2. Go to Settings> Messages. Then switch off iMessage and turn it on.

3. If the issue continues In the event that it continues to persist, shut off the iPhone and then turn it back on.

5. Common FaceTime Problem #5: FaceTime Sign In Error

Common FaceTime Problems - FaceTime Sign In Error
Image Credits: macrumors.com

Are you experiencing an error when trying to sign in with FaceTime telling you that “Could not log in? Check your internet connection, and then try it again”?  Well, this is one of the most reported common FaceTime problems among users!

The threatening appearance of this issue can be caused by fundamental issues, such as having an Apple Id that does not conform to the format used for the email addresses. A weak internet connection could also be the cause of this FaceTime login error.

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1. If the Apple Id is not in the standard format for email then convert it or create a fresh Apple Id. Sign in using the new Id that will allow you to log into FaceTime.

2. Switch your DNS settings in Google’s Public DNS i.e. and and then try signing in to FaceTime once more.

6. Common FaceTime Problem #6: Can’t Connect With A Person Via FaceTime

The most likely cause for not being able to connect with another person via FaceTime is adding the person on your block list.


Go to Settings> FaceTime > Blocked, and verify that the desired contact is on the list of blocked contacts. If they do, remove them by pressing the red icon below the name.

7. Common FaceTime Problem #7: Unable To Receive iMessages Via iPhone

It’s all fine, but are you yet to receive messages on iPhone 6? It could be due to an incorrect network setting that is easily fixed by following the steps outlined in this post.


Go to Settings > GeneralReset > Reset Network Settings and allow the iPhone to do what it needs to do. After it has restarted and you are connected to the network, you’ll be able to receive iMessages in the normal fashion.

8. Common FaceTime Problem #8: FaceTime Does Not Work On iPhone

Another, one of the most common FaceTime problems is FaceTime failing to work with iPhone! If you’re having problems having issues with FaceTime on your iPhone it might be time to conduct an exhaustive investigation of the issue.


1. Shut off FaceTime and switch to Aeroplane Mode.

2. Turn on the Wi-Fi, and then turn on FaceTime also.

3. Turn off Aeroplane mode right now if you’re asked for your Apple ID, supply it and within a few minutes, FaceTime will start functioning on your iPhone.

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9. Common FaceTime Problem #9: FaceTime Issues At Ported Carrier

Switching carriers on the iPhone could cause problems when it comes to FaceTime working. 


If this happens, contact your carrier and notify them of the issue. In the majority of cases, changing the sim card will solve the issue very quickly.

10. Common FaceTime Problem #10: FaceTime Not Working In Your Country.

Common FaceTime Problem  - FaceTime Not Working In Your Country
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Certain countries, like Saudi Arabia, do not have FaceTime for iPhone users. 


If you’re in one of these countries, you might have to search for alternatives, as in many cases, iPhones provided to these countries do not also have the FaceTime app installed.

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Wrapping Up:

This brings us to the end of common FaceTime problems and how to solve them!! As you read, these problems are not that complicated and can be solved easily with a few necessary clicks or settings change.

If these tips and tricks worked for you in solving Facetime errors, then don’t forget to share this important piece of information with your friends too.

Keep reading while we come up with yet another issue and its solution. Until then Happy Video Chatting!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What Causes FaceTime Failure?

Mostly FaceTime stops working properly due to poor network connection.

Q. How Long Can You Stay Active On FaceTime At One Time Before It Hangs Up?

FaceTime can stay active for 12-13 hours without hanging.

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