Disney Virtual World Simulator: Disney’s First Step Towards Metaverse

Disney Virtual World Simulator

Disney was among the first companies that shifted towards Metaverse at a very early stage. Disney saw Metaverse as an opportunity to entertain its audience in a more specific and unique way. In an approach towards enhancing its experience for the users, Disney patents its Disney Virtual World Simulator on 28th December 2021. So, what does this Simulator do? Let’s find out in the post below. 

In the GDC held by NVIDIA, the Disney Imagineer Bei Young put forward the Disney Metaverse concept in front of the world. He told the world about Disney’s vision of developing an environment that is accessible to all. You specifically don’t need to visit the Disney Theme parks in person. Well, it was just a company’s vision then which can now be soon coming true.

On 28th December, Disney patented the world’s first Disney Virtual World Simulator that will create the sense of theme park and allow the users to interact with the digital Disney characters.

If you are in touch with the Metaverse updates then you must have heard about the Hyundai Metaverse, The Winkyverse Metaverse, or the Sandbox Metaverse. But, let us tell you that the Virtual world that Disney is going to provide with the Disney Virtual World simulator will be all different. How?? Let’s find out.

Disney Virtual World Simulator – What Is The News About

Disney Virtual World Simulator

Well, let’s start the post with the news. On the 28th of December, Disney got the patent for the Disney Virtual World Simulator in the US from the US Patent And Trademark Company. This means that Disney can now start to produce virtual World Simulators and use them in creating virtual theme parks. 

Well, the model has not been out yet for the public. However, if we look at the patent file of the simulator we can make guesses about the working and the uses of the simulator being developed by Disney.

How Disney Metaverse Is Different From Other Metaverses

Disney as we already said sees a lot of potential in the Metaverse concept. It is for sure that the company is going to make full use of this Metaverse Evolution. While all the other companies are focusing on developing the Metaverse and partnering with the hardware companies like Oculus to develop the headgear and glasses to be used in the Metaverse.

Disney came up with the concept of the Disney Virtual world Simulator. So, all you have to do is place the simulator and it will produce the images around you. So, you don’t have to wear any glasses and headgear to feel the virtual world. The digital world will run in 3-D around you in your room.

While it is expected that you need to hold a device in your hand to interact with the digital Disney characters around you. So, no more costume characters in the Disney Theme Parks, instead you will interact with the real digital Disney characters.

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How The Disney Virtual World Simulator Works

Disney Virtual World Simulator

According to the patent, the Disney Virtual World Simulator will be developed using an array of high-speed projectors. The scientists are using the SLAM technology that means Simultaneous Localization and Mapping. 

The SLAm would help the simulator to keep a track of the movement of the user and find out the user’s movement perspective. This tracking of movement will help it provide better results to the user.

The 3D images will be projected on the flat and the curved surfaces. The image formation will depend on which part of the theme park the user has entered. As we said the SLAM will track the user’s movement and you will be able to enjoy it in the Disney Metaverse.

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Where And When Will This Disney Virtual World Be Available? 

The patent says that this Disney Metaverse will be available for the “personal residence,” “game environment,” or “film or broadcast studio.”

So, all you have to do is wait for the Disney Virtual World to be released and then buy it and install it at your home and enjoy the Disney Theme Park experience sitting at home.

If you ask us about the release of the Disney Virtual World Simulator then nothing can be said with conviction. But, you can expect a prototype to be launched by the end of 2022.

Wrapping Up

If you think that is why Disney is focusing on developing the Disney Virtual World Simulator instead of the headgears and glasses. Then, let us tell you that in an interview it was told that due to current pandemic and covid situations developing an ecosystem that requires the headgears being passed from one hand to another won’t be suitable and feasible.

So, they will develop an environment in which more than one person can enjoy the Disney Theme Park simultaneously. Well, every update provided in the post above is based on the patent file provided by Disney. Nothing can be said with conviction. But, if you have any update that you think is missing from the post do tell us in the comments section. Our editorial team will review the news and update it in the article.

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