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Download Free Ringtones for iPhones

Apple iPhones are the most popular smartphones in the industry today.  Users take pride in owning the device.  It is best known for its unique iOS operating system.  However, it comes with a default apple iphone ringtone, which the user may wish to change.  

To personalize the device you can purchase a ringtone from the iTunes Store But it comes with a price.  There are also other various options available in the internet for the user on how to download free ringtones for their iphones from the internet.

Ringtones for iPhones

Download Free Ringtones for iPhones - M4R

There are certain things that one should take into consideration before you download free ringtones for iphone.  They are

  • While the widely available Android phones use MIDI, MP3 or WAV format for their ringtone file format, iPhones are different.  
  • iPhones  use .m4r files that are specifically used for the iphones.  
  • This is also commonly known as the AAC file.  

This is the file extension to be used in all kinds of devices made by Apple, including iphone and ipod.

How to Set a Song as Ringtone on iPhone

Any song that you like can be set as a ringtone using the following steps.

1.First select the song to be set as the ringtone.

2.Right click on it to display the available options.

3.Choose song info and options.

4.Set the desired time in the “start” and “stop” boxes.

5.Hit the play button and listen to the selected music.

6.Press “ok” to save it.

7.Got to  Files > Convert > Create AAC version.

ringtones for iphones - AAC

8.Change the file extension of the song from “.m4a” to “.m4r”.

9.Now transfer this to the tones folder in your iphone.

10.Lastly, go to settings > sounds and haptics > ringtone. 

ringtones for iphone - Settings

Your customized ringtone is ready.

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How to download free ringtones for iPhones with Apps

There are various applications that are available for the users to download free ringtones for their iphones.

1. Tones Store

free ringtones for iphones - Tones Store

Tuunes is the most popular app if you are looking to download free ringtones for iphones. It offers you a wide range of music collection. This app also offers you over 10,000 licensed tunes absolutely free. You can also be updated about the latest trends in music and select your ringtone to keep up with the trend. This app allows you to make your own music and share it with the world.

2. Zedge App

free ringtones for iPhone - zedge app

Zedge provides free ringtones, wallpapers, themes and message tones for all devices including android and iOS.  It allows the user to also create his own ringtones and remixes and upload his work for other users to download.  The search bar allows you to search for any genre of ringtone you are looking for on your device. You can search for ringtones regarding ‘babies’ and end up getting tons of music relating to babies laughing and crying and giggling and singing.  It is a very fun and user-friendly app.  The users are provided with three downloading options: 1. Download on the computer 2. Send a link through email 3. Scanning a QR code.

3. Ringtune

free ringtones for iphones - Ringtune

This is a very feature rich and easy to use ringtone app for iphone.  The user can browse and select popular ringtones from multiple categories.  You can also create one using the songs available in your library.  Ringtones, message tones and others are easily available. It has a ‘my tones’ library, where the user can save and edit all his music.  You can also make live wallpapers from a video using this app and download it to your iphone.

4. CellBEAT

free ringtones for iphones - Cellbeat

This is another app for downloading ringtones to your iphone without disturbing your bank account.  This website caters to the user’s music preference.  It gives a list of genres, which contain the recent and most featured ringtones.  You can listen to the music by hitting the play button and if you like what you hear, simply click the ‘download for iphone’ option.

5. Mobcup

free ringtones for iphones - mobcup

This app offers a wide variety of high quality music.  The user can select songs to be downloaded either in the mp3 format or the m4r format, which is the default format for all iphones.  The user is allowed to select the preferred songs and sort them by categories for easier selection.

6. Myxer

free ringtones for iphones - myxer

 This website contains a massive collection of ringtones and more than 13 million licensed and downloadable materials, free of charge.  It provides ringtones, apps, music, games and videos. It has no subscription fees, registration or other charges while using.  It also proposes an option that allows the user to create his own ringtone, which he can download and use for his iphone. Click the ‘download for iphone’ option under the number box. 

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How to Download Free Ringtones For Your iPhones From Websites

The internet has a wide range of options for the iphone users, that allows them to download free ringtones for their iphones.  Some of the most popular websites that offer free downloading options are:

1. Free

free ringtones for iphones - Free

In this site, you can download ringtone for your iphones.  It allows users to search for songs based on different categories including, religious songs, and Bollywood music. You can listen to the song before downloading and also check the popularity of the song based on previous downloads.  You can also manually select the music format as mp3 or m4r.

2. Audiko’s Free Selection

free ringtones for iphones - Audiko’s Free Selection

If you are looking for a wide range of ringtones, this is your place.  It offers pop, hard rock, edm, classical and more.  It gives you suggestions for ringtones considering your music preference.  It also has a list of 100 most popular songs of the year, which makes it easier for the user to search and download the trending ringtones.

3. Mobile9

free ringtones for iphones mob9

It is a popular website offering free iphone ringtone downloads.  It has ringtones for various community users.  The users are also allowed to download screensavers, ringtones, wallpapers, games and more.  Everything is available for free download.  The only shortfall is that the user is required to create an account for using.  But it is just for the first time and after registration, everything is available free for access.

4. iPhone Ringtone

free ringtones for iphones -  iPhone Ringtone

IPhone ringtone has a variety of options for iphone 8.  It also provides the user other contents like free wallpapers, themes and games.  This website does not involve any registration or account creation for access.  It offers all the trending and popular ringtones, caller tones, message tones and alarm tones.  It does not have any advertisements that disturbs the user while downloading.

All the above-mentioned websites and applications allow the user to personalize his iPhone for his use.  Recent development in technology also allows the users to make their own music and share it with the world.  This creates a wide range of opportunities for the aspiring musicians as they can easily make and share their work with the world.

Iphone users must ensure that you check the correct format for the ringtone to be downloaded.  So that you can experience the best quality your device has to offer.

5. Zedge

free ringtones for iphone zedge

Zedge is one of the most popular website that offers ringtones to its users, absolutely free. It also has themes and wallpapers downloadable to iPhones, Android and PC. Users can make use of the platform also available to them as an app for your convenience. iPhone users can download music and images specifically designed for iOS devices,

Wrap Up

The above-mentioned applications and websites are only some to the few selected options. If you wish, there are various other channels available for you to download free ringtones for iPhone. All you need is good internet connection and you can personalize your iPhone with new ringtones, wallpapers and themes.

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