How To Enable Chromebook Dark Mode | A Complete Guide

enable Chromebook Dark Mode

Are you working for long hours on your personal computer? Do you wish to enable Chromebook Dark Mode to protect your eyes? We have presented you with a complete guide on how to enable Chromebook Dark Mode.

If you are one of the people who prefer to operate using the Dark Mode option in your device, we have good news for you. We have compiled all the necessary information for you to enable Chromebook Dark Mode, so that you can now personalize your computer to your preference.

Sadly, if you wish to enable Chromebook Dark Mode, it is not an easy task. You cannot enable it by just clicking on a toggle. You will have to enable a few Chrome flags and make basic changes to your Chromebook to be able to enable Chromebook Dark Mode.

Trust me, Chromebook Dark Mode is going to be worth all the efforts that you put in. You will tremendously decrease blue light emission that is going to further decrease your eye strain, and protect your eyes.

Working long hours on your PC, with Dark Mode enabled on Chromebook, is going to be a blessing in disguise for you. While a majority of people are still waiting for Chromebook to update this feature with a simple click of a toggle, let us follow the steps mentioned in this Complete Guide, to enable Chromebook Dark Mode.

How To Enable Chromebook Dark Mode?

Users have been waiting for Chromebook to provide the Dark Mode option for a long time. People whose work demands them to keep staring at the PC for a long time, usually prefer to enable Chromebook Dark Mode. It has indeed been a long wait.

As this is a newly updated feature, it requires you to put in some effort to enable Chromebook Dark Mode. You need to be using the Beta channel if you want to enable it. If you are using a different channel, do not worry. We will take you through each and every step of the process.

Step 1 – Switch To Beta Channel

If you are already using Chromebook with the Beta Channel, you can skip this step. For all the others who are using Stable or the Developer Channel, please follow the instructions.

1. Sign in your Google Account

2.Click on the time at the bottom right corner of your desktop.

3.Click on Settings.

enable Chromebook Dark Mode

4. Select About Chrome OS > Additional Details tab.

enable Chromebook Dark Mode

5.Select the Change Channel button.

enable Chromebook Dark Mode

6.Choose Beta Channel.

enable Chromebook Dark Mode

7.Confirm to change the channel by clicking on Change Channel.

8.You will be prompted to wait a few seconds for the download to be completed.

9.Now restart the Chromebook.

Remember that switching channels is going to wipe out all your data form the previous channel. So, make sure that you have proper backup of your files before switching channels.

You will have to sign in to Google using your username and password. You will notice that your Chromebook opens in the Beta channel.

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Step 2 – Enable Dark Mode

Now that your Chromebook is in the Beta channel, let us see how to enable Chromebook Dark Mode.

1.Open the Google Chrome on your Chromebook.

2.Click on the search bar and type “chrome://flags”. You will be redirected to the Experiments window.

enable Chromebook Dark Mode

3.Type in “Dark Mode” in the search flags bar.

enable Chromebook Dark Mode

4.Near the Dark/Light Mode of system UI > Click ‘Default ‘

5.Choose ‘Enabled’

enable Chromebook Dark Mode

6.Near the Force Dark Mode for Web Contents > Click ‘Default’

7.Choose ‘Enabled’

8.Enable all the Chrome flags by following the above steps.

9.Click the Restart button on the bottom right corner.

Turn on your Chromebook to see it open in the Dark Mode.

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How To Disable Chromebook Dark Mode?

The Dark Mode in the Chromebook is still in the experimental phase. So, you might face some glitches or app crashes while using Chromebook in the Dark Mode. If you face any difficulties while trying to enable Chromebook Dark Mode, make sure that you rest the Chrome flags back to its default.

1.Open Google Chrome > Sign in to your Account.

2.In the search bar type in “chrome://flags”

3.In the Experiments window, type Dark Mode in the search box.

4.Select the Disable option.

5.Near the Force Dark Mode for Web Contents > Click the Enabled button.

6.Choose the Disabled option.

7.Follow the above steps to disable all the Chrome flags.

8.Click on the Restart button on the bottom right corner.

Restart your Chromebook to finish disable Dark Mode. You will notice that your Chromebook is no longer in Dark Mode when you restart.

How To Powerwash A Chromebook?

Making frequent changes like enabling and disabling default flags and settings might result in glitches or crashes in your Chromebook. God forbid this happens; you will have to powerwash your Chromebook. Remember that doing this is going to cost you all your stored data. So make sure that you backup all your data before you start to enable Chromebook Dark Mode.

You can factory reset your Chromebook in the following steps.

1.Log out of your Google Account.

2.Press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R keys at the same time.

3.Select to ‘Restart.’

4.Choose the Powerwash button > Click to Continue.

enable Chromebook Dark Mode

5.Follow the prompts to factory reset your Chromebook.

6.Now sign in your Google Account.

7.Finish the Set-up.

Now you have successfully factory reset your Chromebook

Wrap Up

Using the Dark Mode option is very beneficial. Especially if you are used to using the dark mode in all your other devices and app, you might find it straining to not be able to use it. But, if you wish to enable Chromebook Dark Mode, is it worth all the risk? Will you be able to handle making a lot of changes in Chromebook’s default settings? Is it worth the risk of losing all your data? You can simply opt to wait for Chromebook to avail this option easily for you, by just clicking on a toggle.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Can Dark Mode Save Chromebook’s Battery?

A Yes. You are going to save a considerable amount of your battery by enabling the Dark Mode. As it uses black and gray to display in your OLED screen in your Chromebook, your battery life is going to increase.

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